Building & Riding the Backyard Drama Drop 2.0!

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The old Drama Drop was the very first mountain bike feature I had ever built for this NOburn channel. It was a pretty sketchy drop in the front yard of Berm Creek, which used a hillside as a landing. Now, we’re building a replacement feature here on Berm Peak! Still, building a Drama Drop isn’t just a matter of building a mountain bike drop-it needs to have certain characteristics. In this video, I’ll walk you through what those characteristics are, scout a location to build one, and get to work!
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Alexander Marinov
Alexander Marinov - 5 timer siden
I have black pug his name is oscar
Max Gunn
Max Gunn - 13 timer siden
Maybe you should make a like a fly out like grandpa strength for Oscar since the drama drop is a drop
Remote control Central
Remote control Central - 15 timer siden
We need a pititon to make a statue for drama
can I get 1M subs with no vids - aka egg doggo
Hey Seth, I don’t think you will see this but, I’m 9 years old and have 5 years of experience of mountain biking, I really like your videos and you always make my day better. I watch you almost everyday, your a really cool guy and you inspired me too.
NuckNation - Dag siden
Oscars Optimus Pass
Erkhes Nadmid
Erkhes Nadmid - Dag siden
should i sell my bmx and get a mtb?
or should i be patient and save it up for it?
Kingpayton Gaming
Kingpayton Gaming - Dag siden
uploaded 1 day after my birthday.
Jenks - 2 dager siden
I know drama was not just seths dog but all of ours Rip lil buddy
Seth Fisher
Seth Fisher - 2 dager siden
By the way my name is Seth
okow tina
okow tina - 2 dager siden
You should name it the “Drama Memorial Drop”
Doglover 99
Doglover 99 - 2 dager siden
Step 2 is digging a hole lol
David Holmes
David Holmes - 2 dager siden
The Oscar jump
Tony Beast
Tony Beast - 2 dager siden
an idea for the oscer skiny
Captain Weird
Captain Weird - 2 dager siden
How about the feature for Oscar is an Oscar Huck to flat
lucastheboss 46
lucastheboss 46 - 3 dager siden
How bout a pump track called the Oscar oval
Faze Carter
Faze Carter - 3 dager siden
The Oscar hop
Bulleverstart 7
Bulleverstart 7 - 3 dager siden
Hey Seth you should make 2 jumps on the side of the drama drop that would be crazy like if you agree
Toi Te Puni
Toi Te Puni - 3 dager siden
Where were your braces when you were filling your holes
Parallel FaXt
Parallel FaXt - 3 dager siden
on the side make a little ridable wall and name it the oscar saucar
pvrebdorj dorjnaym
pvrebdorj dorjnaym - 3 dager siden
Seth where is the oscor drop man
Jonah Klevansky
Jonah Klevansky - 3 dager siden
The real bypass is JUST RIDING AROUND IT
Gray Brooks
Gray Brooks - 3 dager siden
Rip drama
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - 3 dager siden
Where is berm creek
Samuel Cartwright
Samuel Cartwright - 3 dager siden
Love how perfect nob deep sounds to someone English
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - 3 dager siden
Man, someone is gonna eat it so hard on that roll in
Angus Freeman
Angus Freeman - 4 dager siden
this is the best youtube channel EVER
John Hamilton
John Hamilton - 4 dager siden
help please. my preload adjuster is not working. It is hard to turn and has no effect on the supension when turned. Can anyone help please
monika laosi
monika laosi - 4 dager siden
Now that I have watched the whole playlist about Drama. Rip Drama! You are still a legend. We will remember you!
Jock Cameron
Jock Cameron - 4 dager siden
Go to daplow with boostmaster
bobsauce100 - 4 dager siden
Everyone: No you can't just put the roller so deep in, that's going to be too hard to hit.
Seth: haha chain ring go thud
Ethan Chun
Ethan Chun - 4 dager siden
The Oscar berm
monika laosi
monika laosi - 4 dager siden
Do Oscar drop 0.1
HW TrackFanatic
HW TrackFanatic - 4 dager siden
You should make a montage of all of drama’s camera time. (R.I.P Drama, you will be loved.)
Kayden Wilkins
Kayden Wilkins - 4 dager siden
Rip drama
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson - 5 dager siden
Hey Seth get a trampoline and make a trampoline bike it be awesome
Tony Beast
Tony Beast - 5 dager siden
almos 2 mil man
navot gal
navot gal - 5 dager siden
What happened to the Ryobi tool's?
Ronan murphy
Ronan murphy - 5 dager siden
Can you build a winch that like pulls you up to the top of berm creek
Owen Quayle
Owen Quayle - 5 dager siden
Man, someone is gonna eat it so hard on that roll in
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 5 dager siden
Thanks for posting this video....
Slimey 37
Slimey 37 - 6 dager siden
Where is berm creek
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 5 dager siden
Yay I really wanted to see this yay
pj basilio 20
pj basilio 20 - 6 dager siden
I want to know what is the perfect tire presure for a mtb to road use? By the way is maxiss icon is good for road use? I ride for work thanks and god blesss ☺️☺️💯🚵
Jonny Ray 2000
Jonny Ray 2000 - 6 dager siden
Take the fat tire bike out
miko foin
miko foin - 6 dager siden
You should name it the “Drama Memorial Drop”
graham hutton
graham hutton - 6 dager siden
the oscar jump
graham hutton
graham hutton - 6 dager siden
do another video on the pups
jonChao chao
jonChao chao - 6 dager siden
I can’t believed you made the drama drop when he was still around. This makes the drama drop so much more special, like every time you do the drop that drama is there looking down at you, his legacy continues
Ilias Simos
Ilias Simos - 6 dager siden
Do Oscar drop 0.1
miko foin
miko foin - 6 dager siden
Rip drama 🥺😭😭😭😭
Life with CL
Life with CL - 6 dager siden
Here before 2 million subscribers!!
Xxlegit DashxX
Xxlegit DashxX - 6 dager siden
8:34 *gopro effect*
LeadingWhale0 - 7 dager siden
Rest in peace Drama 😔😔
Ethan Auchterlonie
Ethan Auchterlonie - 7 dager siden
u almost have 2 million subscribers!
Top 10 Everything
Top 10 Everything - 7 dager siden
It is amazing how much this channel has grown
Collier Lilly
Collier Lilly - 7 dager siden
I kind of doubt that Berm Peak is missing a sketchy feature
Can I get 10,000 subs without videos
Why is this so entertaining?
Foam Reef
Foam Reef - 8 dager siden
Again it probably looks more intimidating in real life.
Jed Moore
Jed Moore - 8 dager siden
My boys (7 & 5) cried when we heard about Drama. SETH! Please make a Drama T Shirt!! (Proceeds to benefit your favorite shelter?)
prince lachica
prince lachica - 8 dager siden
Congrats on 2 mill

By:your 1 999 999 subscriber
PS Pigton
PS Pigton - 8 dager siden
you should do a solo riding video through berm peak
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - 8 dager siden
Nobody: This guy: leafblowing a f*ing forest
Seol Ah Lee
Seol Ah Lee - 8 dager siden
Good job Seth!Keep up the great work!

You are about to hit 2 million subscribers
Vancouver Island MTB
Vancouver Island MTB - 8 dager siden
Love the moving time lapse! 6:42
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - 8 dager siden
Did anyone count how many times he said “drama drop”???
Zenix Playz
Zenix Playz - 8 dager siden
Rip drama 🥺😭😭😭😭
Harrison Cushing
Harrison Cushing - 8 dager siden
I really like those time lapse shots where the camera is slowly moving, don't know what it is about them but they're just really cool
Joni Yuzos
Joni Yuzos - 8 dager siden
Oscar creek
Richard Klos
Richard Klos - 8 dager siden
I'll try it but well done
Pudberry G
Pudberry G - 9 dager siden
Dude whoever buys this house from you way further in the future is going to have more than a playground lmao
mixio hili
mixio hili - 9 dager siden
Baby oscar drop its would be a smaller version of the drama drop but still look sketchy p.s r.i.p drama
Nick - 9 dager siden
Build a new trail and call it oscars run
XrosCobra - 10 dager siden
We lost a soldier, today we cope with that
mixio hili
mixio hili - 9 dager siden
make skinny's on wood pecker so there is more tech options
Kelly Seaburg
Kelly Seaburg - 10 dager siden
RIP drama
Jake Crosson
Jake Crosson - 10 dager siden
6:08 sketch check complete, passed
Caroline Petersen
Caroline Petersen - 11 dager siden
Seth will u please do a bern peek tour?
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - 10 dager siden
Nice job on the moving timelapses, hopefully you see this!
Levi Yewers
Levi Yewers - 11 dager siden
You should get heaps on friends up and do I full ride day and show all of your trails completed (like if u agree so the legend can see)
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - 10 dager siden
I have a idea, make the sketchiest thingy on berm peak and name it "the Oscar" like you deserve a prize if you hit it (:
Jacob Scott
Jacob Scott - 11 dager siden
Baby oscar drop its would be a smaller version of the drama drop but still look sketchy p.s r.i.p drama
Team frost boi Official team frost fn
When will the two story lines in the trees
Bikes 'N' Breweries
Bikes 'N' Breweries - 11 dager siden
I heard in this video the drama drama drop 2.0 is open for anyone who wants to ride it. What are the chances I could come try it out on a weekend trip to Asheville????
Douglas Decks
Douglas Decks - 12 dager siden
Did anyone count how many times he said “drama drop”???
Johannes Christoph Dagandan
Johannes Christoph Dagandan - 12 dager siden
Hey seth can i use 27.5 wheelset in my 29er mtb?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 11 dager siden
Comments are back!!
Inneres Ich
Inneres Ich - 12 dager siden
is rotting wood a thing for trails? if yes, try to burn the surface. gets more grip and lasts longer (its a japanese woodworking technique called shoi sugi ban)
very cool video!
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov - 11 dager siden
Rip drama
No - 12 dager siden
I love watching you mountain bike after my horrible crash that broke my back rendering me unable to bike for a while
michael miano
michael miano - 12 dager siden
I want to see a whole ride through on the course
Lewis Plays
Lewis Plays - 12 dager siden
Seth I ride dirt bike and I want to get into mtb what bike do you recommend for getting started
Eric Boateng
Eric Boateng - 12 dager siden
Can you please gift me a mountain bike?Please🥺🥺