Building an Electric Magic Wand to Celebrate 4 MILLION SUBS

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Introduction and Celebration!
1:01 Design of the wand and its handle
3:30 ZVS circuit design and build
8:16 Voltage multiplier circuit design and build
11:36 Putting ZVS and Multiplier together
15:59 THE WAND and testing it!
Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 20:55


ElectroBOOM - 11 dager siden
Thank you AGAIN and AGAIN everyone for the views and likes and all that has kept me going all these years!!! NOW OFF TO 10 MILLION!
Br1cht - 11 timer siden
You look like Gargamel.
R Carmisin
R Carmisin - 13 timer siden
Yo BOOM , try that wand on RAM.
M Caraballo
M Caraballo - Dag siden
I love your energy ❤️ I wish I had amazing tools and equipment 😢
richtankone - Dag siden
Something that speaks volumes to your channel and teaching style, is how other youtubers will show clips of you getting shocked and think you don't know what you're doing. Then everyone that knows you, alerts that youtuber in their comments that you do that on purpose to teach safety. Shows your methods are very effective at teaching and being engaging.
Aile google
Aile google - Dag siden
jack vergara
jack vergara - 35 minutter siden
Did Mehdi just make a portable EMP wand?
frog - Time siden
This guy is a genius if other people do his job they would probably died lol
Golden Kushes
Golden Kushes - Time siden
This first 15 seconds of this video is absolutely hilarious
gameing king
gameing king - Time siden
im telling my kids this was elon musk
Dark shogun
Dark shogun - 2 timer siden
thats the shit stick from paradise PD
Joseph Ryan
Joseph Ryan - 2 timer siden
Hey I’m studying electrical engineering and would love to be an electrical engineer maybe one of them scopes as I’m currently 17 full time at college and am doing my best to earn money so it would mean a lot to win a scope so I can get to learn the shopping side of electrical engineering
Jeriah Pichon
Jeriah Pichon - 2 timer siden
Make a kitty saver next
James Karcz
James Karcz - 2 timer siden
Ah yes, the best tool: A battery hammer
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - 3 timer siden
So, theoretically, I could make a thundergun from black ops zombies from having enough diodes?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - 3 timer siden
I just wonder how many times he got hit by a charge
Doro The doggo
Doro The doggo - 4 timer siden
I was waiting for da shock
the bokan
the bokan - 4 timer siden
Hahahhahahahaha the vibrator
Vasto Lorde
Vasto Lorde - 4 timer siden
Take my money and sell me 100 magic wands..
Shiru Btw
Shiru Btw - 5 timer siden
the forbidden dildo
Ahmad Derek
Ahmad Derek - 5 timer siden
i just saw a keysight ad when he talked about the giveaway
BOTW MASTER - 5 timer siden
16:01 is the only thing you guys came here for
Michael - 5 timer siden
Mehdi you need a battery balancer! Alsow a undervoltage protection for the batteries!!!
shouta kun
shouta kun - 5 timer siden
No thanks mehdi. My dad is smart enough. I beg your pardon.
Den Drawz
Den Drawz - 6 timer siden
Gargamel, He is trying to be gargamel-
Yeetus Deleti
Yeetus Deleti - 6 timer siden
before I watched this I got a keysight ad

Dave Storm
Dave Storm - 6 timer siden
I have to admit, this magic wand thing was pretty neat. Was that polyurethane resin?
Kei _
Kei _ - 6 timer siden
Hm.. I still don't understand one thing, please enlighten me guys. If this magic wand is running from a batteries, then this thing has no real reference to ground, but electrons flying of it, searching to the path to ground? Why to walls, to ground, even tho its not connected to it with "neutral"... I mean how, and why it wants to complete circuit this way?
anthony dempsey
anthony dempsey - 7 timer siden
I feel like he is davie504's dad
Fontaine Mikaël
Fontaine Mikaël - 7 timer siden
I could really use a scope. thank you!
Robert Borjesson
Robert Borjesson - 7 timer siden
PJ - 7 timer siden
Imagine if someone gonna use this thing as a dildo, and accidentaly turns it on
PJ - 7 timer siden
I just wonder how many times he got hit by a charge
Elly Yang
Elly Yang - 7 timer siden
funny song at 16:04
Elly Yang
Elly Yang - 8 timer siden
the song is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spikeiscool 2015
spikeiscool 2015 - 8 timer siden
He is the candian version of the indian teacher
Jesus - 8 timer siden
Cocaine bags LMAO
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams - 8 timer siden
Electric boom did you know our brain holds voltage
alm_dajaku - 8 timer siden
this is what you waited for 11:29
UçmakİstemeyenKuş - 9 timer siden
*Its probably BIGGEST...
Biggest? you made more than 1 !!!!
GHOSTNASR - 9 timer siden
bruh its amazing how smart people can be
K. K.
K. K. - 9 timer siden
Did you mutate an affinity for electricity!? How you able to get zapped multiple times and still try it
Gordon - 10 timer siden
your videos are so f-ing entertaining! :D
K. K.
K. K. - 10 timer siden
RGV - RandomGameVideos
RGV - RandomGameVideos - 10 timer siden
This is how Many times he said SH*T
Umbra -Rose
Umbra -Rose - 10 timer siden
"bring her to life with my magic wand" something tells me you're not the first person to say that.
nikolaos stavrou
nikolaos stavrou - 10 timer siden
Axaxa! Elecroboom you are a nerd just like us!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RBAcosta - 11 timer siden
This is amazing. I was not really interested in electricity until I casually found one of your videos. This proves me how someone with passion for something can convince others to share their passions.
AWildillusion - 11 timer siden
lets be honest. no one understands the science we just come for the “electric booms”
This isn't medicine
This isn't medicine - 11 timer siden
I only clicked on this video to tell you that that thing looks like a dildo
Simon Atkinson
Simon Atkinson - 11 timer siden
Simon Atkinson
Simon Atkinson - 11 timer siden
SALEEM RAJA - 11 timer siden
Hats off Guru!!!
Coenicorn - 11 timer siden
The most unprofessional professional
Safwan Fathi
Safwan Fathi - 11 timer siden
9:49 "WHOOP.."
Br1cht - 11 timer siden
You look like Gargamel(with a unibrow and more hair).
Filip Sikora
Filip Sikora - 12 timer siden
Friend: I've had a dream where I got together with my crush.
My dreams: 16:02
QandA - 12 timer siden
Another 100k in one week!!
A68AGaming - 12 timer siden
lol ur at 4.35 rn
HER3KING KING - 12 timer siden
you are the funniest inventor 🤣
ZXKevitto - 13 timer siden
Man, I love this channel! As a newbie in electronics, I love the way you teach (even though some of these I would NEVER try myself :)) and I love your giveaways!
Mattias Schatz
Mattias Schatz - 13 timer siden
When Electroboom says it doesnt need a heatsink, it´ll probably need to be cooled with liquid nitrogen.
Logic - 13 timer siden
last time i checked u where only at 50k subs thats insane
MAHMOUD FTM - 13 timer siden
Best man 👨
Pax Humana
Pax Humana - 13 timer siden
No, go for the magical girl type of wand.
RBLX PHANTOM GAMING - 13 timer siden
jeez im a kid watching this im scard for life
KAEL S.R. - 13 timer siden
wingardium electroboom!
FOFGE - 13 timer siden
Plees giv me I did not skip the ad
I love keytsight and I buy allot of stuf from them just cus of your adds so now can you chose me for the giveaway
Dick Blumpkin
Dick Blumpkin - 14 timer siden
HERE for DILDO comments
Adika Widodo
Adika Widodo - 14 timer siden
That wand can be an emp wand
Barn Owl
Barn Owl - 14 timer siden
4,000,000 subs without a trip to the er! Congrats!
Endermen need love
Endermen need love - 15 timer siden
im watching this instead of doing my triple science for my gcse
OverWatcher 6863
OverWatcher 6863 - 15 timer siden
you should do a 4 million shocked celebration video where you electroBOOM urself lol
Thomas Galea
Thomas Galea - 15 timer siden
You need to make a video of this being pointed at things.
xzaz2 - 15 timer siden
"Dont zapp this and that with your magical wand"..
I know what you did there.
Edil Ahumada
Edil Ahumada - 15 timer siden
Como hago esa barita mágica?
Esta interesante
Mirza Demir
Mirza Demir - 15 timer siden
Do you want to make the tweezers yourself, should I take it by cargo?
Cross KG
Cross KG - 15 timer siden
Am I the only one here to see his mess ups😂😂
glenn golgota
glenn golgota - 15 timer siden
Abtron sh
Abtron sh - 16 timer siden
cdmDiego - 18 timer siden
he has captain hook eyebrows!!
Just STFU - 18 timer siden
süleyman tosun
süleyman tosun - 18 timer siden
abi sen daha yaşıyormusun
The Unofficial StrikeYT
The Unofficial StrikeYT - 18 timer siden
so, my soldering thingy broke WHILE making this and now metal is spilling almost everywhere
Sumon Sarker
Sumon Sarker - 18 timer siden
I would love to take your Magic Wand.
Pcpyro - 19 timer siden
Man makes magic wand expecting Harry Potter powers, gets Harry Dresden. RIP electronics.
berat ?
berat ? - 19 timer siden
Vicki Jean
Vicki Jean - 20 timer siden

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Tenendo conto degli scenari chiave di comportamento, il concetto high-tech dell'ordine sociale risolve in modo inequivocabile la necessità di analizzare i modelli di comportamento esistenti. La chiarezza della nostra posizione è evidente: l'agenda economica di oggi ci consente di adempiere a compiti importanti per lo sviluppo di metodi innovativi di gestione dei processi.!
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Aryan Mukherjee
Aryan Mukherjee - 20 timer siden
Qwert qwerty
Qwert qwerty - 20 timer siden
Sir i started watching youre vid and i love it..youre so youre new sub...😍😍😍😋😋
Kasun Kapurubandara
Kasun Kapurubandara - 20 timer siden
way to shock yourself :P
Willi Hansen
Willi Hansen - 20 timer siden
Can I use it to degauss my CRT TV?
Raaid Rahim
Raaid Rahim - 20 timer siden
Forbidden dìldo
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 21 time siden
He's like magician from smurf
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 21 time siden
"My shirt is hugging!" "Woop." Bruh I was on an ad about Keysight...
Henrique Nunes
Henrique Nunes - 21 time siden
I love this electronic stuff, but I'm clueless. Can someone sum up why his room got so charged? All the clicking and lights turning on lol
TimeLord42 - 21 time siden
Can u plz send me the finish music u made... that shit is fire! 😂
berat ergin
berat ergin - 21 time siden
alchemists : im tried to convert to gold but sorry im just maked thinks greater then gold
Bloodstar - 21 time siden
Can you explain how it works? I mean why does it emit wind?
Dkin - 21 time siden
Does any won notice ge looks like voldamor
Sofer Sam
Sofer Sam - 22 timer siden
"manual are for p***y"
me: o k
lant istos
lant istos - 22 timer siden
can someone please please upload that sick mix @16:02 on a 10 hour loop! i need that in my life.
Jugger Naut
Jugger Naut - 22 timer siden
I laughed riotously when you lost control and couldn't turn the system off. I'm sure you'll continue to discover electric casualties around your house.
XA _ABOOD - 23 timer siden
You have to wear gloves
Rupali Sanjay Kharat
Rupali Sanjay Kharat - 23 timer siden
3:02 so are magic wands
Deathblossom115 - 23 timer siden
I like your arm hair
Dale Wood
Dale Wood - 23 timer siden
you are nuts i love you
Baggio - 23 timer siden
This is like a EMP Wand