Billie Eilish - my future

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Directed by:
Andrew Onorato
Produced by:
Chop Studio
Alex Dray
Andrew Onorato
Annie Zhao
Cliona Noonan
Ian Ballantyne
João Monteiro
Josh Trotter
Keith Kavanagh
Maddie Brewer
Nancy Li
Sarah Schmidt
Sean Anderson
Genesis Magat
Rick Sweden
Jarrod Prince
Andrew Onorato
Adam Henderson
Shane Dering
Music video by Billie Eilish performing my future. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records
Runtime: 3:50


Suelen Chagas
Suelen Chagas - Time siden
Te amo
gabbyl._diaz - Time siden
Billie i Don’t know how you do it but you have just created another beautiful song that had so much meaning to all of us we love you billie ai absolutely love this song ❤️
Bob Snot
Bob Snot - Time siden
Alice Evellyn
Alice Evellyn - Time siden
TMYK - Time siden
How the actual eff does she sing like that...?
Check my cover out :)
mark Jackson
mark Jackson - Time siden
Jesus, my wife just asked me to turn it to Taylor Swift 🤦
Depressed - Time siden
ahhh i love this songgg 🖤🥀😭😭
Lu Blinkツ
Lu Blinkツ - 2 timer siden
Elvia Zapata
Elvia Zapata - 2 timer siden
Jowayreya Ali
Jowayreya Ali - 2 timer siden
Just wanted to let y’all know I was here before tik tok Ik that no asked but just wanted to put it out there before tik tok takes this beautiful song ✨
TheRiza1000 - 2 timer siden
Mm cover a Winehouse song please
Fausto Ocampos
Fausto Ocampos - 2 timer siden
Can we do the comment with more likes in youtube
Sofía Calabia
Sofía Calabia - 2 timer siden
I love You Billie 💗
jamie bates
jamie bates - 2 timer siden
you would have to drive me home i would be so wasted
Terraria Guides
Terraria Guides - 2 timer siden
سباركي SPARKY
سباركي SPARKY - 2 timer siden
Addab Fikri
Addab Fikri - 2 timer siden
Me encanta esta canción es increíble.. Quien entiende español (like)
jamie bates
jamie bates - 2 timer siden
cool cartoon
Juan David
Juan David - 2 timer siden
Amo esta canción.
Mina Gerges Gerges
Mina Gerges Gerges - 2 timer siden
واوووو يجد تحفه ⁦❤️⁩🥺
Aaliya LaGrone
Aaliya LaGrone - 2 timer siden
my god the drift between the soft background to the beat coming combined with her voice is everything
Rod Allredd
Rod Allredd - 2 timer siden
Love it Billie
Rock with me yall
Agus Morel
Agus Morel - 2 timer siden
Brian Garcia Hernandez
Brian Garcia Hernandez - 2 timer siden
wow! this was really awesome! I love the anime as well!! Gave me Steven Universe vibes 🤣
eLLe Booggie
eLLe Booggie - 2 timer siden
Brian Garcia Hernandez ✊🙌
noriluv - 2 timer siden
I’m getting Rebecca Sugar vibes ~
Howdy_Buster - 2 timer siden
Chill out guys its just words

( Joke )
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya - 2 timer siden
Billies songs are so good she is soooo amazing and her vocals are heavenly!! She inspires me so much❤💖❤💖😁😁
mitagens play
mitagens play - 2 timer siden
Billie eilish tem q vir ao Brasil ano q vem vou fazer de pra mim ir
mauricio Oliveira
mauricio Oliveira - 2 timer siden
Antony-grossi Antony
Antony-grossi Antony - 2 timer siden
Da Moment
Da Moment - 2 timer siden
Her best jumping captions in one video
jajsjcjhejjbwnekdid kskkdkkeksks
♡Un ángel me canta♡
Aswin Jose
Aswin Jose - 2 timer siden
Chill beats animation
josefina horisberger
josefina horisberger - 2 timer siden
You're amazing Billie!! i love you so much!!!
Tania Cardenas
Tania Cardenas - 2 timer siden
She sings so good bro 😭
Chicken Wing U-U
Chicken Wing U-U - 2 timer siden
Karen Fuentes
Karen Fuentes - 2 timer siden
Que asqueroso
GC Shabe
GC Shabe - 2 timer siden
This absolutely amazing!! Please do more like this. Peace!
꧁༒CR11_oficial roblox༒꧂
this reminds me of the animation of the song bad of xxxtentacion 🥺🥺🥺🥺😔😔😔😔😔
Haley Walker
Haley Walker - 2 timer siden
I hope my daughter views love the way you do.
Sharmia Liew
Sharmia Liew - 2 timer siden
here before tiktok
Euliny Mota
Euliny Mota - 2 timer siden
I was depressed for over 2 years, but now I realize that I can relate to this song, it makes me feel finale in peace. I'm more than curious about my future, I'm in love with who I can be
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali - 2 timer siden
First time hearing Billie Eilish, can confirm she sings as bad as she looks.
{cookie rookie}
{cookie rookie} - 2 timer siden
I saw this on the news and i was like:
*i need to watch it*
itsniqq _
itsniqq _ - 2 timer siden
Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we may have eternal life!!!! Spread the good news!!!✝️💕 REPENT from your sins!!
myescape - 2 timer siden
בן פריינד
בן פריינד - 2 timer siden
2,731,670 לייקים 65,176 אנלייק אני הבעל של אלה לי להב
Farida Elanany
Farida Elanany - 2 timer siden
This song is 100 hundred percent relatable ,Billie I love your songs ,they are unique and have a serious content that hype me up.I suppose you are the best artist so far for your content AND your voice girl it's another story.I'm impressed,please keep up with this good songs,love youuuu.(ib )And you haters if you don't have anything good to do ,then don't do anything,we have so much problems in this the word,it's only getting worse with you ,so kindly stop.
If you like what I said .click the like buttom,i would appreciate it .thank you
Cristina Chavez
Cristina Chavez - 2 timer siden
Okay I literally just cried after the first verse because of how beautiful EVERY aspect was. This speaks to my soul ❤️
CHRISTIAN BERNARD - 3 timer siden
Damn YouTube’s getting comfortable making some adds not able to skip
Dracula - 3 timer siden
I don't man tiktok derserve to ban.. They ruined a lot of beautiful songs
Hobby_Los TV
Hobby_Los TV - 3 timer siden
came here from albert
Amira Eskandarlou
Amira Eskandarlou - 3 timer siden
I live in the woods too, so this video hits home.
Cute Yorkie
Cute Yorkie - 3 timer siden
☆🐝 в𝒾ĻLⓘ𝐄 𝒆𝓲ᒪ𝐢Ŝ𝓱 👽♧
Ceptom - 3 timer siden
Steven universe vibes
Mohamed Emad
Mohamed Emad - 3 timer siden
You my love
Kaijah Offical
Kaijah Offical - 3 timer siden
tiktok has the sound now ..
Jade Hewett
Jade Hewett - 3 timer siden
I've already started writing songs, and I'm only 10. If any other young people think they're to young to write songs, think again. Billie started when she was thirteen. Now that's young. Remember, anyone can become famous at any age. I hope this comment inspires you to start doing that if you wish to. - Amelia Jade, future singer name
Sandy Lerelele
Sandy Lerelele - 3 timer siden
I love Billie Eilish but this song don't makes me feel like others
French Fries
French Fries - 3 timer siden
uli u
uli u - 2 timer siden
Nil Rodriguez
Nil Rodriguez - 3 timer siden
Rachel Is Odd
Rachel Is Odd - 3 timer siden
In the beginning where she sings I'm not coming home I almost cried. I left my abusive father a month ago...he just wasn't meant to be apart of my future and the love I've found for life since leaving.
Camila Medrano
Camila Medrano - 3 timer siden
i love you
bubbles ghoga
bubbles ghoga - 3 timer siden
I love you Billie, you are enough! ❤️
Larii loba fofah
Larii loba fofah - 3 timer siden
I love you you are wonderful my favorite singer unfortunately I am not from Brazil I am from Fortaleza Fortaleza, hehe 😅 more know that I love you and will always be my singer I would prefer your beautiful I am an avocado 💚💚💚
Larii loba fofah
Larii loba fofah - 3 timer siden
@Jade Hewett 😍
Jade Hewett
Jade Hewett - 3 timer siden
@Larii loba fofahI love her too!!
Larii loba fofah
Larii loba fofah - 3 timer siden
Larii loba fofah
Larii loba fofah - 3 timer siden
Larii loba fofah
Larii loba fofah - 3 timer siden
If I said anything wrong, forgive me because I translate hehe 😅
Jessica Wagner
Jessica Wagner - 3 timer siden
Love this!
Bouchra Hanine
Bouchra Hanine - 3 timer siden
Billie eilish music just transport me to another world. 🌍🎧🎼
Julia Broussard
Julia Broussard - 3 timer siden
haha sapo
Konings François
Konings François - 3 timer siden
Billie Eilish saving 2020 all by herself 💚
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine - 3 timer siden
Pov: you here from tiktok
Glitched Legend
Glitched Legend - 3 timer siden
No just no
El Santi
El Santi - 3 timer siden
who is better
like: Billie
comment: Billie
breathe: Billie
blink: Billie
be alive: Billie
Glitched Legend
Glitched Legend - 3 timer siden
Stop there can be better people than Billie
شيم محمد
شيم محمد - 3 timer siden
أشياء تافه تحصل ملاين المشاهدات
It’s Sara
It’s Sara - 3 timer siden
this song is amazing, wait till tiktok finds it and ruins it.
Lu’ - 3 timer siden
I’m here before tik Tok!❤️✌️👁👄👁✨
foxydafoxdude - 3 timer siden
_Why was this a card on Weird Al's Party in the CIA?_
arshia tataloo
arshia tataloo - 3 timer siden
Wow عالی بود بلخره یه اهنگ دیگه👌👌
Nehir Çağlayan
Nehir Çağlayan - 3 timer siden
this is just talent dude
Maria Oliveira
Maria Oliveira - 3 timer siden
Eu te amo, billie
Andriyel Rosa
Andriyel Rosa - 3 timer siden
Sim não tem nenhum br nós comentários
Nasty Cactus
Nasty Cactus - 3 timer siden
I feel like this song would be played in a light hallmark movie
Shawn - 3 timer siden
something about this giving me amy whinehouse vibes and i love it
q u e e n
q u e e n - 3 timer siden
Eres la mejor
Speedy Gonzalez
Speedy Gonzalez - 3 timer siden
Why is she whispering?
Clover Cage
Clover Cage - 3 timer siden
Life was so different when this came out.. God bless everyone. Better days are coming..
Rogerthecat - 2 timer siden
What’s was so different a week ago
namjoons lost airpods
namjoons lost airpods - 3 timer siden
I always come back to check the song, yah know ;)
Galaxy Vortex
Galaxy Vortex - 3 timer siden
I love the animation and drawings! And, her voice is so pretty!
teaxeditz - 2 timer siden
But these drawings is the worst xD
Rebecca Haas
Rebecca Haas - 3 timer siden
I think this song is boring...
teaxeditz - 2 timer siden
uli u
uli u - 3 timer siden
uli u
uli u - 3 timer siden
Doge The Meme
Doge The Meme - 3 timer siden
13-14 year girls be like:
BillieEielish - God of depresion
XXXTENTACION - Two kinds God of depresion vs the criminal Rapper with the YuNg BrAtZ
Brichu_123 Garcia
Brichu_123 Garcia - 3 timer siden
Edwar Ticona
Edwar Ticona - 3 timer siden
Aca desde Perú el único que no escribe en ingles pero igual amo la música de billie
星. 花.
星. 花. - 3 timer siden
I accidentally clicked and now I'm in love with this song
The Random Show
The Random Show - 3 timer siden
I'll turn this to lofi if my comment gets 12 likes .
yassmin yassmin
yassmin yassmin - 4 timer siden
Wow nice 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Kyera Tipper
Kyera Tipper - 4 timer siden
I love how Billie is just like her own genre of music. She can write, she can sing, she can dance, she is so fun and relatable. Her voice is sooooo angelic too
Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans - Time siden
@Kyera Tipper you're* and I never said I wasn't a fan.
Kyera Tipper
Kyera Tipper - 2 timer siden
@Clash of Clans My bad if I want to just put something out there and say how amazing she is. Oh well if your not a Billie Eilish fan or if you just don't like her music. You can go ahead and keep your rude comment to yourself. I never asked for your rude comment. I never offended you in any way unless you're offended by me complimenting her. Obviously your just bored and looking for trouble. How about you go and do something productive and stop trying to make people mad or ruin their day.
Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans - 2 timer siden
@Kyera Tipper yet, here we are.
Kyera Tipper
Kyera Tipper - 2 timer siden
@Clash of Clans i never rlly asked for your opinion
Rogerthecat - 2 timer siden
Clash of Clans word
marta - 4 timer siden
Her voice is so sweet
*_TxkyoDaDxggo_* :o
*_TxkyoDaDxggo_* :o - 4 timer siden
*_TxkyoDaDxggo_* :o
*_TxkyoDaDxggo_* :o - 4 timer siden
I love you Billie!Your singing blows my mind and every time I’m sad I listen to your music!❤️
Yamilah Hamideh Muller
Yamilah Hamideh Muller - 4 timer siden
I just saw her interview for Vanity Fair 2017 vs 2018 and now I saw this ... man my heart breaks for her.
Kyera Tipper
Kyera Tipper - 4 timer siden
I swear if tik tok tries to ruin the master peice