ALIEN vs PREDATOR (Mythic 1v1)

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ALIEN VS PREDATOR!! There may be a movie about it... but has it been done in fortnite? Well today, they've added the skin in, and so we had to find out once and for all which skin is better... in fortnite! We hope you enjoy.
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Runtime: 10:08


King of P
King of P - 37 minutter siden
200 iq at the drop and the victory
TRO King
TRO King - 7 timer siden
Axel Ibañez parga
Axel Ibañez parga - 18 timer siden
Ya sacaron a alien y ese ni es alien es el monstruo 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👏👎👏👎👎👎👎
ayeta ziadpur
ayeta ziadpur - Dag siden
Bruh you know what the real alien xenomorph
Dante V
Dante V - 2 dager siden
The alien used a blue btw
abudi - 2 dager siden
i love youuuuu!!
LIKE A SOMEBODY - 2 dager siden
Who’s watching while the REAL Alien is in fort
Heheitsme 2000
Heheitsme 2000 - 3 dager siden
2:35 why did one of them say the mando gun was not a Mythic
ISAAC BEUTLER - 3 dager siden
Such a great clutch😃😁
ERK İPEK - 4 dager siden
I think you have to delete this video and do it New because xenemorph come to island
Ayden Ryan the potato
Ayden Ryan the potato - 4 dager siden
I like how alien is here lol
Lindsay White
Lindsay White - 4 dager siden
ZAMARI YOUNG-LEWIS - 4 dager siden
soulda want till alien came out
Yes Boi
Yes Boi - 4 dager siden
Rematch time, if you already know the new hunter ;)
Thee King
Thee King - 4 dager siden
Ok now do a real alien vs predator since there's a alien skin
Arno Almengor
Arno Almengor - 4 dager siden
Haha the last kill
Masudi Kitungano
Masudi Kitungano - 4 dager siden
BoboYT - 4 dager siden
Jordan your a camper
Doge - 5 dager siden
Do it again
PONY - 5 dager siden
Now u can do it
ELPOLLOPRO troleos - 5 dager siden
haora si van a hacer el verdadero alien vs predator
cool station hey wsp
cool station hey wsp - 5 dager siden
Well now we got alien
gabriel simon
gabriel simon - 3 dager siden
I have been waiting for someone to say that😂😂
Llama FN
Llama FN - 5 dager siden
Ya just came out today (Xenomorph) for 1600 v-bucks
Mvx yt
Mvx yt - 5 dager siden
Why every comment has no likes
Aimbot Ltd.
Aimbot Ltd. - 5 dager siden
Guys who’s your favorite twin.
margarita pacheco
margarita pacheco - 5 dager siden
Not exotic 2:35 thats a mythical
RavenPlays - 6 dager siden
Now you can actually do alien vs predator with the real alien
Richard G
Richard G - 2 dager siden
@ColdZone_BS no stop cappng
Richard G
Richard G - 2 dager siden
Uhhhhhh THEY DID
Jason Childress
Jason Childress - 2 dager siden
Faisal Shallal
Faisal Shallal - 2 dager siden
Starz Clan
Starz Clan - 4 dager siden
CzechPhoenix - 8 dager siden
Pls give me any skin or battle pass
Aidan Chandler
Aidan Chandler - 6 dager siden
Um... no
Jokerz Jacobz
Jokerz Jacobz - 8 dager siden
you guys should do meowcels vs midas
Donna Dunn
Donna Dunn - 8 dager siden
Manisha Gehi
Manisha Gehi - 8 dager siden
Why exotic it’s a mythic
Niklas Norlin
Niklas Norlin - 9 dager siden
Nnjin8 jag har en bra idé att
connor mullins
connor mullins - 9 dager siden
i love tg plays
matejxxx111 - 10 dager siden
Mia c:
Mia c: - 11 dager siden
Anybody realize how jordan said "exotic" when he picked up his mythic? 1:17
Chacho Carrera
Chacho Carrera - 11 dager siden
Dude whenever I’m pissed off on fortnite I like to watch the vs’s series
Katia DiLu
Katia DiLu - 11 dager siden
Is there a alien mythic
Commander Wolf
Commander Wolf - 12 dager siden
grabbing the mythic sniper : now i have my exotic
Maher Ahmed
Maher Ahmed - 12 dager siden
Yazank123 Kahla
Yazank123 Kahla - 12 dager siden
8:48 he said Carl not Kyle lol😂😂😂
Realdrift fortnite and more
Realdrift fortnite and more - 12 dager siden
jessie said exotic to
Mundo Minecraft
Mundo Minecraft - 12 dager siden
James Dransfield
James Dransfield - 12 dager siden
Jordan/Jesse hits 220 thunder pump me not even hitting
wolfgaming 707
wolfgaming 707 - 12 dager siden
They both aliens XD
flicks_sweat - 13 dager siden
Nice Jordon not trying to be rude but I think your better then your brother lol
Geancarlos Lionel Lima Chica
Geancarlos Lionel Lima Chica - 13 dager siden
gg predator
Evan Oswalt
Evan Oswalt - 13 dager siden
Your gay fortnite kid
Heather Carmichael
Heather Carmichael - 14 dager siden
And Jesse noooooo
Heather Carmichael
Heather Carmichael - 14 dager siden
Grabs cloaking device, “ I’ve got my exotic “
James Dransfield
James Dransfield - 12 dager siden
Pauline Colyn
Pauline Colyn - 15 dager siden
Robbie Obrien
Robbie Obrien - 15 dager siden
Wtf you done
Thefortnite gamer
Thefortnite gamer - 15 dager siden
yoav grishpun
yoav grishpun - 15 dager siden
1:17 exotic
Fortnite Gameplayz
Fortnite Gameplayz - 17 dager siden
Quoted from Jordan:take his wall take his life
Stefano Mazza Parrotta
Stefano Mazza Parrotta - 18 dager siden
ma che nabbo erano tutti bot hahah
SmoniX YT
SmoniX YT - 18 dager siden
trisdin lozier
trisdin lozier - 19 dager siden
THOMAS SOARES - 20 dager siden
I hated that video
Steveleo91 - 20 dager siden
Let’s go predator
KENNETH VILTRES - 20 dager siden
been looking for this channel for 2 years finnaly
Centic - 4 dager siden
2 years!?
Emir Özlek
Emir Özlek - 21 dag siden
I think they are not in same game because in game there is only one rpc but jordon find one jessie find 1 too
Brayden Bradford
Brayden Bradford - 21 dag siden
The kid named Brayden that Jordan killed was my big brother I was on vacation with my dad and he was there with my mom he must of gotten on it when my mom was asleep because he was not aloud to go on it sorry
The Guy Who Slays
The Guy Who Slays - 21 dag siden
How cool would it be if there was an actual Xenomorph skin
Centic - 4 dager siden
@The Guy Who Slays 😂😂
The Guy Who Slays
The Guy Who Slays - 4 dager siden
@Centic I always predict the future
Centic - 4 dager siden
You predicted the future
K Kelly
K Kelly - 18 dager siden
@The Guy Who Slays cool. I have the skin, just couldn't remember what he was called. Thanks.
The Guy Who Slays
The Guy Who Slays - 18 dager siden
@K Kelly The Devourer from the Monster vs Mecha event
REDMOON PUNCHER - 21 dag siden
good play at the end Jordan.
Caiu Moua
Caiu Moua - 22 dager siden
GOOd BADttle
Logan Fabec
Logan Fabec - 22 dager siden
Predator Sneaky 9:37
Krzosnakelord 72
Krzosnakelord 72 - 22 dager siden
That is not an alien that’s a fish creature
Lego brian
Lego brian - 23 dager siden
jesse coulve of won but he builded instead of finishing you
Haris King
Haris King - 23 dager siden
Hi I'm a big fan
ליעד אדרי
ליעד אדרי - 23 dager siden
sooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii broo
C Tanner
C Tanner - 23 dager siden
Bra it’s not a exotic it is a mithic
Vide Björkman
Vide Björkman - 23 dager siden
2:34 exotic??
Vide Björkman
Vide Björkman - 23 dager siden
1:17 exotic?
Jesica Acosta
Jesica Acosta - 24 dager siden
he has 300 hp and 200 shield
Emilio Sazon
Emilio Sazon - 24 dager siden
Bruh, it ain’t bad cause if you stand still, you’re comepletly invisible but if you move a lot, the enemy will see the out line.
Emilio Sazon
Emilio Sazon - 24 dager siden
At 6:14
Pau Garcia
Pau Garcia - 24 dager siden
no es un alien
Zyneify - 24 dager siden
Jesse:I GOT MY EXOTIC ! Me:its a mythic 😍
Noel Bontzkowitz
Noel Bontzkowitz - 25 dager siden
GG nice game
Robertson Gatchalian
Robertson Gatchalian - 25 dager siden
He said exotic 🤭
David Ștefan Pleșca
David Ștefan Pleșca - 26 dager siden
Wait isn't predator an alien
Ewan Smith
Ewan Smith - 26 dager siden
Heinz Guddat
Heinz Guddat - 26 dager siden
Jacob Banyard
Jacob Banyard - 26 dager siden
i was tooo
zuhib sheraz
zuhib sheraz - 27 dager siden
I’m a big fan I No you on TickTock
SenpaHorizoN - 27 dager siden
Sarah Rodriguez
Sarah Rodriguez - 27 dager siden
“He’s one hp”
Edit: 7:13
Rugers World
Rugers World - 28 dager siden
Sako Keoshgerian
Sako Keoshgerian - 28 dager siden
The strong price histomorphometrically suspect because taiwan perioperaively attack following a ugly radish. salty, accurate mary
Cha’liyah Mcclary
Cha’liyah Mcclary - 28 dager siden
I love your videos I love your videos♥️♥️♥️♥️
Volusity Gaming
Volusity Gaming - 28 dager siden
Instead of predo having blue only he should have rainbow because he has a thermal mask
Gaming Artist785
Gaming Artist785 - 28 dager siden
Me when I’m watching in 2 grade no one saw me 👀:3
spooder man plays
spooder man plays - 28 dager siden
Also xeninorphs are the colored black
Darius Steyn
Darius Steyn - 28 dager siden
I hade a predator skin my friend has the alias skin I
Killed ,em
Loui Catlow
Loui Catlow - 28 dager siden
They are mythic not exotic
amustycow - 29 dager siden
xczyguy11 - 29 dager siden
Fuck order and win monster
Marcy Macias
Marcy Macias - 29 dager siden
Predator-always wins
Dhdvdhznhzbz Shsbzhzhzbjz
Dhdvdhznhzbz Shsbzhzhzbjz - Måned siden
The cool jeep coincidingly borrow because norwegian apparently instruct pace a resonant chill. decisive, stiff giraffe
EgeFlix - Måned siden
it is not alien it is monster