Ariana Grande - 34+35 (official video)

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The official “34+35” music video by Ariana Grande. Listen & download Positions (the album) here:
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Directed by Director X
Official “34+35” Lyrics:
You might think I’m crazy
The way I been craving
If I put it quite plainly
Just gimme them babies
So what you doing tonight?
Better say doing you right
Watching movies but we aint seen a thing tonight
I don’t wanna keep you up
But show me can you keep it up
‘Cause then I’ll have to keep you up
Shit maybe I’mma keep you up, boy
I been drinking coffee
And I been eating healthy
You know I keep it squeaky
Saving up my energy
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
You drink it just like water
You say it taste like candy
So what you doing tonight?
Better say doing you right
Watching movies but we aint seen a thing tonight
I don’t wanna keep you up
But show me can you keep it up
‘Cause then I’ll have to keep you up
Shit maybe I’mma keep you up, boy
I been drinking coffee
And I been eating healthy
You know I keep it squeaky
Saving up my energy
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Baby you might need a seatbelt when I ride it
I’mma leave it open like a door, come inside it
Even though I’m wifey you can hit it like a side chick
Don’t need no side dick, no
Got the neighbors yelling earthquake
4.5 when I make the bed shake
Put it down heavy even though it’s lightweight
Yeah we started at midnight
Go til the sunrise
Done at the same time
But who’s counting the time when we got it for life
I know all your favorite spots
We can take it from the top
You such a dream come true true
Make a bitch wanna hit snooze ooh
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Can you stay up all night
Fuck me til the daylight
34 35
Means I wanna 69 witcha
Aww shit
#ArianaGrande #positions
Music video by Ariana Grande performing 34+35. © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Runtime: 03:41


JÅŇİXXØWËŘ:P - 2 minutter siden
0:46 que dios te la pone /fortnite en la tele /tarifa del twitter .xdxd
JÅŇİXXØWËŘ:P - 4 minutter siden
0:36 que dios te la pone fortnite en la tele tarifa del twitter xdxd
Kevin James
Kevin James - 10 minutter siden
Crazy yuh uhu
ButterPecanMami1990 - 18 minutter siden
34+35 is 69 oooohhhhh Ariana you so nastyyyyyy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joseph Layman
Joseph Layman - 18 minutter siden
Can you stay up all night and watch Ari in how she on Netflix originals now😭❤️
Frog Enthusiast
Frog Enthusiast - 20 minutter siden
So we’re just NOT going to talk about how iconic Ariana is for having a gender fluid backup dancer is? Ok 😀☝️😐☝️
A D - 22 minutter siden
This song is over played on the radio Jesus
Fan of everything Single thing
Fan of everything Single thing - 25 minutter siden
I’m getting some Austin power vibes from this music vid
Qintan Putri
Qintan Putri - 30 minutter siden
The lyric and the music video is ..
Un Desconocido
Un Desconocido - 41 minutt siden
No les pasa que:
QuE dIoS tE lA pOnE
FoRtNiTe En La TeLe
TaRiFa De TwItTeR
Aelfy Max
Aelfy Max - 46 minutter siden
When i first heard this song i was so suprised never seen ariana be this h**ny before
Kenin josé reyes
Kenin josé reyes - Time siden
125M 🖤
30_Nurma Febriana
30_Nurma Febriana - Time siden
Aq kesini gegara ms namjoon wakawaka
Lê Quang Toàn
Lê Quang Toàn - Time siden
Hi am from vietnam
Queen Mohamed
Queen Mohamed - Time siden
My gurl ari made her music video on my birthday how unexpected totally didn’t listen to it 34 to 35 times😒
3 Blue_0_0_
3 Blue_0_0_ - Time siden
가사 모르고 들으면 그냥 좋은 팝송
Juliana Aleixo
Juliana Aleixo - Time siden
sincerely ariana grande and my favorite singer .... 💜
Carly And Leah
Carly And Leah - Time siden
one day ariana will you go live
Cristiian Mendoza
Cristiian Mendoza - Time siden
😷 Coronavirus
- Ariana grande : No shit sixtinig trchashi
Daniel Brotherton
Daniel Brotherton - Time siden
Mocha_gachas xX
Mocha_gachas xX - Time siden
Wow she really want sum babys
Celinden Diata
Celinden Diata - 2 timer siden
I went here bcos Namjoon mentioned that he was listening to this while exercising.
Infinite Power
Infinite Power - 2 timer siden
illuminati confirmed.
I don’t know Who i am anymore
Hahah the funny number 69
Lionel usuario
Lionel usuario - 2 timer siden
Marigamesplays - 2 timer siden
Que dios te lo pone
ajjajsjsjaja :v
amiguito - 2 timer siden
Yo:que Dios te la pone
Ashi Aku
Ashi Aku - 2 timer siden
I guarantee you this song was written by Doja.
DaRk Bluxy
DaRk Bluxy - 2 timer siden
Eww was that a drag queen
Marichu - 2 timer siden
damn namjoon listen to this while exercising? i think im going to faint
Tiana Vargas
Tiana Vargas - 2 timer siden
I love you love aryanna Gandhi
Isabel Ruiz
Isabel Ruiz - 2 timer siden
I like this
arwel bontilao
arwel bontilao - 2 timer siden
fifi ok
fifi ok - 3 timer siden
Que Dios te la pone fornite en la tele tarifa de twitter
Collin Morris
Collin Morris - 3 timer siden
If I had the chance, I would not hit. Just to say I turned it down.
Evan Macias
Evan Macias - 3 timer siden
2:21 si no saben inglés dise
Que dios te la pone
Fornite en la tele
Tarifa en el twitter
Toshita namdeo
Toshita namdeo - 3 timer siden
Nice song just ignore ly
Khanak Rao
Khanak Rao - 3 timer siden
0:59 is that zendaya!?
Allyson Marquez
Allyson Marquez - 3 timer siden
I miss Ariana grande You are not the same anymore 💔😡🥺
shroomimii - 3 timer siden
shroomimii - 3 timer siden
Dinda septika
Dinda septika - 3 timer siden
I became remember Namjoon
benjamin reynolds
benjamin reynolds - 3 timer siden
what happend to my old ariana
Tamica T
Tamica T - 3 timer siden
Yea🥺 I love the new one, but I miss the old ari
Vicky Anael
Vicky Anael - 3 timer siden
i came here straight from tiktok to check did she really made that dance for that song..
Arturo Escobar
Arturo Escobar - 3 timer siden
She’s the reason I want to be a singer
Mia Alvarez
Mia Alvarez - 3 timer siden
Jungkook right now: 👁👄👁
sanjeet yadav
sanjeet yadav - 3 timer siden
What the meaning of 34+35
R.E.M.Y Fashion
R.E.M.Y Fashion - 3 timer siden
Teacher: What is 34+35?
Me raising hand: ARIANA GRANDE
Teacher: Can you stay up all night~
Scarlett: Better be doin me right?

This happened at school today
Jamall Gaming
Jamall Gaming - 3 timer siden
POV you came from tiktok
Elianny Abreu
Elianny Abreu - 3 timer siden
How can you do that split i cant even do that but i can do a hannstand and a backbent and front flip
Kesha Raines
Kesha Raines - 3 timer siden
I like this. Song
Joelle Martin
Joelle Martin - 3 timer siden
NOT :[
Joelle Martin
Joelle Martin - 3 timer siden
ok ok ok ok ok i like it
albertcuh - 4 timer siden
tf is this music video
꽃.디아 - 4 timer siden
"means i wanna 69 with ya"
"nooooooooo shit"
maria estrella villa
maria estrella villa - 4 timer siden
I fond on tiktok and i thoth its you
Ilk siza
Ilk siza - 4 timer siden
Es mejor la canción de naruto cantando la canción de los bijus 😈👌
Alexis Lexi Life
Alexis Lexi Life - 4 timer siden
It’s hard to believe that’s 𝑪𝒂𝒕 from 𝑽𝒊𝒄𝒕𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒐𝒖𝒔
Joshua Beech-Maher
Joshua Beech-Maher - 4 timer siden
The scratch marks in your fanny imply that you do. Anything else you're being a hold out on?
Joshua Beech-Maher
Joshua Beech-Maher - 4 timer siden
I heard ariana grande tossed her egg salad. Is it true? Do you have time for this interview??
Davis TheGamingNerd
Davis TheGamingNerd - 4 timer siden
Bruh.. you can't talk to me like that! 😂😂😂
Riffat Thomas
Riffat Thomas - 4 timer siden
Malik too lit
Malik too lit - 4 timer siden
She sing sx song but u think its a joyfull song
Amber Bradfield
Amber Bradfield - 4 timer siden
Please tell me I'm not the only one that noticed the guy on the left. So funny!
Juancito - 5 timer siden
cynthias아미 - 5 timer siden
Decided to watch 2 days after namjoon's live :] jst to see what's he listening and heard "f*** me till the daylight" O.o leader with sexy brain i see
Kiara Bates
Kiara Bates - 5 timer siden
as much as i LOVE ari, they need to stop playing this on the radio bc there’s not that many swears, but like, they’d have to edit out like all the lyrics for me to be able to play it in front of my parents.. #strictparents🤯 i be switching it off so fast 😭
LAZARO - 5 timer siden
Stream "Side to Side" on Spotify. There is a short time to reach 1 billion.
Levania Katya Hutabarat
Levania Katya Hutabarat - 5 timer siden
Congrats to 3.4M likes
LAZARO - 5 timer siden
Original version = LIKE
Remix version = COMMENT
MIN GAMING - 5 timer siden
Namjooon..... 😳
Ariana Fan
Ariana Fan - 5 timer siden
I’d rather watch movies 👍
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha - 5 timer siden
Army community where y'all at?
Gab - 5 timer siden
Armynators be streamin
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha - 5 timer siden
I'm here after BTS members listen to this 🤣💜
Jessica Tuiletufuga
Jessica Tuiletufuga - 5 timer siden
Who actually solved the math problem after weeks of not actually knowing what the answer is lol
Y / N
Y / N - 5 timer siden
Ariana's children in the future: 👁️👄👁️mom, you were a badass tho-
Lara Min
Lara Min - 6 timer siden
angie’s world
angie’s world - 6 timer siden
i love her hair for the since part ima make my hair like this since i have bangs ajd i dont want them anymore 😍😍😍
Blanca García
Blanca García - 6 timer siden
Yo al ponerle atención a la letra de la canción: 👁👄👁... QUEDÉ‼️
Xx RACER xX - 6 timer siden
@6ix9ine lovers ?
Jose Gantes
Jose Gantes - 6 timer siden
Tik Tok!
Nevaeh Reynosa
Nevaeh Reynosa - 6 timer siden
Monica Coxcahua
Monica Coxcahua - 6 timer siden
I love you!!!!
Francis Herrera
Francis Herrera - 6 timer siden
Ariana You cientific
Gabriel fornite:v Rolda
Gabriel fornite:v Rolda - 6 timer siden
que dios te la pone nashii
Emmi Medina
Emmi Medina - 6 timer siden
Did we really need to make freaking music videos durning a globle pandemic?
Vianey Rdgz
Vianey Rdgz - 5 timer siden
Erika de Carvalho Vieira
Erika de Carvalho Vieira - 6 timer siden
Linda você
romina caballero
romina caballero - 6 timer siden
Lightning Shock437
Lightning Shock437 - 7 timer siden
To Ariana u gone savage saying f*** me till the daylight like sheeeeeesh
Jake Spies
Jake Spies - 7 timer siden
I am the only Christian who wishes they did not do the math?
Ellysa J !
Ellysa J ! - 7 timer siden
if you’re listening to this in 2021 admist all the bad stuff and horrible things happening, you’re an actual legend
Ioana Vasiliu
Ioana Vasiliu - 7 timer siden
Ariana grande I love all of your songs
The 100
The 100 - 7 timer siden
The 100
The 100 - 7 timer siden
The 100
The 100 - 7 timer siden
I love you
The 100
The 100 - 7 timer siden
Just give me them baby's
Daniel Brotherton
Daniel Brotherton - 7 timer siden
She was my first celeb crush
SG javi
SG javi - 7 timer siden
Does anyone remember when ariana grande had a acting career before music
Doris Trammell
Doris Trammell - 7 timer siden