Arnold Schwarzenegger This Speech Broke The Internet AND Most Inspiring Speech- It Changed My Life.

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Hello and open this! 👎
Arnold Schwarzenegger tells his secret 6 rules of success. This was an amazing motivation video and speech that was released during 2019. Many people can take inspiration from this video. These are highlights of a full one hour speech. Sometimes Schwarzenegger has 5 rules of success or 9 rules of success.
This video takes inspiration from DoubleHike, Goalcast, Richard Bennet, Motivation Madness, Chispa Motivation, Mulligan Brothers, AlexKatMotivation, Goal Quest, and Rainer Heimann.
People watching this video can use this video for motivation, to succeed in life, and make more money.
Schwarzenegger was known to be the most successful body-building champion, highest paid actor, and governor of California.
The information mentioned in the video is not talked about in schools.
Schwarzenegger was known to be a character in Mortal Kombat 11 which is also on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
Schwarzenegger sometimes has 9 rules of success, used these rules throughout his whole life, used these rules to create, and act in the movie "Terminator 6 Dark Fate".
People can use this video for inspiration in bodybuilding.
The NOburnr Connor Murphy, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Sylvester Stallone take inspiration and many more people take inspiration from Schwarzenegger.
The mindset of a champion is very important to succeed.
"Alpha Leaders Productions or "Andrew DC TV" produced this video.
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Alpha Leaders Productions
Alpha Leaders Productions - 10 måneder siden
This is Arnold Schwarzenegger's Rules of Success:
1) Have goals, purpose, and visions.
2) Don't listen to the naysayers or doubters.
3) We have to work our ass off and advertise.
4) Don't have a backup plan. We function better if there is no safety net.
5) Never doubt yourselves.
6) Everyone fails and losers stay down. To be a winner we have to fail, we have to never be afraid of failing, we have to never stay down, and we have to get up continuously.
7) Being relaxed and giving it everything we have is the best way to perform.
8) Help out others and give back to the world.
Francisco José Diaz Quintero
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Waldzwölfe - Dag siden
Also say no to Îslam. Prophet Mohammad was a pedôphile and a hâtefilled massmûrderer. And the Korân teaches hate. F°ck all of you who refuse to recognize this.
CuRsE FrOsTz
CuRsE FrOsTz - Dag siden
P Sheldon
P Sheldon - Dag siden
Nice speech, who wrote it for him?
djmonei - Dag siden
Imagine military carrying out operations without backup plans. :D
Mattias Karlsson
Mattias Karlsson - 12 timer siden
cant say more : im touced and moved.. and i know Arnold have not been having everyting layed out of him !! Amazing speach !!!
Johnny Walker
Johnny Walker - 12 timer siden
I know it's an awful cliche, but happiness isn't a destination. That's just a fact. So don't believe that working your ass off and finally reaching a an impossible goal is going to make you happy. It isn't. I'm not saying never try to achieve anything, or don't chase your dreams. Do all those things, but just do them with your eyes open. Enjoy the journey.
J D - 12 timer siden
That subtitle is embarrassingly wrong 😡
Wesley G
Wesley G - 13 timer siden
He's part God
Wesley G
Wesley G - 13 timer siden
He's seriously the closest God we have an earth. Never have witnessed anyone as successful in every thing he does.
Doc Krypto
Doc Krypto - 13 timer siden
5:17 - "I'm a strong believer of what Nelson Madela said, that everything is always impossible, until someone does it! Well I''m gonna be the one that say to myself, I'm gonna do it and I gonna show it to them!! Maybe it is never been done before, that's perfectly fine with me BUT I am gonna do it! And I did NOT LISTEN TO THE NEYSAYERS!!! " - every time the fuckin' goosebumps!!
Tails Doll
Tails Doll - 13 timer siden
I am a loser
ismail bh
ismail bh - 14 timer siden
Every single fail is your experience ...
Nso Nation
Nso Nation - 15 timer siden
Wow this is an awesome video
Doc Krypto
Doc Krypto - 16 timer siden
Absolutely fuckin amazin'
Hyla Van Deventer
Hyla Van Deventer - 16 timer siden
Luv the cowboy bòots.
Chris Winter
Chris Winter - 17 timer siden
I wonder if Arnie is aware of survivor bias. I don't think he is. There are many people that need their plan B. The ones that don't either come from privilege or they are lucky. Again, survivor bias. Look it up.
In fact, behavioural science has long proven that having a functional fallback (like a social welfare state, subsidies, etc) will make people perform better at plan A. The point is to construct a society that facilitates getting up so people don't need to be afraid to fall on the way.
As Obama put it: You did not build that business by yourself. You had a network, functional infrastructure, an educational system and possibly some investors to help you along. Or you came from privilege.
So it's good to have a goal. It's good to be efficient. But one must have the notion that one can fall back on something. These are the people that helped the man. Please also be aware there are immigrants nobody wants to help. The ones that work for 15 hours a day picking your walnuts and cleaning your toilets. The invisible ones, the ones that get put down by the rest of you.
Treat your cleaner, waiter, fruit picker or gardener well and with respect, that would be a good takeaway.
SeagreenSpiral - 18 timer siden
3 weeks after watching this, I have started acting now.
personal commitment
personal commitment - 19 timer siden
Hello, i try to help others. here is my video to initiate a personal commitment with ourselves:
Have a nice day.
Kenny Galvan
Kenny Galvan - 20 timer siden
thank you for this video today is August 4, 2020 - Ill be back here to comment after 3 years, succesful in the area that i want.
Greg Eales
Greg Eales - 20 timer siden
Let's face it, the internet was already broken
Ritik vevo
Ritik vevo - 21 time siden
My salute to the legend🖖🖖🖖
Geraldine Stroud
Geraldine Stroud - 22 timer siden
Asterix X
Asterix X - 23 timer siden
Honestly - this is so much BS. I just want to puke while listening to this.
Ike - Dag siden
I have a vision. I want to be an astronaut and go to Moon or Mars!
At the age of 43 maybe I will fly to Europe instead...
Aames Hecate
Aames Hecate - Dag siden
This stupid fuckin' piece of shit speech didn't brake the internet you moron. Arnold's whole story is mostly bullshit and it's easy to play hotshot with 300 million in the bank. He was a millionaire before his fuckin' ass even touched down on American soil. Not that hard to achieve success with millions backing whatever you do. These frauds never tell you that. You got a dollar in the bank, no family, no connections, no help, sure just follow your dreams and you'll be successful. Fuck that. The world is full of homeless who busted their ass and got no where because they got no help and no real opportunities. Look beyond the propaganda and media machine behind these celebs and you'll see how many breaks and how much help they got to get where they are. Miracles only happen in the movies.
Ahmed B
Ahmed B - Dag siden
I hope everyone here achieves their gorls!
Rudolf de Lang
Rudolf de Lang - Dag siden
Arnold SchwarzeSnickers
Eclat Jarah
Eclat Jarah - Dag siden
Lee Fatt Choon
Lee Fatt Choon - Dag siden
Follow your Dream and don listen to negative people!
Deitox Whitebeard
Deitox Whitebeard - Dag siden
Giving this a thumbs down not because it wasn't a good speech, but because the title way over sold it.
Soo Boese
Soo Boese - Dag siden
Wow arni sounds like my grandfather exactly the same the difference between the two is Arnold is a Austrian and Heinz my grandpa was a German but the message is never give up your dream work for it and if you fall get up use you leg to stand up use you hands to grab a new chance use your teeth and bite your enemies. Fear is a shity friend but a friend that will challenge you. Never give up on yourself
Zombiecraft - Dag siden
those boots though
Steve Maher
Steve Maher - Dag siden
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Zher GOLD - Dag siden
Michael - Dag siden
Rule number 10: Take steroids
Asterix X
Asterix X - 23 timer siden
Yes, that for sure helped Arnold achieving his goals.
Michael - Dag siden
maybe his life would've been better if he listened to his parents
MegaasAlexandros - 13 timer siden
@Michael i thought that is what you are refering to. It is unfortunate that in modern times this has become normal and that loyalty to all (friends, family, Work place, sporting club etc etc) is in a huge decline.
Michael - 15 timer siden
@MegaasAlexandros He's a divorced cheater who basically ruined his family
MegaasAlexandros - 16 timer siden
How so ?
Sam Saadat
Sam Saadat - Dag siden
This is the best advice ever
Stephen j
Stephen j - Dag siden
still no money really in just body building, it’s like sema/auto salon for people
Mark L
Mark L - Dag siden
pushing capitalism the only way he can these days, should have stayed in the gym and stfu
Aimee U.
Aimee U. - Dag siden
finally,i hit on beautiful words of the Governor! lol yu r super genius
Darwin Ong
Darwin Ong - Dag siden
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Negative F
Negative F - Dag siden
just sleep faster is such a dumb statement... your body needs sleep to recover
james beerens
james beerens - Dag siden
Is it just me or does Arnold Schwarzenegger seem like a very self-absorbed douchebag who has not the morals or the Integrity to give anyone any advice. I'm just saying
Marcelo Pais
Marcelo Pais - Dag siden
I just wanna say thank you Arnold Schwarzenegger 💪
Peaceful Mind
Peaceful Mind - Dag siden
3:14 I swear I feel my chest crushed from his face reaction lol
Vahan Good
Vahan Good - Dag siden
I sleep 9-10 hours... LOL
jUgO brdi
jUgO brdi - Dag siden
Mystique Myrrh
Mystique Myrrh - Dag siden
During is younger years he probably didn’t have time for dating or a serious relationship because he had a goal in life and didn’t want to half ass his life and dreams!! Sometimes a relationship can distract you in life!
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zarbog store - Dag siden
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Chief Crit
Chief Crit - Dag siden
I got myself a choppa after watching this.
laughy taffy
laughy taffy - Dag siden
Dang :/
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts - Dag siden
Cooky Monstr
Cooky Monstr - 2 dager siden
Imagine the world full of people with a vision. Everyone born for something unique, something special, something big. No farmers, no workers in the factory or anything like that. All highly motivated...
ozzy85Mpower - 2 dager siden
Arnolds brain is his strongest muscle
No tengo boca y debo gritar
No tengo boca y debo gritar - 2 dager siden
But, but, but I why can’t I just blame society for my problems?!?!?!
Asterix X
Asterix X - 23 timer siden
Of course you can. I do it all the time!
Ranga007 - 2 dager siden
Work hard in silence and let your success make the noise........
sashankkv - 2 dager siden
All rules of life in a nutshell..that's why he could become a Mr.Universe, Top actor and a top politican. Three great careers in one life and a legacy. WOW
0Beyonder0 - 2 dager siden
Am i the only who would prefer to not hear cheesy corny music in the back
rm8405 - 2 dager siden
No, you are not the only one.
Truth Keeper Films
Truth Keeper Films - 2 dager siden
Arnold is hated in Austria. Son to eugenicists, globalists. No thanks.
Truth Keeper Films
Truth Keeper Films - 2 dager siden
A speech by a scumbag eugenicist globalist.
Peter Nat
Peter Nat - 2 dager siden
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Atomic Litter Box
Atomic Litter Box - 2 dager siden
This may have been appropriate for the 90's but now the nation is crumbling under our feet - one of the problems being immigration.
Thanks anyway Arnold, now join the 20's.
Yeah Pete
Yeah Pete - Dag siden
@Atomic Litter Box Well if you were in the military, use your GI bill to get a free college education and join the middle class. You can be a pharmacist, dentist, nurse practitioner, an engineer, get into IT. Go to Thousands of jobs for veterans. You can even get government grants to start your own business.
Atomic Litter Box
Atomic Litter Box - Dag siden
@Yeah Pete - I was in the military, which is where I got clued into politics, the military/industrial complex, bankers wars, Wall Street and the economy. That was before our manufacturing base was shipped overseas, other telecommunications off-shored, computerization, tighter and tighter regulations, high inflation, high rents, stagnant pay and growth, mass immigration, shrinking opportunities and the advent of these dime store Anthony Robbins style pep talks. But hey, don't let me rain on your parade - just don't forget the clowns!
Yeah Pete
Yeah Pete - Dag siden
Their's never been more opportunity in this country. Just like Arnold says you lack vision and hard work. The military is the easiest path to riches if you don't squander it.