Apple iPhone 12 Lineup Reactions!

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iPhone 12 Reactions. iPhone 12 Mini thoughts. And iPhone 12 Pro facts. MagSafe is back!
That shirt!
5G Explained:
On the iPhone with no Charger:
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0:47 HomePod Mini
2:36 iPhone 12
10:10 iPhone 12 Mini
10:56 iPhone 12 Pros
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Eric Chau
Eric Chau - 3 timer siden
Saving environment:
Also me: buys 1 box of EarPods and one box of with charger. Totally environment friendlly.
QuakeHD - 3 timer siden
not sure whether or not to get the iphone 12 pro or 12 pro max... pocketability vs. battery
Keba Jobe
Keba Jobe - 3 timer siden
Oh hell no!
SuperJohnnyuk - 4 timer siden
one of the best unboxing video - love the attention to details and in-depth coverage
chrishewittpiano - 5 timer siden
Amazing video, Marques! Love it.
keith jenny Brooks
keith jenny Brooks - 5 timer siden
All thanks go to *wereytoolz* for hèlping me unlocked my iPhone 11 pro max pérmãnëntly, He's thê bēst *100%* ❤
Krishoth Srithar
Krishoth Srithar - 5 timer siden
I love l Phone 12 pro course of my financial issues still i am using I phone 6 😭😭😭
Jessie Wald Photo
Jessie Wald Photo - 6 timer siden
You forgot about sensor size of pro max
David Miller
David Miller - 6 timer siden
Good information on the iPhone 12.
Santiago perez cuervo
Santiago perez cuervo - 6 timer siden
when are u talking about the iphone 12 not havong a charger?? i tought you said ut was ridiculous
Ravanan 47
Ravanan 47 - 7 timer siden
pOWder.40 - 7 timer siden
iphone 13 : buy your screen separately ... we are so green ...
MR Tech Tutorial
MR Tech Tutorial - 8 timer siden
বন্ধু ভাল ভিডিও করলা! I like it. Thanks!!
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh - 8 timer siden
I was having a hard time choosing between the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. I guess the extra features on the Pro I can live without. I just wished that Apple would make 128GB the base model and 512GB the top teir for the iPhone 12 like they have done with the Pro models.
Venom707 - 9 timer siden
Baisicly your paying for the NAME. The actual phone is Garbage, compare half the price phones out there that do More then what apple offers.
Zadean Robinson
Zadean Robinson - 9 timer siden
This is why the company can afford to keep these phones within the $1000.00 price mark. Ditch the chargers and earphones.
Filipe Frade
Filipe Frade - 9 timer siden
Thank you for formatting this video extra wide. Wide enough so I don’t see the notch on my iPhone XS.
I’m curious, what ratio did you end up with?
Honestly I’m looking towards the Mini and the Pro Max. I’m torn!
SunBurnt - 10 timer siden
Thanks for the quick update!
Needed some Tech Specs
Jake Hicock
Jake Hicock - 10 timer siden
Bruh I thought apple was about innovation but it’s the same phone but with a new screen and magnet
D r a c h n e m
D r a c h n e m - 10 timer siden
While I think iPhones are junk, I still love your approach to videos and content and will keep coming back. Thanks MKBHD!
D r a c h n e m
D r a c h n e m - 10 timer siden
last phone they dropped that was impressive, was the 4.
Notch, Notch, Notch for me. You fanboys will still eat it up I am sure, some people are ok with mediocre. Which is what you are buying if you get this.
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod - 11 timer siden
mini pro?
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod - 11 timer siden
no 5G in Canada....
Riley's YouTube Profile.
Riley's YouTube Profile. - 11 timer siden
I hear a lot of the Air conditioner in the video.
Yichen Wu
Yichen Wu - 11 timer siden
Wow I forgot about pro raw format
marco hiketen
marco hiketen - 12 timer siden
Watching this on my durable iPhone 7.
Researcher Researching Research
Personally wouldn't be surprised if Apple just removed the plug/cable in the near future and used environment as their reason again.
Mark Rids
Mark Rids - 12 timer siden
A 4 trillion company does a statistic research before releasing smth. Everybody loved this design/idea and it showed with their new ipads. Now about the "missing" stuff, you know damn well every other single company is going to adopt that as they always do(headphone j, airpods etc).
Jens Christian Kaltoft
Jens Christian Kaltoft - 12 timer siden
I’m going to skip the iPhone 12, it’s probably the dumbest upgrade ever. Yey you get 5G, and so what? I have never wished more speed - coverage it’s much more important.
Michal Skalski
Michal Skalski - 12 timer siden
The most "new" feature of the iphone has to be the name
Dawn P
Dawn P - 13 timer siden
Pro max for me.
S Df
S Df - 13 timer siden
The Stockholm Syndrome is strong in this one
Thickok 45
Thickok 45 - 13 timer siden
They're going back 5 years with the design. Absolutely hideous.
Josiah John
Josiah John - 13 timer siden
Hot Take: Marques is starting to like black less and less
NomadicCleric - 14 timer siden
I feel like there's a male-clothing bias in a lot of these reviews XD "a reason for an iPhone mini" - how about fitting in your pocket????? :D
Cassie - 14 timer siden
“No power brick included” so apple assumes that most consumers have a brick with a usb c port???
F0RMiD Z - 15 timer siden
All I know is my dad is DEFINITELY not buying me this
Beats x
Beats x - 15 timer siden
great video, but there's a clicking and hissing sound in the Video ☹️
ZeRo GaMiNg
ZeRo GaMiNg - 15 timer siden
Is anything about the battery
Max Hill
Max Hill - 15 timer siden
Cassie - 14 timer siden
lineup. It's not to make the product better for the consumer, it's to make the product better for apple making more money.
YeahBoiii - 16 timer siden
Iphone 12 mini or 11 pro max? 100 dollar plus for the pro max
GamebarZ Highlights
GamebarZ Highlights - 16 timer siden
3:50 know MOST people trade up. If they didn't most carriers and top phone producers would fold if they didn't
OddCarlane - 17 timer siden
When did he get a Jet engine?
Pedro Ivo Tonini Risolia Barbosa
I was gonna get the 12 and leave the Galaxy S20 behind, but I was expecting more tbh. Not sure I'm gonna take the leap.
Timké Bienda
Timké Bienda - 17 timer siden
Pacific Blue. Get it right 🤨🤠
Agnieszka Kotulska
Agnieszka Kotulska - 17 timer siden
All Apple customers are id....ts! simple as......
Gee Bee
Gee Bee - 18 timer siden
I love when corporations go ‘green’! This is innovative from a top tier company! Revolutionary! I’m buying one ASAP! I know, I know...the exploitation of poor black and brown kids, risking their lives mining for pennies for the core components, and the poor Chinese workers who toil for inhuman hours mind-numbingly assembling this beautiful piece of tech is slightly depressing, and inconvienent ! But I’m vegan, and eat only organic, and I guess this cancels out their plight! GO APPLE!
juju bone
juju bone - 18 timer siden
percy figueroa
percy figueroa - 18 timer siden
1:25 So funny
Archit Sareen
Archit Sareen - 19 timer siden
At this point Apple is just collecting all of your XR, XS, 11, 12 money to make a notch less, port less, high refresh rate, super expensive iPhone 13 Pro and call it revolutionary.
jamaludeen ibrahim
jamaludeen ibrahim - 19 timer siden
my question to u is what is the difference between 12 and 11 about the performance
PunchNugget - 19 timer siden
another great video
Sammy Fuentes
Sammy Fuentes - 19 timer siden
Hi man I will like you to talk about the new MacBook Air 2020 problem the don’t charge . And Apple won’t do anything about it. Can you talk about that . Please .
Pibbles 'n Bits
Pibbles 'n Bits - 19 timer siden
I can see it now! Ceramic shield! It will break less often when you drop it, but when you need it fixed, it will cost 8 times as much and only Apple can fix it. No third party can replace your ceramic shield screens because it is proprietary tech to Apple that no one else knows how to make. This is exactly why apple offered it across the whole Iphone 12 lineup. It's not to make the product better for the consumer, it's to make the product better for apple making more money.
Jayden Dickson
Jayden Dickson - 19 timer siden
14:36 120hz display is noticeable though. While it isn’t a necessity I’m still bummed it’s not included.
RoXic - 20 timer siden
I just need your 2 minutes.. please check my videos.. I am hardcore PUBG Mobile eSports player and not getting enough subscribers, views and likes. Please check it, it would be a great favor
Kemar Roberts
Kemar Roberts - 20 timer siden
Apple didn’t remove the charger, they raised their prices. Expect other companies to follow suit.
Hazel America
Hazel America - 20 timer siden
The green looks great but too bad I bought the 11 pro Max in feb
Wali khello
Wali khello - 20 timer siden
Pleas dont show us your self, show the phone
Aaron Murgatroyd
Aaron Murgatroyd - 20 timer siden
The thing I hate about Siri is that if it is not programmed to answer a specific question all it does is a web search then makes you read it, where as Google will read you the answer from the website in 99% of cases, for this reason alone Siri is no where near as useful as Google, so we bought a Google Home Max instead, way better! And it supports Spotify integration.
ma jid
ma jid - 20 timer siden
There's wierd sounds in the background
BaBa YaGa
BaBa YaGa - 21 time siden
Whats gonna be the difference of videography between 12pro bs 12pro max?
ZoLayZz - 21 time siden
name model of that camera 0:57
Christian Torres
Christian Torres - 21 time siden
It's unbelievable how every occidental review and some apple fan boy from other places ignore the shit that new iPhone are now
Darius Kazee
Darius Kazee - 21 time siden
Hmm think I might stay with my black s20 ultra
Michelle M
Michelle M - 21 time siden
Dude, eco friendly? Really? They could’ve just donate the % of their profit earn if they do really care about it, they could just use environmental degradable cartons without plastic wrapping around it if they do want to, rather than not giving the consumers a freaking charger & ear pod. I’d rather they increase the price for the whole set rather than this bullshit about environmental friendly crap. They just wanna increase their gadget sales, smaller cartons for freight to maintain the cost for logistic, timing and manage their supplier chains that they don’t need to wait for the charger and stuff before packing them into a box. Totally disgusted
Caboneski2 - 22 timer siden
I will walk around town with my iPhone 12...jk, it's just my old broken iPhone 5..hey at least I can pretend I can own a iPhone 12
Alexie P
Alexie P - 23 timer siden
Marques, the reason why they implemented Dolby Vision and all that fancy camera stuff into the pro max is because the iPhone is without a doubt THE most popular camera in the world. We all know this. High refresh rates is nice but that Dolby witchcraft is next level stuff. Now the videos I take when I’m traveling are going to look absolutely stunning. And when I go to post them on social media ? It’s going to look stunning as well. Because as we all know, android pictures uploaded onto social media sites ( when a video or picture you take actually matters ) looks bootleg and all weird, grainy, pixelated and the quality is just not there.
Dolby vision is huge. I can bet you any money that Samsung is probably throwing an unholy amount of money at Dolby to also let them use their tech on their next galaxy device.
I’d rather have better cameras than a refresh rate. But that’s just me.
Kennedy Gee
Kennedy Gee - 23 timer siden
I really like the iphone se
Bharath Abhi
Bharath Abhi - 23 timer siden
Where's 120 hz??
MADBONE - 23 timer siden
Armando cossa
Armando cossa - 23 timer siden
By the time I will be able to afford this 5g will be out there 😹😹
Kunal - 23 timer siden
is anyone facing issues with iphone 11pro battery? Mine reduced to 89% within 10 months ... How is that possible?
MADBONE - 23 timer siden
*cries in Australian*
Daniel Kuo
Daniel Kuo - 23 timer siden
What iPhone case are you using?
pantonix fay
pantonix fay - 23 timer siden
Rashid Malik
Rashid Malik - 23 timer siden
Apple is fare away from Huawei , samsung or Redmi. they are always late intruducing technology
Subscribers Fisherman
Subscribers Fisherman - 23 timer siden
Apple: How could we increase the sales of fast charging power adapter

Apple's marketing: Stop including the charger with the phone!
Sujoy Ghosh
Sujoy Ghosh - 23 timer siden
Ok what do you mean by no plugging system. Not every people are comfortable with AirPods so they will use it with wired apple earphones. Or there will be a new plugging for it or maybe magnetic ones .
Jimbob84141 - Dag siden
You have a video of Hua-why 5G is not out yet? :O
anis miraoui
anis miraoui - Dag siden
iphone 13

you open the box
where the ???... oh, right i have to buy it separately. 🙄
Electrize - Dag siden
It’s a throwback design to IPhone 4
Wangkhem Chon
Wangkhem Chon - Dag siden
Its apple 12 gonna be worst battery not reaching 3000 mah really
Good Guy
Good Guy - Dag siden
Apple launch iPhone.:
Le kidney jokes : I'm in you son of a bitch.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson - Dag siden
iPhone999- A9999999999999 Bionic Chip
tightfoo - Dag siden
Hey Marques,
I think this technology needs to be talked about to get this to the world faster. What if someone created a plug that transfers power wirelessly so that way when you are designing a living room or a space you don’t see wires but you see the space for what it is. Something like the wireless phone charger but like distanced. Probably not scientifically possible but just a suggestion. Future possible ideas for tech. Realistic Evolutions for Technology.
Sejuti Sharmin
Sejuti Sharmin - Dag siden
Why the notch is still there? :(
Torab Abdullah
Torab Abdullah - Dag siden
Marques really sounded disappointed this time in the reaction video and it's befitting. They can't just get rid of the ugly notch. when ugly phones like this cost you $1k of course other android makers will charge $2k for their better looking phones and people of course will buy those if they have the money for this ugly phone in the first place.
Fabian - Dag siden
Everyone complaining and joking that the new iPhones don't include a charger, but the other companies are following in the next two years.
Torab Abdullah
Torab Abdullah - Dag siden
Why is it always like this? Why are people (reviewers) so forgiving towards iphones?
When other companies already have these features for several years . But as soon as it comes to iphones they talk as if it's a brand new thing, ground breaking technology. as if Apple invented that which is far from truth.
just straight up say it that it's not impressive anymore to come up with stuff that already people are familiar with and getting at cheaper prices. Apple is late in the game and they should be called for that.
"4 times better drop performance"- my ass, ugly af notch, "magnet" .. . .oh wow..., still no usb c charging. These are enough to make someone go angry.
Rob Ster
Rob Ster - Dag siden
My argument with lack of Pro-Motion is OLED + Pro-Motion= Battery Life Issues.
Their AoA had to chose one of the two. Either give all iPhones OLED, or make it really hard for people to justify the 12 over the iPhone 11.
Mataliya Jaldip
Mataliya Jaldip - Dag siden
hey am i the only one who sees the iphone 12 with iphone 5s design ?
Ankon P.A.M.
Ankon P.A.M. - Dag siden
In 2021, Apple will not provide battery to reduce the weight of the box.🥴
emorgn - Dag siden
losing the lightning port on future models is a problem for me. until apple car play is wireless, a lightning port is a requirement for me. i'm all for change so let's get car play wireless so we can be port free!
MitsuFQ400 - Dag siden
Iphone 12 mini for me
Da vinci
Da vinci - Dag siden
I will buy an iPhone when when bring in screen fingerprint and notch less display
Enrique Saavedra
Enrique Saavedra - Dag siden
Thanasis Antetokounmpo is a better youtuber than a NBA Bucks player. 😅
zippodk - Dag siden
Here you go sir your new car, but there is no gas tank .... it can be bought separately.
Redstar cska cca Grozagovernment46
Would be really nice to see what Marques thinks about the smartphone king of specs in 2020,the mi 10 ultra at 800 $ .... that thing it's a juggernaut in all departments(screen,battery, cam,processor)
Oscar T
Oscar T - Dag siden
I got Samsung s20 and just pre order my iPhone directly from apple will I be able to switch the SIM card with out a problem.? Anyone??