Boot Camp: Behind The Scenes at Recruit Training Command (Full documentary, 2019)

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It’s been called one of the most demanding assignments in the Navy - but also one of the most rewarding. Follow along as we take you behind the scenes and show you what life is like for the men and women who train the next generation of Sailors at Navy Boot Camp.
Runtime: 36:10


Jim Cunningham
Jim Cunningham - Time siden
Just wait till you get to the fleet things go out the window for 90 percent.
Anna Hall
Anna Hall - 5 timer siden
What is that round white pin with the Seal of The United States? 7:36 Some of the trainers wear the pin on their left front shirt pocket, some wear the pin above their name tag over their right front pocket and some don't wear the pin at all.
John Morgan
John Morgan - 9 timer siden
Navy Boot camp is a cake walk to the Marines
Kachow Lightning McQueen
Kachow Lightning McQueen - 13 timer siden
I thought RDC's were built differently but i guess they have lives too
jim jones
jim jones - 14 timer siden
🤣🤣 The top bunks have safety rails. Some snow flake's mom probably sent a letter to the CNO. Navy bootcamp is Joke.
P.J. Mack
P.J. Mack - 17 timer siden
I'm glad I went to RTC Orlando, instead of Great Mistakes lol... Graduated bootcamp in August 1988..
oHare - 22 timer siden
us gayvy
stingraycor S_T6
stingraycor S_T6 - Dag siden
Complacency KILLS. I am saying that as a Marine.
PKTV - Dag siden
wow the Navy is really cool. compared to the army this is amazing.
Christian Castillo
Christian Castillo - Dag siden
Nehemiah Q
Nehemiah Q - Dag siden
17:17. Bet he about to say cross your arms and hope to die
Chimi Changa
Chimi Changa - Dag siden
Navy boot camp looks like a cakewalk lol
Necracudda - Dag siden
I got of out of Great Lakes 4 weeks from now, I can tell you now that the only thing that changed was we wore masks, there were only two RDC’s, and divisions were as big as 110 recruits, my division was at its largest, 102 recruits.
James Morrison
James Morrison - 2 dager siden
Right Place, Right Time, Right Uniform, Right Attitude. You'll be golden.
Dahkota Watters
Dahkota Watters - 2 dager siden
Petty Officer Bartee's eyes rip into your soul lmao
Gissie - 2 dager siden
There's a lot to rember. We do. Listen rembering is hard I'd be really nervous. Swimming Pool very expensive, they get decent kit. I never had that.
William Wilson
William Wilson - 2 dager siden
28:35, The stories I heard about the Filipino Mafia in RTC and how they will straighten up a recruit.
Henry Piel
Henry Piel - 2 dager siden
Ha! Funny thing, the Navy has the highest obesity rate... yet you watch this video and you think it is Paris Island! I was lucky to be east coast and end up in RTC San Diego... easy peasy! Good time, and forged relationships I still keep today.
Go NAVY!!! RM2 USN 1984-1988
Megiddo Eubanks
Megiddo Eubanks - 2 dager siden
16:00 true bruh moment!
TopGunn111 - 2 dager siden
The only thing. I like about today’s navy is the uniforms. Remember those stupid ass dungarees.
BvB in America
BvB in America - 2 dager siden
You talking bout the jhonny cashes? Those were nice. They made you look and feel like a sailor compared to the current puke green. Idk how many times I'm confused for army because of those.
TopGunn111 - 2 dager siden
RDC. What happened to CC. Company Commanders. FQA . What happened to CSRE.
resolute123 - 2 dager siden
So what is pistol qualification requirments for the range?
Trevor Parks
Trevor Parks - 3 dager siden
Navy basic hasn't changed much. I remember the first time I had to stand watch and report to the RDC for the first time. Still don't know if I ever said it correctly.
Cyrus McWind
Cyrus McWind - 3 dager siden
None if these guys actually screamin. They just shouting. Heard they got rid of shark attacks now to? Military is getting liberal-ized. The more female D.I. and soldier I see, the more SHAARP and female orientated political bullshit that isn't important to winning a fight or war at all.
Keithernator LYC
Keithernator LYC - 3 dager siden
I'm proud of myself for never been on the quarterback in Parris Island
Michael DeCheck
Michael DeCheck - 4 dager siden
I was in 86 San Diego Co 057.
4th generation Navy. Hard to believe these chiefs weren't born yet. I was a Seabee now disabled in Gulf War.
Would go back tomorrow.
Keep them anchors sharp.
Levi - 4 dager siden
The funny thing is about bootcamp is nothing they threaten you with matters your “hard card” doesn’t leave Great Mistakes
Yo Muddahh
Yo Muddahh - 4 dager siden
15:00 yup this is the navy alright
Jeffrey Hess
Jeffrey Hess - 6 dager siden
Navy thats cute. Real men join US Army Infantry
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson - 4 dager siden
Army, lowest asvab score required to join. I want to be a “real man” too.
Jim Smith
Jim Smith - 6 dager siden
oppenheimer ranch project
Emmanuel Uzodike
Emmanuel Uzodike - 6 dager siden
5:00 is that a squicker I just heard?
Mario Uquillas
Mario Uquillas - 6 dager siden
Gotta say their a lot kinder these days compared to going through 1999. Methodology has changed but the goal remains the same. Still remember thinking a Chief was an Ensign my first time being on the quarterdeck. Good times!
Christopher Chapman
Christopher Chapman - 7 dager siden
Weak Chief. Wouldn't want to serve under him.
Christopher Chapman
Christopher Chapman - 7 dager siden
"Last warning about your alignment!" Proceeds to allow further mistakes. Weak. Look...I get it, I was there, at the service school side, but I saw every single day the quality coming out of RTC. Honestly, it wasn't good enough. NMTI's have to pick up the slack from the RDC's. This isn't saying all RDC's are bad, but as a whole, they suck.
Christopher Chapman
Christopher Chapman - 7 dager siden
These young kids. FEB 2011...I was on a deployment.
Stylez_Gaming - 8 dager siden
this videos from 2019, demarcus went to basic in 2011, he must have picked up some quick advancements to get put into an RDC position, either way im impressed.
Warren - 8 dager siden
Having just graduated from the Navy bootcamp, I respect my RDCs a lot. I mean they did yell at us a lot but they were also very supportive and would motivate us as long as we show commitment to do better.
89tin - 8 dager siden
Great Lakes
Summer of 1987
Company 929
aka: bodysnatchers
bend your knees
Showemright YTchannel
Showemright YTchannel - 9 dager siden
Great Lakes Boot Camp 1991..Company 267.........and of course COLOR COMPANY...YEAH...Go Navy.
MHSMOKEEATER - 9 dager siden
They give them the type 3’s in boot man I had the old Dicky Blues in 08.
Joshua Buck
Joshua Buck - 10 dager siden
Navy boot camp is a joke
nicholas woodall
nicholas woodall - 11 dager siden
they should change there training and not yell so much and train them more like a trainer trains a boxer less yelling and more training like that
Tito Forest Shit Taker Perez
Tito Forest Shit Taker Perez - 11 dager siden
Incredible documentary.. i would prefer a world where there was no wars. But its beautiful to see what they do for their Country and their fellow man.
Xophan Lo
Xophan Lo - 11 dager siden
I remember one time we all had fucked up on time and we were forced to do what they’re doing... and we were on week 4 and my buddy kept laughing as our petty officer were yelling 1 2 3 4, and 1 2 1 2 and he kept laughing while apologizing and boi... we all got tore up lol
DuoForce - 11 dager siden
When did they stop doing integrated divisions?
Tyler Van Riper
Tyler Van Riper - 11 dager siden
Thank god for the Marine Corps , this is sad
Dalton - 11 dager siden
A lot of me wanted to enlist out of high school but chose to be an electrician for 13 years. After a career change I now hold a prominent role in Test and Development in electric motors for the Navy. I think of these guys every day. The feeling of serving your country in one way or another is amazing. But the ones in service are the heroes. Except Blumenthal.
Cristian Guerrero
Cristian Guerrero - 12 dager siden
Hooyah USS constitution
Troy Peck
Troy Peck - 12 dager siden
This looks so easy echo. Mother of God. ARMY was way worse.
Zanyah Goode
Zanyah Goode - 11 dager siden
You want a cookie?
Luis Campos Ramirez
Luis Campos Ramirez - 13 dager siden
I’m joining the marines instead of the navy
Citren - 13 dager siden
The Navy consumes so much coffee.
Kaden Conn
Kaden Conn - 14 dager siden
I’m trying to get a better grasp of the boot camp because I’ll be there in 2023-24
Leala Daigle
Leala Daigle - 15 dager siden
christina aguilera
Jim Piper
Jim Piper - 15 dager siden
26:06 Whatinthehell is P.O. Dyer doping walking inside the barracks with her f*cking cover on?!?! Unless on duty, Navy and Marines remove their covers on entering a building. What she was doing watching for recruit infractions outside: we called 'em "red boards" and by golly that's what she pulled out of her bag 27:53 is a red clipboard!
Re graduation and "Cracker Jack" whites. I am glad to the the Navy bring back that '30's style uniform. I always liked Cracker Jacks for the unique style and tradition they embody. Guess I'll be a squid until I'm looking up at the underside of that chunk of granite the VA plants over my face.
In retrospect I had some of the absolute best times and some of the worst times of my life in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club.
1 Dec '66 / 30 Nov '72
Tin Can Sailor (DER325, DD717, DE1035)
Member, Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club
OldSalt - 16 dager siden
I went to boot camp in '64 at RTC San Diego. It was nothing like this. And wendressed like sailors not a bunch of marines.
ijel animations
ijel animations - 16 dager siden
Why does it feel like a gordon ramsay episode
2110devildog - 16 dager siden
This is a f@cking joke right? Semper Fidelis
Kim Truong
Kim Truong - 16 dager siden
I miss you sis so much
Derrick Avila
Derrick Avila - 16 dager siden
Deadass already forgot my experience there
jeff p
jeff p - 17 dager siden
How the hell are you going to call cadence marching a formation with you arms folded across your chest... your D and C is garbage!!!
Ams Gaming
Ams Gaming - 17 dager siden
I remember army boot camp 😂. Shit was more intense. Don't fucking apologize to me😂
AZ Bandit
AZ Bandit - 17 dager siden
I wonder if they still do blanket parties
Leo Hedrick
Leo Hedrick - 18 dager siden
About to get my DD214 and bootcamp feels like yesterday …
Chief Chief
Chief Chief - 18 dager siden
Ayyy but who else got quarantined more than once during coronavirus?
Jesse James Hollywood
Jesse James Hollywood - 19 dager siden
What is Navy bootcamp like?
*16 hour days of doing stupid alot of dumb shit (over and over)
*You are tired the entire time and sleep matters most
*They don't run alot at all (once every 2 weeks)
*Everyone treats you like shit especially the civi's on base
*Most of these RDC'S in this video truly hate the fact that they got stationed in Great Lakes so they are shitting on you 24 7 but there is always that one awesome prideful RDC that makes you happy about joining.
R B - 19 dager siden
If you think they are creating Sailors that can truly defend a ship and project power at sea.... hmmm we shall see when China battle at sea happens. All I see is weakness coming out of that place.
jason dennis
jason dennis - 20 dager siden
Went through n 1994. Never heard of RDC.
Branden Anderson de la Looza
Branden Anderson de la Looza - 20 dager siden
2010 Navy boot camp RDC’s was dirty bro, they be like, “then go kill yourself you piece of shit you will never be anything in my Navy” for like, an uneven shave job. Then they put me in as an FMF corpsman with infantry Marines and I had a stack twice as big as all these mf’s in like two years and none of the rank cause of deployment patterns 😂
Peatric12 - 20 dager siden
Damn she was BM2 Dovola when she was the instructor for my division. I was in boot camp April 2017
Tommy Wilson
Tommy Wilson - 20 dager siden
all the ARMY and Marine guys watching this weird summer camp shit while thinking back to getting verbally ass raped every time you didn't breathe correctly
A239 _
A239 _ - 20 dager siden
Man it’s cool seeing my RDC in the beginning
Albahappy2007 - 20 dager siden
you people are harsh thats why i am glad to be an Australian at the air force here and not getting shout at
GarBlaineNavy - 21 dag siden
The Navy needs to get rid of khaki shirts for E-6 and below and bring back utilities\dungarees (and get rid of the camo). This is a navy, after all.
drum2little - 22 dager siden
Great documentary! I went to Navy SAR Swimmer school I think 1986. It put boot camp to shame but we knew what we were in for and we all loved it. We'd laugh when getting punished and the instructors knew we laughed and gave us more PT but we still laughed and then they laughed with us. Guys were crying and we'd laugh. Those were the days
Ben Kleschinsky
Ben Kleschinsky - 22 dager siden
What I don't understand is that, the human brain needs 8 hours of sleep to be at full metal capability. You would think the military would want all of their sailors and soldiers to be sleep ready to be at the highest functioning of mental capacity the human body is capable of. 2 hours of sleep seems counterproductive when it has been shown that you work three to four times as efficient on more hours of sleep. I understand its molding recruits into being responsible, but the long hours will continue for your entire military career. Doesn't make sense.
1cobosman - 22 dager siden
Pretty neat to see the evolution of usn bootcamp... I still have flashbacks of getting, "MASHed".. an IT was done at about 3am in an old drill hall with divers/seals on shore duty kickin our asses
David Medford
David Medford - 22 dager siden
In basic training, I always got smoked for laughing at other ppl being smoked.
Koolbro14 - 22 dager siden
Damn some bulky mofos in the navy
Joey Coppens
Joey Coppens - 23 dager siden
As a marine, this is so cringeworthy
Snich Trolliana
Snich Trolliana - 19 dager siden
@Joey Coppens They do look pathetic, but one day they may become seals, and surpass the marines
Joey Coppens
Joey Coppens - 19 dager siden
Snich Trolliana just how they train and how soft they are
Snich Trolliana
Snich Trolliana - 19 dager siden
why is that
Doug M.
Doug M. - 24 dager siden
I'll never get used to seeing khakis on someone who isn't a chief, WO, or an officer..... Man how times change (my wife is a Chief and everyone tells me she is scary AF.... To me she's just a sweetheart 😀)
R I - 24 dager siden
I'd smash that inspection RDC
Tyler Rumfelt
Tyler Rumfelt - 24 dager siden
I wish the infantry basic was that chill.
TheVintageGamer - 25 dager siden
I was nervous about enlisting until I saw the girl waith glasses pass
Marcus Marcus
Marcus Marcus - 12 dager siden
TheVintageGamer ?
Atticus X
Atticus X - 25 dager siden
I will never forget my time at Great Lakes. What a nightmare. I miss it in a way
NavyVet00 - 25 dager siden
Best thing I've ever done. Serving in the navy is amazing
Luke Johnson Entertainment
Luke Johnson Entertainment - 25 dager siden
I wonder if there family watched them in this video and said wow your job is harder than mine
Robert Myers
Robert Myers - 26 dager siden
So incredibly glad I didn’t do this bullshit😹
Judy - 26 dager siden
MUST use alot of cough Drops,! ALWAYS STAY SAFE🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾☘☘☘☘🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Dana Hettrick
Dana Hettrick - 26 dager siden
Good Lord. This looks easy. So nice these Commanders. They'd push us till we puked. Ohhh she raised her voice. Good Lord.
Saladin Yamamoto
Saladin Yamamoto - 26 dager siden
during my ROTC days back in my teens, we were told walk three floors on our school back and forth, squating without lifting up till we puke and i drop.. my DI would scold me in the face and this other guy i knew, he picked a fight with the DI and it ended up that he wish he did not..
now, i could walk 60 km to 90 km carrying heavy bags and appliances and i realized, my DI actually cares and toughten me up.. and now that CORONA Virus is out, i thank GOD ( S.W.T) and my DI for preparing me for this outbreak..
Frank Derryberry
Frank Derryberry - 27 dager siden
Oh bad memories. "Quickly!"
Bree T
Bree T - 27 dager siden
My brother leaves for basic tomorrow. Any tips from veterans?
Roberto Lin
Roberto Lin - 27 dager siden
I realize that Chinese Navy doesn’t come close at all (even in their own propaganda) upon seeing this. They probably never have that kind of commitment and cause to fight for CCP.
average players
average players - 28 dager siden
28:38 am I tripping or was he walking at parade rest.
Sophie Oronia
Sophie Oronia - 28 dager siden
My brothers is in boot camp rn😭
Glitch Malware
Glitch Malware - 28 dager siden
Sooooooo I'm guessing that the village people are in the barracks nextdoor.
Carlos songs with lyrics
Carlos songs with lyrics - 29 dager siden
Dah! Most hit wrong key . Aged you get there one day it way different now your in la la Land with the latest Technology. Blame me for my time . The advantages I have I've have over you young kids I lived it already sorry I 'am old now. I' am not embarrassed for correcting my Grammer. Just let you know . Old salt wore the T-shirt ball caps etc.
HAWK stringfellow
HAWK stringfellow - 29 dager siden
NAVY whoa ahhhhhh!!!!!!! I remember great lakes 1999 was when I went through great lakes.... was a man making experience
Money Makin101
Money Makin101 - 29 dager siden
Just 10 years ago navy bootcamp was so much harder...
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson - 29 dager siden
I work 24/7 lmao get on my level drill instructors. I'll drink you under the table while I'm coding and designing and still wake up @ 3 am ready to work out.