Angel Gomes To Sign For A European Club | Man United Youth Review

David Pritt from Academy Review joins Joe on the Youth Review to discuss the current on-goings around Manchester Utd academy squads.
They talk Mason Greenwood, Angel Gomes, and the several players Man United released at the end of their contracts - including Ramazani & Dion McGhee.
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Kenneth Muhumuza
Kenneth Muhumuza - 19 dager siden
Come guys sour grapes. But Gomez is our lose. Watch the space
shunislo - 19 dager siden
The long haired fella is that counsellor from sourthpark
Glenn Fletcher
Glenn Fletcher - 20 dager siden
So Mason just overtook him I’m glad he’s gone bye angel 👋👋👋👋👋👋
Glenn Fletcher
Glenn Fletcher - 20 dager siden
I hope you’re planning on making this a regular slot on the new S.Paddock coz He deserves it good old unassuming David Pritt, BIG respect ✊ to you brother,👍✊✊✊I do hope I’m not wrong and you just like watching young boys running around in shorts👊👊🤣🤣🤣bit of a sick joke but all I said before that I meant ✌️
Neil Crowe
Neil Crowe - 20 dager siden
I wish Jesus would let the other there fella talk
The Bizness
The Bizness - 20 dager siden
Kind of had a feeling Gomes would go abroad to maybe a decent side where there is guarantee to start. He won’t get in Dortmund’s first 11 so it’s likely to be below that level. Sporting, Monchengladbach, Valencia or Lazio could probably do with him.
Aquila Rossa
Aquila Rossa - 20 dager siden
The hairy guy is bossy huh? God complex? He's not the messiah, he's just a very naughty boy. On topic, never mind the departures. Look on the bright side. Mason.

I am not sure how many will get that reference and how it applies to comments about Joe. Most over 30 who get English humour will.
shadowfox8882 - 20 dager siden
Gomes not playing to me had nothing to do with him not performing at youth level and in fact to me he was one of the more impressive players on the preseason tour.... I think his size was prob the biggest factor which i think is foolish but the old school British mindset still exists.... There is no way you can tell me Perreira and Lingard were showing more from a quality perspective
wazowski - 20 dager siden
More about Mengi and Mejbrj pls
Andy Joyce
Andy Joyce - 20 dager siden
Maybe Gomes could go to Sporting after we signed Fernandes from there. Dalot might have to play at LB against Palace with Shaw and Williams injured and Borthwick-Jackson and Mitchell released. Wan-Bissaka might have his work cut out with van Aanholt bombing forward from LB and if Zaha plays LW.
Jasin Kodzodziku
Jasin Kodzodziku - 20 dager siden
Who cares where he goes lol
Gaara - 20 dager siden
I mean Brandon Williams and Mason Greenwood is proof Ole will give youth a chance. To see Gomes not get as much game time as the rest definitely must be for a good reason.
The Bizness
The Bizness - 20 dager siden
They got a chance because Ole had no choice. James is shite, Shaw was playing bad and needed the competition. Now Shaw is playing good Brandon isn’t playing as frequently. Greenwood is a special talent and goals have forced Ole to start him.
Name Surname
Name Surname - 20 dager siden
Which club?
David Jones
David Jones - 20 dager siden
Great show guys
Malvern Lyngskor
Malvern Lyngskor - 20 dager siden
We need more content about the academy. I'm already a fan of Aliou Traore and Arnau Puigmal would love more inputs from David on their progression.
The Bizness
The Bizness - 20 dager siden
Them man aren’t making it unfortunately.
IamKing - 20 dager siden
Love the academy talk. Mint content 👌
Richard Mason
Richard Mason - 20 dager siden
Hardly going to be missed he didn't want to stay and was offered class money so good ridence as far as im concerned did nothing when he got his chance anyway hes far too small anyway and with a moron like Pereira next to him we mise well have forfited. Bortheick Jackson eas pony as well. Chong out as well little useless shitwig
Sebastian Nilsson
Sebastian Nilsson - 20 dager siden
Love the Youth videos, and David is such a likeable guy as well
David Pritt
David Pritt - 20 dager siden
Thank You 😁
Řæívöñ - 20 dager siden
who the hell cares!?
fatbelly27 - 20 dager siden
Gomes is a skilful little guy. I can see him being a big hit in maybe the Portuguese League.
Stating The obvious
Stating The obvious - 20 dager siden
Angel Gomes doesn’t play for united anymore
Mr. Manchester United
Mr. Manchester United - 20 dager siden
Shouldn't of let demi go, I was there for his debut, was Rooney last game and gomes debut also, demi completely pocketed Zaha and was a huge part in josh Harrops goals in the build up play, shame about his injuries
Warren Kelly
Warren Kelly - 20 dager siden
Stephen looks different
LOLness - 20 dager siden
If he is so good he was never going to fulfil his potential if he stayed at United. Wish him all the best. Who knows if he really does turn out to be a global superstar, we could bring him back to the club. Win-win for all parties.
Joshua Fromholz
Joshua Fromholz - 20 dager siden
I love the youth review
Richard Foord
Richard Foord - 20 dager siden
I still feel he wasn't given enough first team chances. He only had about two appearances. Andreas and Jesse have had loads of opportunities and been consistently shit.
Adrian Fernandes
Adrian Fernandes - 20 dager siden
If he was special he would have gotten to play. Jessie is shite but his a work horse and that why he got in our team
Elliot McShine
Elliot McShine - 20 dager siden
everytime people talk about him having enough chances i shake my head, even chong got more gametime and got subbed onto the pitch at the times you can actually influence a game so I have no idea what people are talking about, he struggled to even get half a game in europa under Ole. what was he supposed to do score a hattrick in 10 mins? The quality of the chances he was offered is what matters and even greenwood got way more gametime than him early on.
Yu Grande
Yu Grande - 20 dager siden
Good riddance ☺️
Obakeng Mmusinyane
Obakeng Mmusinyane - 20 dager siden
He'll never play for a top European club. He never really kicked on and every time he played, he's left a lot to be desired
Its G
Its G - 20 dager siden
must have been good reason why he never got into the squad probably isnt good enough for this level
PermanentMerka - 20 dager siden
Wish him all the best. He's an 8 though. A 'metranome' player an inestia in later part of his career (if all goes beyond perfect) You need to hide him defensively and 10's do more initative based defending than full backs in modren football. They have to eat up the ground.
He hasnt got close to what Levitt has though in terms of passing. Jimmy too is on par with him in passing with crazy game reading skills to boot. An unusual player he should have bit utds hand off with a contract due to this and his size.
Go back to the Newcastle under 23's game though not seen a young player control a game like that since januzai
randy dwi
randy dwi - 20 dager siden
goodluck on angel gomes it's such a shame it didnt work out for him, i saw something in him the moment i watch youth games, and also when he made the debut against CP to change with rooney, but this means that giving chance to other youth midfield, which we get so much potential on our youth with dylan levitt, garner (i know he's already kinda breaking through the team) and also aliou traore looks decent, i would be surprise if hanibal mejbri get a call up
Husein Adamji
Husein Adamji - 20 dager siden
Gomes signed for Dortmund already bros !!!
Ayrton Steele
Ayrton Steele - 20 dager siden
hes been able to talk to european clubs for about a year now i really do think nobody has come in for him(or nobody he thinks are on his level) and he will be forced to go to the championship or a mid table prem club fighting relegation(look at januzajs career as an example)...and i can say it couldnt have happened to a nicer bloke lol
victor thorpe
victor thorpe - 20 dager siden
Is anyone really that worried about losing him? I wish him all the best if he does leave!
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco - 20 dager siden
The 9-0 stretchered off story 😂😂😂 Jheez
David Pritt
David Pritt - 20 dager siden
It's funny as I had heard from people about Mason and I couldn't wait to see him play, then that happened 😂
Undiscovered Stars
Undiscovered Stars - 20 dager siden
Howson charged money for itk info and said Gomes has signed a contract. A true charlatan.
thebeatnumber - 20 dager siden
So Angel's dad thought that at 17 he ought to be in United's first team and that if he were at Barcelona he would have broken into the first team? How deluded do you have to be to believe such twaddle?
Undiscovered Stars
Undiscovered Stars - 20 dager siden
Went to school with him and they took him out the school because it was too working class.
jed loveday
jed loveday - 20 dager siden
Top video
Stuie Hunter
Stuie Hunter - 20 dager siden
Angel has a lot of talent, but there's some form of thing missing from him that makes me think he's another Bojan (ex Barca player).
rue de bac
rue de bac - 20 dager siden
Mengi and mejbri going to be first material
Vishal Dhalani
Vishal Dhalani - 20 dager siden
Good luck to Angel !! I hope this is not another Pogba situation. I thought he would have been snapped up by now and announced his next club.
Ayrton Steele
Ayrton Steele - 20 dager siden
i think it speaks volumes about both his attitude and actual talent that nobody has snapped him up
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas - 20 dager siden
Attitude problem Gomes another player thinking he’s better than he is nothing will come of him
K Brennan
K Brennan - 20 dager siden
weird agenda you have there
dogcatdogable - 20 dager siden
Good luck to him. Still think it’s a weird situation if he didn’t have an immediate offer on the table, but I hope it works out. As long as it’s not Chelsea.
Stéphane Vu-Hoang
Stéphane Vu-Hoang - 20 dager siden
Quite frankly apart from Gomes none of those players were up to scratch. Where's Gomes headed?
1990shahid - 20 dager siden
David is awesome. Great insight!
David Pritt
David Pritt - 20 dager siden
Cheers 👊🏻
Lanz Noir
Lanz Noir - 20 dager siden
😤😤Imagine being one these young g's who were released.... **Watching to this video**.
FFS Is this a memorial service??🙄😑 Most of you Media/YouTube personnel are sooo disconnected from young ballers, who's aspirations has been crushed.
Minimal promotion for these boys.. **Just more opinions**🙄.....
No illustrations of stats, attributes, accomplishments... No highlights(if allowed).
Could of Gassed it up a bit, so they know UTD fans care for these boys careers.
Ismail Ibrahim
Ismail Ibrahim - 20 dager siden
Shut it you mug
lennon Oreilly
lennon Oreilly - 20 dager siden
If you don’t like this your barber will mess up your next haircut 💈💈
DillzTV - 20 dager siden
Bro the contrast in how they spoke about the black players in comparison to the white is wild. It was all unlucky for the players until ramazani & Gomes. I hope you see it too. 🤘🏽
Elliot McShine
Elliot McShine - 20 dager siden
James Woodhouse
James Woodhouse - 20 dager siden
Nunger - 20 dager siden
How have they been talking about Martial, Greenwood, Rashford, etc lately? They have pretty favourable things to say about those black players, whereas for instance I’ve heard them talk a lot less favourably about Daniel James recently. What does that say about them? More importantly what does this say about your statement? What you said is the definition of conjecture and it doesn’t help the situation, it hurts it. I hope you see it too ✌️
knuckalar - 20 dager siden
Give it a rest
Mark Shepphard
Mark Shepphard - 20 dager siden
Massive difference between playing kids than men a galaxy of difference
kevin millington
kevin millington - 20 dager siden
Good luck Angel hope we see you back one day 🔴⚫️⚪️
DillzTV - 20 dager siden
Their whole take on ramazani is the definition of “unconscious bias” . Subtle
lordmaximus - 20 dager siden
if you can't turn up to training on time, you're not going to make it. We have seen this many times before. You do nothing for the racial equality movement by making spurious and factually incorrect assertions.
Xyfer Calderon
Xyfer Calderon - 20 dager siden
Hmm it’s interesting to think about now that you’ve said this, although I do wonder did the other lads simply get released because they weren’t good enough or was the case with ramazani and Gomez maybe his attitude wasn’t up to par?
Danze Deejahn
Danze Deejahn - 20 dager siden
I really wanted the best fro Gomes, was desperate for us to keep him BUT I guess we need fighters at the club. Really wish him the best.
K Brennan
K Brennan - 20 dager siden
Knew Pritt would say "Angel thinks he's too good" he says it every chance he gets, weird agenda??
Chris Lester
Chris Lester - 20 dager siden
Maybe that convo with Gomes' dad was a bit more serious than he let on
Dan BD
Dan BD - 20 dager siden
opinion: Maguire isn't perfect. we are not going to challenge for titles with Lindelof. our most urgent buy should be a Center Back. UPAMECANO has 1 year left on his contract. he is physical, quick, good tackler. why aren't we jumping on him right now? Sancho is a back and forth between us and Dortmund that will take until the end of the window. meanwhile... let's buy Upamecano!
saad abdullah
saad abdullah - 20 dager siden
@Dan BD hes without a contract because he refused to sign one and wanted to go to a bigger team than nice. Upamecano doesnt have a senior callup either. France is mad stocked in cb. Laporte doesnt have one either
eureka santos
eureka santos - 20 dager siden
@Dan BD i am more nervous about maguire than lindelof......i think linfelof is better than maguire
Dan BD
Dan BD - 20 dager siden
@saad abdullah haven't seen much of him. why is he without a contract? and a player without a senior call for the national team, i guess upamecano is better
Dan BD
Dan BD - 20 dager siden
@eureka santos i don't think he is much of improvment to Lindelof.
saad abdullah
saad abdullah - 20 dager siden
@Dan BD yes sign malang sarr on a free. He can and will be as good as koulibaly
Jay United
Jay United - 20 dager siden
B tech steven hawson 😂😂😂
Jeanette Stilwell
Jeanette Stilwell - 20 dager siden
Hello how are you doing Jay. I trust you are safe and in good health. God bless you.
Nathan Stevenson
Nathan Stevenson - 20 dager siden
Love more of these updates, really good video. Also try not to speak over someone you’ve got on the show, struggled to hear who David thought Gomes was off to.
lordmaximus - 20 dager siden
just in case you missed it, he said he wouldn't be surprised if he went to Portugal pal
J Brew
J Brew - 20 dager siden
CBJ the original TAA 😂
Dazman - 20 dager siden
Fax CBJ career could’ve easily been like TAA’s its a shame
Luke Warm
Luke Warm - 20 dager siden
Long time no see David! Nice to have him back on
David Pritt
David Pritt - 20 dager siden
Thanks, it was great to be back on
Harvey Smith
Harvey Smith - 20 dager siden
Nice presenter work Joe,
No long silences when facts were being looked up.
Will - 20 dager siden
i don’t think he will ever play for a top team, he can make a good career though
Henry Vojyger Baiden
Henry Vojyger Baiden - 20 dager siden
That's not true .He's wanted by big clubs he's too talented to be a waste.Just say that's what u you want for him
NamasteSpoon - 20 dager siden
He garnered interest for top teams since a very young age, he won't sign for a top team right away, but he'll eventually get signed by one.