Among Us But Its A Reality Show 2

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There are two imposters among us. After lots of band-aids and medbay visits, our friends are back and better than ever, have once again found themselves in the dark and lonely confines of space with nothing but their spaceship and crewmates. Our group has to figure out who on the ship are murderers, while making sure they are doing their tasks so that their spaceship doesn't continue to barrel roll. Is red sus or is blue? Who is the imposter venting to kill? Who will be murdered, and will the body be found? Find out in this week's second episode of Among Us but it's a reality show (still).
Blue and Red- Oddest of the Odd:
Purple- Brantley:
White- Jordyn:
Black- Serg:
Orange- Austin:
Green- Logan:
Cyan- Emily:
BTS- Zach:

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Laugh Over Life
Laugh Over Life - 15 dager siden
MC Games
MC Games - 10 timer siden
Lords Mobile Vs Rise Of Kingdoms
hyper beam
hyper beam - 17 timer siden
This is my favourite so far
Angela Bender
Angela Bender - Dag siden
eYe - Dag siden
part 4 please ^_^
CaptBackwards - Dag siden
You know, this honestly could work as a real reality TV show in real world.
Cat Baldonado
Cat Baldonado - 7 minutter siden
Black Naruto ran
Cornelius Jason
Cornelius Jason - 18 minutter siden
I didn't know Captain Price like purple
Alex Ewy
Alex Ewy - 41 minutt siden
This is so accurate
Taylor Stansburry
Taylor Stansburry - 51 minutt siden
Extreme version of "It's not you, it's me"
Suga Kookies
Suga Kookies - Time siden
Why is blue so dumb
ToyBurger - Time siden
I love how green is always the first to die lol
Lock Tucker
Lock Tucker - Time siden
6:43 I like a cut g
emraldjuice lopez
emraldjuice lopez - Time siden
I love it when purple says shut the fuc# up here's what were gonna do were gonna vote her! And if she ist the Imposter you're going to vote me!
Claudia Rivas
Claudia Rivas - Time siden
Finaly episode 2
Samjoon Euan Pacasum
Samjoon Euan Pacasum - Time siden
blue: are we gonna be one impostor?
BLACK: noooo!!
Green: impostor means the jam is out lozers.
Radio R_ven
Radio R_ven - 2 timer siden
Nick Name
Nick Name - 2 timer siden
This is so annoying to watch blue acts so dumb 😂
cOmeBaCk kiiD
cOmeBaCk kiiD - 2 timer siden
Red is always a mood
Nehama W
Nehama W - 2 timer siden
I hate people like purple! Nothing worse than the other imposter saying it's u!
Gaming Kitty
Gaming Kitty - 2 timer siden
Purple sus
Shy Guy GH
Shy Guy GH - 3 timer siden
Lol that voice crack 2:35
Sunny da gamer
Sunny da gamer - 3 timer siden
White is funny
The samuri Alianderp293
The samuri Alianderp293 - 3 timer siden
Voice crack lol 2:36
nightlizard 942
nightlizard 942 - 3 timer siden
2:36 that voice crack
Springy Bear1936 !
Springy Bear1936 ! - 3 timer siden
On every episode their waiting on blue at the end! 😆
Justin Superfist
Justin Superfist - 4 timer siden
Blue sounds like Michelangelo
Isaac Martillo
Isaac Martillo - 5 timer siden
Captain Price as
The Tide Pocket
The Tide Pocket - 5 timer siden
Just realized that green’s the first dead in both episodes 1 and 2
Jack Hannaford-Hill
Jack Hannaford-Hill - 5 timer siden
That was not a British Accent, it was more Australian...
Gabriel Yambao
Gabriel Yambao - 5 timer siden
Blues a complete idiot
WookY - 5 timer siden
Blue is so great
AFL And Cricket Vids
AFL And Cricket Vids - 5 timer siden
Lol 😊
Love it
DARKTHING 6969 - 5 timer siden
Blue Is the MC that super smart but pretend to be stupid
Bogdan Babut
Bogdan Babut - 5 timer siden
Where can I get a helmet like that?
00F - 5 timer siden
Be honest guys who thinks this is a real tv show instead of people making the video AMONG US IN REAL LIFE
Kerry Ann Whyte
Kerry Ann Whyte - 6 timer siden
Purple is a Pro imposter
Ninja Masked Bunny
Ninja Masked Bunny - 6 timer siden
I hate blue
TheOopsieman - 6 timer siden
That voice crack
L M C Channel
L M C Channel - 6 timer siden
2:36 #Voicecrack
Surinder Singh
Surinder Singh - 6 timer siden
We need more series for sure
Astraha - 6 timer siden
"He is british, I dont think we should trust him"
slime_ boi192
slime_ boi192 - 6 timer siden
Hmmmmmm purple's sus but red is sus to
Danii _
Danii _ - 7 timer siden
5:55 me speaking to my friends when they all flip me off.
p6mkq - 7 timer siden
White: He is threatening me and holding me at gunpoint ! Others: Nah, he is just a great comedian.
p6mkq - 7 timer siden
As creative and entertaining as the first episode ! A job well done, team ! New crewmates rock !
Yung Nova
Yung Nova - 7 timer siden
Voice crack purple
Yes - 7 timer siden
Ngl kind of expected purple to start saying mission failed will get em next time
Hera Cena
Hera Cena - 7 timer siden
Green. Dude purple is great can't wait to see what the future holds for us. purple. kills green in front of everyone.
Matthew :D
Matthew :D - 8 timer siden
I hate blues character
Freddygamer 28
Freddygamer 28 - 8 timer siden
Blue is the character
Freddygamer 28
Freddygamer 28 - 8 timer siden
Best character I mean
Quy Thai
Quy Thai - 8 timer siden
I love the fact that purp and orange both had a voice crack I laughed when Purp was like we gonna vote cYan off and like orange was like BLU you did it YeS!!!
Daniela Rosu
Daniela Rosu - 8 timer siden
I love my family
Daniela Rosu
Daniela Rosu - 8 timer siden
I love my family
GlowingDucks - 8 timer siden
I’m not first
I’m not last
But most importantly
Amy Lesperance
Amy Lesperance - 8 timer siden
6:46 just gonna silently ingore the taco bell sound
NotAllowedCalcium - 9 timer siden
6:43 *I like ya cut, G*
Dennis Hansen
Dennis Hansen - 9 timer siden
Blue is just on a another level in the first episode pretend to be a noob and always had a alibi and in second episode acting like he had killed someone to keep orange alive
NX_Br4ndy - 9 timer siden
"He's british, I dont think we should trust him"
אביה קחזם
אביה קחזם - 9 timer siden
You are awesome!!!
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer - 9 timer siden
Zesty - 9 timer siden
The voice crack at 2:35 🤣🤣🤣
XmL Boi
XmL Boi - 9 timer siden
White:”wait no u killed him” *purple holds white at gun point* purple:”EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP NOW HERES WHAT WE GONNA DO U GONNA VOTE CYAN” Literally the best line ever
worknman6900 - 9 timer siden
Cosmic Toon
Cosmic Toon - 10 timer siden
I love that Purple is Captain Price from Modern Warfare
Derek Monroe
Derek Monroe - 10 timer siden
I get that blue is supposed to be the dumb one but there are many dumb ones like black and blue is kind of annoying hearing his voice gives me autism. You obviously don’t have to take him out but can you make him not do those noises with his mouth so much that it gets annoying and repetitive
Dave Dalton
Dave Dalton - 10 timer siden
Blue is my spirit animal
devilgurlzira - 10 timer siden
preston can you make part2
King Burns09
King Burns09 - 10 timer siden
Did purple take a knife out of is ass when he was going to kill orange
Brian Brennan
Brian Brennan - 11 timer siden
6:11 Captain price is that you?
Neverendinglemur Mere
Neverendinglemur Mere - 11 timer siden
How come blue always survives to the end?
Neverendinglemur Mere
Neverendinglemur Mere - 11 timer siden
Ummm sorry orange but you can’t vent from navigation the cafeteria
Nicholas David
Nicholas David - 11 timer siden
"Only person who would believe that is a fucking idiot!"

*blue has entered the chat*
willem hunteler
willem hunteler - 11 timer siden
only fnaf fans get this one ¨that purple guy¨!!!!!!
Ethan James Bona
Ethan James Bona - 11 timer siden
Yes vote purple
Goul trooper Gaming
Goul trooper Gaming - 11 timer siden
Im british
Ethan James Bona
Ethan James Bona - 11 timer siden
Purple is the imposter guys vote him
I exposed to toxic kids
I exposed to toxic kids - 11 timer siden
2:35 Voice crack
Black Devil
Black Devil - 11 timer siden
If you plan on making a part 3 you can get inspired by the movie ‘The Thing’ Why? Because the game is inspired by the movie.
hen ko
hen ko - 12 timer siden
Cyan: "Guys, it wasnt me!!!! " Red: pokes visor "Ooooooooo, she's deflecting!" Cyan: I vote white, he's sus. Red: pokes visor "Deflecting"
hen ko
hen ko - 12 timer siden
I just realised that purple is supposed to be Bear Grylls
NIKOLA XD - 12 timer siden
2:36 lol that voice crack
Brett Florenz
Brett Florenz - 12 timer siden
Why do blue and red always have a problem with each other
Rabeya Khatun
Rabeya Khatun - 12 timer siden
Please Brother you should give only video of among us reality
WolfSniper - 12 timer siden
And your med bay brygg5hfugy
Seth VM
Seth VM - 12 timer siden
Everyone hates eachother
Narantuya Khurlee
Narantuya Khurlee - 12 timer siden
BTW black is smart
Terry O'Neal
Terry O'Neal - 12 timer siden
RED:honestly i wish i could vote everyone of the ship *QOUTE OF THE YEAR*
Oliver Flores
Oliver Flores - 12 timer siden
2:36 that voice crack is so funny lol
Igor - 13 timer siden
I thought purple would use the "I voted out the first impostor" defense
Purita Tullas
Purita Tullas - 13 timer siden
Blue always survive
Inti Crack2.0 BS
Inti Crack2.0 BS - 13 timer siden
blue always saves the game
Mario Dionela
Mario Dionela - 13 timer siden
Pruple is the impostor
nathan time
nathan time - 13 timer siden
6:08 he should have said

nathan time
nathan time - 13 timer siden
We solved whos jack the ripper...

also I just realized they both brits
Yxxsf - 13 timer siden
if muslim plays among us

Lying is bad u idiots

lol jk
calamity jane
calamity jane - 14 timer siden
MEDBAYKFYBEIREHYR how white said it got me good
Hyper Mango
Hyper Mango - 14 timer siden
I just realised that purple is supposed to be *Bear Grylls*
Beaster Gamer
Beaster Gamer - 14 timer siden
Bruh I love blue
akhdan satriadji
akhdan satriadji - 14 timer siden
Map mirraHQ
ραяκ ςнαєγουиg
ραяκ ςнαєγουиg - 14 timer siden
no one:
blue:I ThInK iT's MeH
akhdan satriadji
akhdan satriadji - 14 timer siden
Tree impostor
Lime - 14 timer siden
Among Us expectations:

White: i swear its 100% purple
Purple: Cyan is the other impostor, if not Cyan then me
Orange: Its White
Purple: if not cyan, vote me
Cyan: guys its not me

*Purple has voted, 7 remaining*
*Black has voted, 6 remaining*
Cyan: guys no-
*Blue has voted*
*Red has voted*

Among Us reality:
Purple: where
Red: where
Blue: where
Green: where
Cyan: where
Black: where
White: where
Blue: red sus
*Purple has voted*
*Blue has voted*
*Green has voted*
*Cyan has voted*
*Black has voted*
*White has voted*
*Red has voted*

Red was not the impostor.
Julia Rañada
Julia Rañada - 14 timer siden
They're reputations
2.Black:Swag style
3.Orange:Playing very serious
4.White:Playing serious
5.Purple:Science guy
6.Red:Hates blue
7.Blue:Always sus of red
XxKing montoge
XxKing montoge - 15 timer siden
6:43 hehe