Building a Wooden Kayak - Making the microBootlegger

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A video documenting the process of building a wooden kayak. Nick Schade makes a custom built microBootlegger, starting from raw lumber through completion.
Nick Schade from Guillemot Kayaks specializes in designing and building bespoke small wooden boats.
Drawing from years of experience using kayaks, canoes, row boats and small sailboats, Nick creates unique original design and constructs them using wood and high quality composite materials.
Carbon Fiber,
Infusion Epoxy provided by Endurance Epoxy
Light Awash Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Runtime: 19:45


Tomasz Sendecki
Tomasz Sendecki - 14 dager siden
Yup. I would go pass sanding of the planks. I would mess it up, get angry and storm out.
Blin Matic
Blin Matic - 19 dager siden
are cedar strips easier to build than regulars
e causey
e causey - 20 dager siden
MY DEAR FRIEND and love, Barry Michael Hahn-Hollyman- built a kayak out of duck canvas and pine strips- double seater( lol-like the out-hs in NY cottage!)- for two years we explored every back water stream around! In south Fl. thats a least in 60's..sadly- one of our 'group decided to take it out past the second reef in ocean on a stormy day-Barry warned him- it wouldnt take the stress- as Jeff made the second crest of a giant wave-holding his paddle over his head IN TRIUMPH- he REALIZED WE WERE ALL LAUGHING- a moment later he realized why- as he raised his paddle every side of the kayak fell flat to the wave look on his smug face...still makes me laugh
rcb4554 - 22 dager siden
how many hours to build one ?
lorenzo lavaroni
lorenzo lavaroni - 23 dager siden
This entire video is a demonstration of the pleasure you feel at work.
Who Me?
Who Me? - 26 dager siden
Great video, Bentley of Kayak. The eagle-wood inlay would it been simpler to place inlay before you did the fiberglass?
MasonZ. - 27 dager siden
The awesome camera work and music made the hard wood work so nice to watch. great work both!
acprinceiv - 27 dager siden
One minute in and you get a thumbs up for the music. Beautiful. Now for the rest of the video......
gregory h
gregory h - 28 dager siden
Wow. You Two are awesome artists in Boat Building. I love the Bald Eagle it made the Kayak. But it put a sad 😞 on me because I was let go from a Birds of Prey Rehab because the Far Left don’t like Common Cense people like Me. God Bless you two an thanks for this Video.
Leonid Prosvirnikov
Leonid Prosvirnikov - 29 dager siden
Great boat! Well done! Very beautiful! I am very glad that I accidentally saw this video!
Marius - Måned siden
Wow, what a beautiful piece of art. Amazing!
Matti Virta
Matti Virta - Måned siden
this has glassfiber work NOT woodwork true.
maxi2005100 - Måned siden
terrific craftsman ship , what a beautiful job , well done , highest regard for your efforts, true work of art, thanks for sharing
DC Various Vids
DC Various Vids - Måned siden
A work of craftsmanship, traditional & modern materials and art.
Gregarious - Måned siden
I made a Birdhouse out of a log with a hole in it once :)
Piston_Pounder - Måned siden
What is the kind of saw used to rip the initial plank into all the strips?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - Måned siden
It is a bandsaw mill typically used to cut lumber from raw tree trunks
Ness1 - Måned siden
😍 spettacolare!!
S lam
S lam - Måned siden
Beautiful craftsmanship and stunning marquetry. I can appreciate all the work put into that pair of kayaks. Many years ago I built a 19.5 ft 20" beam West Greenland style kayak that was effortless to paddle. The Santa Barbara coastline saw much of me paddling along the shores often with dolphins near sunset. That boat would surf on the swells and put a huge grin from the inside out.
Cajundaddydave - Måned siden
Rare and extraordinary craftsmanship, thank you for sharing. Many years ago I had the pleasure of spending the day with another master craftsman, Sam Maloof. Words fail to describe such artistry.
Frank ter Braak
Frank ter Braak - Måned siden
Daniel A
Daniel A - Måned siden
how much does a boat like that cost?
onlybugwit - Måned siden
It's too beautiful to put in dirty water, should take pride of place over the mantle piece and looked at every day.
celtictexan - Måned siden
You could have used George Floyds lips to skin it out.
Alan Bjorn Olsen
Alan Bjorn Olsen - Måned siden
Incredible workmanship
William LOtt
William LOtt - Måned siden
Gorgeous. Darlington, South Carolina
Alexander Lebed
Alexander Lebed - Måned siden
absolutely outstanding
Neil Brown
Neil Brown - Måned siden
Both the kayak and the video are extremely well made. Thanks!
george hare
george hare - Måned siden
b uddy bob maccleod in clear creek ont used scrap ceder planks cut them in to strips ended up building a 16ft canoe - Måned siden
Beautiful film and what a craftsmanship 👌🏻
only1 tattoo
only1 tattoo - Måned siden
Craftsmanship as its best Awesome Thanks for this insight into your work
matt tinker
matt tinker - Måned siden
WOW Beautiful
me 109
me 109 - Måned siden
Ein wunderbares Video. Ein Meisterwerk. Großes Kompliment!!!!!
TheWimmse - Måned siden
What are the advantages of a wooden Kayak compared to a synthetic one except aesthetics of course?
Team33 - Måned siden
Think about all the composites and carbon that have gone into making this thing.
A traditionally built kayak with ribs would justify all the positive feedback, This video is simply an praise to West system epoxy, carbon fibre, and fibreglass (also sold by West).
No real skill there.
superfluous - Måned siden
Stick a v8 in it.
Phil Schroeder
Phil Schroeder - Måned siden
Blew me away... What an undertaking, and so beautifully done, so obviously not the first time. No doubt an enormous amount of pride and joy when unveiling this to a person finished as your work is examined and found to be excellent, and worthy. It was enormously therapeutic to simply watch as the project was unfolded within a short time, with its steps of creation, its attention to detail, and its enduring display of craftsmanship. Being a musician, no work I do stands by itself, but it is presented and forgotten, or copied and altered, until presented again. This work will stand for a lifetime, or maybe a few lifetimes, without any necessity to be anything else to be lovingly appreciated. ... hats off to you and your craft.
Michael Horn
Michael Horn - Måned siden
What a great masterpiece of an outstanding craftsman with the famous golden hands :-))))
LeCutter - Måned siden
I appreciate the craftsmanship. Absolutely top notch. The amount of chemicals and plastics used in the entire process is rather disconcerting however.
Gunnar Heinrich
Gunnar Heinrich - Måned siden
Bitte ansehen und teilen „zerstörung des corona hypes“
Jörg Rück
Jörg Rück - Måned siden
Its wonderful how much does it coest
Antons Workshop
Antons Workshop - 24 dager siden
John Ritchie
John Ritchie - Måned siden
Beautiful canoe but with all the glass and Carbon fiber it is a bit of a cheat.
John Ritchie
John Ritchie - Måned siden
One day when I grow up I will build one.
I am only 58 , still got time.
Space Soldier
Space Soldier - Måned siden
awesome music background, does anyone know the artist or band name?
Daniel Forde-Pogson
Daniel Forde-Pogson - Måned siden
Beautiful! ...But shouldn't it be "wooden and glass fibre with a bit of carbon kayak"?? ;) THe marquetry just finished it beautifully.
uglyst - Måned siden
"Yeah...i could do this. Wait... Man, this guy is good!!! WTF??? I dont even know what he's doing!! WOW =- thats way beyond my paygrade!!" and here i was thinking I knew something!
Mike Hart
Mike Hart - Måned siden
Your knowledge and skill is impressive. Watching the process was revealing. I build engines and other mechanical devices and show them at engine shows. People view them and enjoy them, but have no way to appreciate them fully because they weren't there for the process. I find that the inner pleasure of knowing and understanding what I've accomplished has to be enough and that, ego aside, that is what it was all about anyhow. That and getting away from the wife for a while!
low351 - Måned siden
You should always make someone watch a video like this before you tell them how much it costs. This looks like a work of art in progress.
Neil MacEachern
Neil MacEachern - Måned siden
I don't know, seems like a lot of work...
Cameron Brannan
Cameron Brannan - Måned siden
If I could do that, wouldn't I just love to go to work every day. A craftsman's work of art!
Markus Klietsch
Markus Klietsch - Måned siden
schönes meditatives arbeiten ;-)
FSAUDIOGUY - Måned siden
That is some of the most technical craftsmanship I've ever seen on a hull of any kind. TY for sharing!
J. Manning
J. Manning - Måned siden
Absolutely rocks!!!
William Rice
William Rice - Måned siden
Very Beautiful work of art, I was wondering how long did this take to build, I built my first and only wood strip kayak and it took me over three years, my wife said i can't use her heated garage to built my second one because the first one took so long, she wasn't willing to give up her garage the second time around. LOL
Yves - Rene Guilland
Yves - Rene Guilland - Måned siden \ C'est fabuleux ! Bravo l'artiste ! Donne envie de travailler avec ! Oui ! Vrai ! Merci . Passé un bon moment à regarder faire !
Graham Weeks
Graham Weeks - Måned siden
this was just amazing workman ship & a BEAUTIFUL Kayak .XXXX:))000000
G.A.V. - Måned siden
Shirley boy
Shirley boy - Måned siden
You have to admire the truly amazing quality of the workmanship......But how many hours????
Odilon Moreira
Odilon Moreira - Måned siden
pure art and feelings .
Minh Đức
Minh Đức - Måned siden
ban che tacs rat dep ,..., rat may mac rat dep
franco family fishing
franco family fishing - Måned siden
HERMOSO KAYAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!