AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Video)

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Director : David Mallet
Producer : Dione Orrom
Set Design : Peter Bingemann
Lighting Designer : Steve Nolan
Camera Supervisor : Barrie Dodd
Runtime: 03:16


Oprichnik Oprichnik
Oprichnik Oprichnik - 13 minutter siden
It's primitive. Nothing new. Superfluous proof that rock music is dead.
Albie Bert Mosquito
Albie Bert Mosquito - 18 minutter siden
When this song reaches a few more years, ill have nostalgiaception
ツキミヤナツキ - 20 minutter siden
DJmax88 Games
DJmax88 Games - Time siden
Stéphane - Time siden
Prenez en de la graine, rappeurs égomaniaques bas du front et "starlettes string paillettes" made in Face-crotte...
viski 252
viski 252 - 2 timer siden
who else hears " you never mess with mister party"?
Anabela Silva
Anabela Silva - 2 timer siden
Marcelo ACDC MAYHEM Dias
Marcelo ACDC MAYHEM Dias - 2 timer siden
Phil Rud ?
Anabela Silva
Anabela Silva - 2 timer siden
Bom dia
Mitchell-ized - 2 timer siden
Angus looks like he’s had strokes all his life
Mitchell-ized - 2 timer siden
Can Brian sing naturally or does he have to squeal ? And AC/DC has the same ongoing beat never changes ever can only listen to so much of them
Guilherme Polita Neto
Guilherme Polita Neto - 2 timer siden
Please, come back to Brazil! You are the Best!!!
Robb - 2 timer siden
They've been playing a variation on the same riff for the last 45 years
Paul Torrisi
Paul Torrisi - 2 timer siden
Because Angus was so young when he started ACDC, even today he's still only 26.
The T800 II
The T800 II - 2 timer siden
WWE survivor series 2020 theme
Ian Grozier
Ian Grozier - 3 timer siden
Being as though you can't email or contact them, I'd just like to make a quick shout out to Music Glue. I Pre ordered in October the vynl LP on silver, the cd album, 2 t shirts 3 patches and 1 lanyard. They say they were all posted on 11th of November. I received 2 patches and a lanyard!! Not blaming the lads here, but Music Glue, if your listening, I want to know what your playing at, cos I'm about to explore here. I'm devastated. Sck as a chip Iam. What the hells going on? So soooooo sick right now.
crawlingamongthestars - 4 timer siden
I like AC/DC but... how the hell do you write practically the same song for 40 years?
Muhlisin Muhlisin
Muhlisin Muhlisin - 4 timer siden
Gigi those heavy twelfth
Finlander - 4 timer siden
God bless you Malcolm
Jesse Magas
Jesse Magas - 4 timer siden
This is back in black all over again . the best rock ever. Love it . ac dc you guys are #1
Vincent Sluga
Vincent Sluga - 5 timer siden
Good lord they're old. But damn they rock.
Jumbo Palumbo
Jumbo Palumbo - 5 timer siden
What’s not to love? Guitars. Rock. Drums. Guitars. Bikini girls. More guitars. Drums. More bikini girls. Hot Damn.
Al F
Al F - 5 timer siden
Covid has no chance now. Nice job boys.
Jacob Franklin
Jacob Franklin - 5 timer siden
2020: haha
AC/DC: hahahaha
Austin Breth
Austin Breth - 6 timer siden
Just when 2020 was going to $hit AC/DC saves us
james weismann
james weismann - 6 timer siden
Malcom we love you. ACDC Awesome.
Hachi Roku
Hachi Roku - 6 timer siden
My wife thought he said " I shot the dog" 😂
Reginaldo Dinamite
Reginaldo Dinamite - 7 timer siden
Toca Raul!
Sarah Dukeshire
Sarah Dukeshire - 7 timer siden
So glad to see these guys together again!! They were a huge part of my childhood, with both my parents being big fans. I have distinct memories of them leaving for a concert in 2009, New Brunswick I think.
My hope is to one day have two sons of my own, Malcolm and Angus. You guys are my inspiration. Plus, I just love the names
S - 7 timer siden
Coming up 50 years. Not one ballad. Not one. One of the finest Rock and Roll bands then and now.
Greivin Araya
Greivin Araya - 7 timer siden
grandiosos y mantienen su esencia rockera 🤘🏻
Tsukasa Kadoya
Tsukasa Kadoya - 7 timer siden
Excellent Song.
Tho the lyric "Shot in the Dark" kinda almost sounds like "Shot the Dog."
Tony Gombas
Tony Gombas - 7 timer siden
Already a classic
luis fernando Ruiz Asto
luis fernando Ruiz Asto - 8 timer siden
There's nothing like ACDC. Just fire!
rdgSWwot - 8 timer siden
Why the EFF is it that a band that KILLED IT when I was 10 years old... is STILL killing it today?! I'm 50 next month! I'll take ACKA-DACKA any day and 5x on Sunday over the crap they call music in 2020! Long live The Youngs, Williams, Rudd and Johnson. - Rob
jack mayhoffer
jack mayhoffer - 8 timer siden
Love it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Some things work forever!
Eliseu Dias
Eliseu Dias - 8 timer siden
Brasil 🇧🇷✌🏻
John M.Chenkual
John M.Chenkual - 8 timer siden
Rock music go go....i hate hip hop and R&B
Jeshu Pendejus
Jeshu Pendejus - 9 timer siden
Gustavo M. de Oliveira
Gustavo M. de Oliveira - 9 timer siden
why did angus young take off brian johnson for receiving lyrics' credits on power up album?
Samfan4 Films
Samfan4 Films - 9 timer siden
what a bunch of legends!
Pumpkin King
Pumpkin King - 9 timer siden
Ed Sheeran doesn't like this
clawthius - 9 timer siden
Chord Puzzles
Chord Puzzles - 10 timer siden
Hmm...what chords are they using??
Cle A
Cle A - 10 timer siden
OK, just watching video. Geez, they make it look so easy. Rock til you drop, literally!!! I am so glad this is my generation band
Cle A
Cle A - 10 timer siden
I went straight to the record store and dropped 40 dollars on this with zero internet research. It's fucking ACDC. I knew it would be good and damn I love being right!
Whiskey Richards
Whiskey Richards - 10 timer siden
Brian Johnson: "You're in my chair..."
Axl Rose: "Well fiddlesticks..."
Adason Auzier
Adason Auzier - 11 timer siden
The best band of the world! Angus, you're a god! Good luck!
Axl Rose
Axl Rose - 11 timer siden
Brian Johnson never get old still rocker and energic!!
Hazel Ann Ruddick
Hazel Ann Ruddick - 11 timer siden
I can see Brian Johnson rock and roll into his hundreds, he is so good.
Everett Guzman
Everett Guzman - 11 timer siden
Can you video rocks
Ramiro Treviño
Ramiro Treviño - 11 timer siden
Is this AC/DC from the 80's?
No, it's from 2020
Everett Guzman
Everett Guzman - 11 timer siden
AC/DC still rocking
Tom Warrick
Tom Warrick - 11 timer siden
Thank you, AC / DC. As a teacher that is struggling every day with this virus and how it is affecting our kiddos, your music brings me back and let's me enjoy a few moments...I will say that my wife has a different opinion. However, Good one on ya mate.
Rolan - 11 timer siden
Phil looks dead inside
Yuan Duavit
Yuan Duavit - 11 timer siden
Vidinei Sica
Vidinei Sica - 12 timer siden
Gilson Antonio Barbosa Barbosa
Show...let's Rock \,,/
The American Outback
The American Outback - 12 timer siden
This video is incredible, the director deserves an aware, mixing the stills with the live action. Plus, Acca Dacca is definitely back. Malcolm may be gone (RIP) but his spirit is there...
Kostyantyn Chechelnitsky
Kostyantyn Chechelnitsky - 12 timer siden
Beautifyl rock.I liked You AC/DC.
Lyes Abdi
Lyes Abdi - 12 timer siden
Still going baby... oh yeah
koceila kabyle
koceila kabyle - 12 timer siden
I love this group ✊✊
Iliya Tsvibel
Iliya Tsvibel - 12 timer siden
In the middle of an ocean of rap and shit like him, it's easy to get discouraged. Fortunately, the old people make us happy.
sweet southern lady
sweet southern lady - 12 timer siden
Hell to the yeah baby
jameson c. hippie shaman
jameson c. hippie shaman - 12 timer siden
ac dc fuck ya glad to see you still holding it down true rock .
Law Joseph
Law Joseph - 12 timer siden
ACDC to our music Rescue
SkinnyB0Y - 12 timer siden
Blues and jazz music but in rock genre
Nick King
Nick King - 12 timer siden
4.5 thousand hating liberals...we see u exit stage left ya bastards...ROCK N ROLL FOREVER
Javier Paredes
Javier Paredes - 12 timer siden
fred trax
fred trax - 13 timer siden
The most unoriginal band of rockhistory, no real creativity or inventiveness since years, decades, boring as hell after all, they are pathetic. I use to love them, Bon Scott era and a few albums after but...enough is enough.
Claudiano Santos
Claudiano Santos - 13 timer siden
Simplesmente magnífico.
Luis peralta
Luis peralta - 13 timer siden
Wtf Dude you are legends forever and ever! Super proud of all the effort and work all you put on this new album ! Never disappointed .
Ben Henning Burk
Ben Henning Burk - 13 timer siden
yes! Classic AC/DC👍
lautaro angel silva
lautaro angel silva - 13 timer siden
José Manuel Hernández
José Manuel Hernández - 13 timer siden
Sencillamente magnífico. Sensacional. Buen Rock and roll. Good Rock and roll
Vincent James
Vincent James - 14 timer siden
For the band from down under its a smashing success...what else is new..this is AC/DC 2020
Jeff Butchko
Jeff Butchko - 14 timer siden
At last ! Some decent rock & roll. Blows away the usual pablum for the masses they call “music” lately.
The Rattle RKO
The Rattle RKO - 14 timer siden
Jeff Sartain
Jeff Sartain - 14 timer siden
AC/DC can smoke The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith any day of the week. This video is certain proof.
If you agree with me, give my comment a 👍
METE - 10 timer siden
LZ is untouchable bro.
Pedro Vagula Galinari
Pedro Vagula Galinari - 14 timer siden
❤️ 🇧🇷 🤘🏻
George Bagnall
George Bagnall - 14 timer siden
Doug DosSantos
Doug DosSantos - 14 timer siden
A few years back it seemed like the band was disbanding..... brian seemed to be loosing his voice, angus looked tired..... rudd almost went to jail......
But then i see this?? They sound great and look great.... hope they go on tour
Red Clark
Red Clark - 15 timer siden
Somewhere Malcolm Young is smiling from ear to ear looking down on his brother and the boys TEARING IT UP AGAIN. For a bunch of old men they can still shake the walls.
Belladonna - 15 timer siden
Let's bring rock back!
Holden Janssen
Holden Janssen - 15 timer siden
R.I.P. Malcom Young.._...AC/DC is forever!!
Marc Perier
Marc Perier - 15 timer siden
Raymond DussUlt
Raymond DussUlt - 15 timer siden
Anja B
Anja B - 15 timer siden
Endlich ist es wieder soweit ❤️❤️❤️
Аркадий Цвиро
Аркадий Цвиро - 15 timer siden
любимые старички!!!
Dom Bad Boy Boogie
Dom Bad Boy Boogie - 16 timer siden
We love you all forever ACDC we salute you !!!!!!!!
Antonio Gosnell
Antonio Gosnell - 16 timer siden
what a fantastic song acdc still makes some great rock music
Tintoycar - 16 timer siden
I hope I will be as fit like Brian when I'm 73
Daniel McGuffin
Daniel McGuffin - 16 timer siden
I thought for a sec it's Donnie I should die
Michael E
Michael E - 16 timer siden
All you flaming liberals should.
Hunter Legg
Hunter Legg - 16 timer siden
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
Eric Van Huffel
Eric Van Huffel - 17 timer siden
I got shot in the dark and beaten up in the park yeah
Jeferson Thalys
Jeferson Thalys - 17 timer siden
Viktor A. Perique
Viktor A. Perique - 17 timer siden
Prasanna Vishal
Prasanna Vishal - 17 timer siden
Survivor Series Got Powered up By A Shot in The Dark❤️
drPutek - 17 timer siden
G J BOYS !!!
LFV22MIA - 17 timer siden
Got it yesterday baby!!!