Building a 3.5kWh DIY Solar Generator for $650 - Start to Finish

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After having a friend ask several questions regarding a solar generator project he was working on, I decided this would be a good opportunity to build my own solar generator and fully document the process. The total build came out to around $641. This video provides an in-depth look at the process involved in collecting and assembling the battery pack along with the choice of components and some testing.
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■▬▬▬▬▬ COMPONENTS USED ▬▬▬▬▬■
Craftsman Toolbox
Modem Batteries (10% Discount Code "BATTERY")
100W Renogy Solar Panel (not included in price calculation)
Reliable 1500W Inverter
50A Circuit Breaker
DROK Voltage Display
Recessed Outlets w/ USB
Surface Mountable XT60
Nickel Strip 2P 25ft
Cell Holders 4x5
Kapton Tape
MPT-7210A MPPT Charger
Cigarette Lighter Plugs
Fan Temp Controller
XT60 Connectors
XT90 Connectors
48V to 12V Buck Converter
Pack-Sized Heat Shrink...
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► Big Battery (10% Discount Code "BATTERY")
► Batrium BMS
► DIY Lithium Batteries Book
► Opus BT-C3100 Tester
■▬▬▬▬▬ DISCLAIMERS ▬▬▬▬▬■
► I receive a small commission on purchases made using my affiliated links shared the video description and comments section. The views and opinions expressed here are my own, unbiased, and not influenced by this commission in any way.
► My videos are in no way intended to be instructional "how-to" lessons. I am simply documenting my project for informational purposes. Property damage, personal injury, or death may result, even when following manufacturer's instructions. I cannot be held liable for such damage or injury. It is YOUR OBLIGATION to ensure that you are complying with any local and federal laws as well as code and permit requirements.
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Corner Idiot
Corner Idiot - 2 timer siden
Wind Light
Wind Light - 2 timer siden
Don't apologize for long video
it's not boring for me because I would love to learn more
flying John
flying John - 2 timer siden
Watched so many vids on lithium battery’s,solar,voltage ,regulators etc.this chap brought it altogether in one understood vid brilliant...
Niko Mace
Niko Mace - 5 timer siden
This is a great video. all support to you. Thank you
Graham McBride
Graham McBride - 6 timer siden
By any chance do you have a store where one can buy all the parts? Like a kit! If not it’d be great to have one along with a step by step guided video to go along with the parts one bought. Nice work 👍
Spyaorros Centaury
Spyaorros Centaury - 6 timer siden
It is very dangerous not to use a fuse in home batteries or solar systems. I recommend you use fuse cable or car fuses in the series connections so the line will be canceled and the broken battery will not act as a resistance so it cannot catch fire. You will have to calculate the maximum amps that correspond to the connections, it is not your fault in the future when the lithiums begin to fail there will be many fires in houses that have commercial batteries. Regards.
Aditya Badara
Aditya Badara - 8 timer siden
Ofir Fatal
Ofir Fatal - 8 timer siden
Really great video, thank you! Appreciate you walking through the details of the battery build and the result was very clean
Reuben I Urrea
Reuben I Urrea - 9 timer siden
That was a great video...... good stuff....
napoleon san diego
napoleon san diego - 11 timer siden
Nice One
Rick's Tech Talk
Rick's Tech Talk - 12 timer siden
Great video and the audio was great. What mic are you using at the end outside and was that the same mic for the entire video?
Salvador SALVADOR - 16 timer siden
super excellelent video 100%.
SidewindeR - 18 timer siden
This was the most concise and informative DIY videos for such a build. I'm definitely following this guide for my own DIY generator build.
edwin dol
edwin dol - 19 timer siden
this guy is awesome with his build
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown - 22 timer siden
Your thorough bro, love it...
Jeff Branham
Jeff Branham - 23 timer siden
This is a great video and your very good at showing and explaining what you are doing and WHY you are doing it. Thanks for putting this together.
AussiePeaceKeepers - 23 timer siden
This is pretty awesome. Cool Video. #WWG1WGAWW #B17DROP
Dancer - Dag siden
How much does this thing weigh? I have a bad back and may need to build this in a toolbox with wheels and a handle. Great Video!
LithiumSolar - 21 time siden
It weighs 57lbs, quite heavy. I know they had a variety of different toolboxes, including some with wheels.
Phil Weatherley
Phil Weatherley - Dag siden
Nice work Mister, but I'm worried about the sheer amount of heat generating hardware in such a small volume. Thermal runaway looms as a nightmare risk. You have probably - by now - soak-tested the setup to see how a continuous loaf affects internal temperature. What kind of rise above ambient did you note?
kdawg3484 - Dag siden
This was so cool. Liked and subbed. One suggestion: make a video where you DO show how you mounted and wired everything up in that box. There's no problem with having another video on this build. Some people who watch this video (which is information-dense and definitely not too long) will see everything and be able to fill in the details. But many others, like me, would benefit from seeing how you actually put everything together piece-by-piece, and a second video would be perfect for that.
As the generator has already been built, even just a follow up video where you kind of disassemble it it a bit and point out what you did and how you did it would be superb. There's a lot to be learned by watching how someone who knows what they're doing approaches an assembly like this in addition to just the exact instructions.
slow rock
slow rock - Dag siden
Awesome video on solar DIY. I have always been a keen project maniac on such for a long time but have not done so. After watching your video I will now be giving it a try. I will surely need your assistance in this type of project.
Herb Dailey
Herb Dailey - Dag siden
Great job! Were is link to buy one?
Horace Guidry
Horace Guidry - Dag siden
Everything Motorcycles
Brilliant! Thankyou
Augusto Dasilva
Augusto Dasilva - Dag siden
Great video showcasing human ingenuity at its best. Energy sustainability can be had by the masses. Greetings from Toronto.
Robert B Seward Jr
Robert B Seward Jr - Dag siden
1200 watt inverter assuming 120 volts gives you 12.5 amps at the output. Why did you put four outlets at 15 amps? Maybe a label warning not to exceed 1500W/12.5A.
It would have been cool to run it hot to prove the fan sub-system worked. Since the build, have you ran it hot? And is the cooling system adequate to bring the temps back down (or keep it at a safe level)?
*Overall, your video answered a lot of questions for me and gave me the courage to build one. Thanks for putting this out there.
Jeffrey Anderson
Jeffrey Anderson - Dag siden
Did a good job man ! Keep up the info
Steve Ddad
Steve Ddad - Dag siden
Everything I have ever read about battery safety says that this battery design is a very high energy fire bomb waiting to happen. Has the basics of battery performance and safety been debunked. Is this a very unsafe build, or is there a reason that it is actually safe, when text books say otherwise?
Adans Batista
Adans Batista - Dag siden
I'm planning to build one for camping to use my CPAP machine, do you have any schematic drawing of connection, or maybe you could draw it in Tinkercad (that will be awesome). Great video, you don't need to care about the video length, it is was we are expecting. Great Job!!! This is a small project for a Rocket launcher controller that I made with my son
Terre Tulsiak
Terre Tulsiak - Dag siden
My question will show my ignorance but if one battery starts to fail don't all the rest reduce output to that same level?
Amir Boutte
Amir Boutte - 2 dager siden
I absolutely enjoyed this video thank you very much it could've been longer and still been amazing I doubt I would try my hand at this particular project but I have a few ideas in mind that you've inspired me to try. You can bet your bottom dollar that I liked and subscribed!
Dean Green
Dean Green - 2 dager siden
that's real nice, if you had a portable unfolding solar panel you could take it camping and so forth, put it in your RV and have a roof panel, run a swimming pool heater and pump whatever.. how long those cells last?
Joel Perry
Joel Perry - 2 dager siden
Whatever you were apologizing for, please do more of that!
Rico Cantrell
Rico Cantrell - 2 dager siden
Wow man. I love the workmanship on this. Thanks for the info.
Steve Pritchard
Steve Pritchard - 2 dager siden
A special place in hell for people who cu t heat shrink 2 different sizes! :p
Jack C
Jack C - 2 dager siden
Amazing build! Two thumbs up.
Larry Walker
Larry Walker - 2 dager siden
I like this
Rick S
Rick S - 2 dager siden
Thanks and God bless. Ricky
Dan Barnes
Dan Barnes - 2 dager siden
I am replicating your build! Thank you for such an informative video!
My BMS may be defective... I have the Daly 14s 48V BMS 60a discharge common port. Same as yours....
I built my 2 packs and terminated them and my bms the same way you did. I have about 50VDC before my BMS, but with BMS attached I only see 27VDC.
R A - 2 dager siden
6:02 3rd row from bottom and 6th column from left has incorrect polarity placement.
Enjgine - Dag siden
LithiumSolar - 2 dager siden
plupkination - 2 dager siden
I see you are a big fan of the 18650 battery, being that you have a tshirt with the name printed on it! heh
LithiumSolar - 2 dager siden
I have a couple of them lol. I purchased this one from HBPowerwall (NOburn channel) store.
Zhitong Zhao
Zhitong Zhao - 2 dager siden
wow amazing! So many details.I am studying the stand alone PV system.
Joss Tremblay
Joss Tremblay - 2 dager siden
Very Nice Video 5*****
rad135 - 2 dager siden
Dont apologize for long video. Make longer one.
Outside the Box
Outside the Box - 2 dager siden
Just love your project. However there is one question, at 3.5kWh it will take about 500W of solar panel 8 hours to charge it. So for those who is thinking about using it for camping, you need to think about how you are going to connect 5x100 panels. I will be interested to know the max charge Amp. Don't get me wrong this is an amazing generator. The word Solar generator is a very misleading terminology, you need to think about how long and how big a solar panel is needed.
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein - 3 dager siden
It is super very amzing continue your job 🧠
Jon Deer
Jon Deer - 3 dager siden
How wide was the heat shrink for the battery packs in inches, I want to know because I don't think I have the correct size and I want to know before I start working with the batteries out of a sealed container
Dan Barnes
Dan Barnes - 2 dager siden
David Wayne
David Wayne - 3 dager siden
when the zombie apocalypse begins can i stay at your house?
arkitektal - 3 dager siden
What is the life span of each cell. If one cells
arkitektal - 3 dager siden
If one of the cells got busted what wii happen to the generator?
Steve Williams
Steve Williams - 3 dager siden
Contructive criticism... :-) Good vid
kedarvideo - 3 dager siden
Do you plan to sell the final thing as a whole? And if yes, how much would it cost?
Norh The Brightness
Norh The Brightness - 3 dager siden
5:57 there is a battery where i believe you put it
Norh The Brightness
Norh The Brightness - 2 dager siden
@LithiumSolar ahh, okay hehe.. nice content btw
LithiumSolar - 3 dager siden
I was fixed, but thank you :)
floyd sanders
floyd sanders - 3 dager siden
Not bad for a novice build.
John Rubio
John Rubio - 3 dager siden
Great job., Thanks for your explanation. you´re really smart
The Minecraft Gang
The Minecraft Gang - 3 dager siden
Also could I just use a power strip for it’s charging ports?
Pedro Munhoz
Pedro Munhoz - 3 dager siden
Corridor Crew
brought me here
Dominique ___
Dominique ___ - 3 dager siden
I absolutely loved watching this. AND, it made my head spin. I have been hoping to make my own solar/lithium system for my RV. This is just way over my head, and abilities. LOVE the vid, though. Wish you were my neighbor.
Jer M
Jer M - 3 dager siden
Nicely done.
Icebox Video Productions
Icebox Video Productions - 3 dager siden
Very informative
shunkajun - 3 dager siden
you did a great job in explaining, you were clear and well spoken , thank you for making this video, thumbs up and subscribed !!!