Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War - Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

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Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer features signature Black Ops combat and fast-paced battles by land, sea, and air. Engage in deniable operations with all new and fan-favorite modes and maps from locations all over the globe.
Black Ops Cold War features a fully-connected Multiplayer experience with cross-play, cross-gen, and cross-progression support for the entire community.
This is the next generation of Black Ops Multiplayer.
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Runtime: 03:17


FREEZ - 54 sekunder siden
When the bullets stick with the song melodies "everyone liked that"
ШαrLiΚe Шrαϯh
ШαrLiΚe Шrαϯh - 2 timer siden
I bet there will be a lot of drop shotting and spasmodic bunny hopping.
xXDARKORBITFIGTERXx - 2 timer siden
Make Gaming Great Again
gaming inc
gaming inc - 3 timer siden
Y’all are releasing call of duties too soon , by 2030 y’all gon have zero names left, zero ideas left and your franchise is going to die . Be like rockstar , they haven’t even released gta 6 because gta v is booming still, y’all got like 50 call of duties and nobody even plays more than half of em anymore
Spidey05 - 3 timer siden
I want to play as JFK in zombies
Ryan Perdomo
Ryan Perdomo - 3 timer siden
I like the edit. It looks like an actual war
아발란치 - 3 timer siden
That definitely doesn't look like cold war lol
MoarCrow - 4 timer siden
Cmon Battlefield, Call of duty is taking your spot!
subzero53o - 4 timer siden
Same thing—more money$
Японская империя
Жали я не поиграю
G1zm0 - 5 timer siden
Looks average, best cod was the very first one
Dixon Cider
Dixon Cider - 5 timer siden
Me and the boys are gonna have fun again.
OGB0bbieJ0hnson - 7 timer siden
Cool.... I wonder if this COD will ruin my new Xbox like MW2 did.... 🤔
Robert Hardwell
Robert Hardwell - 8 timer siden
why do i expect scarface or miami vice easter egg in this game 😅
Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman - 8 timer siden
When the guy quick scooped someone while zip lining down, then pulls out a shotgun..
Is why cod multiplayer is terrible lol
Random - 8 timer siden
Next cod idea : peacekeepers vs terrorists
Gringadoor - 9 timer siden
Arcade garbage
irgendjemand der gerade schlecht gelaunt ist
They finally found out that only Titanfall is a futuristic shooter.
Bryan Gordon
Bryan Gordon - 10 timer siden
Looks epic
DE CHEF - 10 timer siden
cool but BF still makes cooler vidz and game
Merciful Gangster
Merciful Gangster - 11 timer siden
That guy listening to song made 3 years after 1983 he listening to to the future
Merciful Gangster
Merciful Gangster - 11 timer siden
The song is great
AGENT EXTREME - 14 timer siden
I want it
あめちゃん - 15 timer siden
Dalton Cahill
Dalton Cahill - 15 timer siden
Best video game trailer, no best trailer I have ever seen!
Justin Valadez
Justin Valadez - 17 timer siden
Rip Jeff (the guy with the music) his family was poor but he had his music he loved music one day to help his family with the low money he joined the military as a gaurd then one day the u.s.s.r was trying to steal intel and he died 😔
Justin Valadez
Justin Valadez - 17 timer siden
I am really young this is my first time writing a story for a character that you see for like 5 seconds hoped you enjoyed 🙃👍😀
XRC Minty
XRC Minty - 18 timer siden
Please don't let epic buy treyarch
ZabbO 'wakeej
ZabbO 'wakeej - 18 timer siden
Never seen anything like this before!! 1:32
Philip Wood
Philip Wood - 18 timer siden
sick gameplay n graphics!!!!!
BottomBoy Shaun
BottomBoy Shaun - 19 timer siden
I hope nuketown returns 😎
Lifemodo - 20 timer siden
I love CoD but this was the worst Alpha ive ever played.
Sachin Alahakoon
Sachin Alahakoon - 20 timer siden
War games 👉🏼 Call of duty👌🏼❤️
Samventurer - 21 time siden
Its cool and all but we all know that they are going to ruin it with battle passes again
Brokenplay er
Brokenplay er - 21 time siden
“Operate in the shadows”

Starts a massive gunfight in freakin MOSCOW
Meme Wanderer
Meme Wanderer - 21 time siden
fake news i havent heard anyone say the n word within 1 second of dying
Leighton Lewis
Leighton Lewis - 21 time siden
Bro those gun syncs are C L E A N
The random Channel
The random Channel - 22 timer siden
I’m here after zombies was revealed
EjomaTic - 23 timer siden
Going to have the net code of potato.
scott browne
scott browne - 23 timer siden
how hard is it to make call of duty black ops 2 or mw3 or mw2 remastered
Daveman 1
Daveman 1 - 23 timer siden
Nada mejor que la mezcla entre black ops 1 y battlefield