A Minimalist Approach to Business

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Sylvia Thompson
Sylvia Thompson - 11 dager siden
Leanne Kenyon
Leanne Kenyon - 21 dag siden
Ugh! I loved this. I’ve had so many conversations like this with people. Especially about being promoted out of the job your like and are good at as a ‘reward’. That’s why so many companies have awful environments because most senior people are there because they were good at a different job! Makes no sense
Dana Myles
Dana Myles - 6 måneder siden
Well now that just changed my entire entreprenuerial life. 😃
Bartłomiej Urbański
Bartłomiej Urbański - 7 måneder siden
*Idea of having a customer for a lifetime:*
"If somebody is subscribed to the magazine it takes a lot less time, effort and money to just keep them subscribed. Just make those people happy instead of trying to find new people."
Career Code Hindi
Career Code Hindi - 8 måneder siden
Wow man, these minimalist guys are crushing many nonsense stuff happening in the world. Superb!
Ilya Basov
Ilya Basov - 8 måneder siden
Спасибо! Приятно знать, что есть хорошие;) люди, которые схоже мыслят и живут
Miles Johnson
Miles Johnson - 8 måneder siden
EXACTLY!! I wouldn't need $1 million a year either. I just wanna earn enough for me to live very well. Shooting to earn a million dollar salary most likely means doing a lot of things I don't like and getting stuck doing them in order to maintain that salary. I'm trying to enjoy my career, not hate it
Alexander Anisimov
Alexander Anisimov - 9 måneder siden
So true. Responsibility is a burden that pulls you down, and even if you make money you end up at square one, wih all this money but with a burden of responsibility
Gapur Ozdoev
Gapur Ozdoev - 9 måneder siden
An irresponsible business in the pursuit of wealth, is ready to kill all life on earth. A business with moderate appetite, in harmony with society and the environment, is what we need.
Jussef - 11 måneder siden
This is nice, but he is basically still a freelance, I think I would rather have a small team of maximum 6 people (a micro company) and doing 6 figures per month.
Nicole Christie
Nicole Christie - 11 måneder siden
I quit my job to open my own law firm 2 years ago. The trend around me is to scale your business, buy a building and hire staff. I kept thinking why is that so unattractive to me? Was I fearing growth? Turns out I just don’t want to abandon my purpose in opening my own firm - freedom to call the shots on my schedule and time to do other things in life.
I’m on chapter 5 of the book Company of One and it has helped to give me the focus I needed.
Thanks for sharing.
Colat Nuss
Colat Nuss - 11 måneder siden
I think you may be scared of teaching people
Swat - År siden
I don’t know this gentleman’s financials and don’t need to, but this is the truth bc I met someone that resonated the same story.
I met an unbelievable custom home builder in Southern California. He builds 1000-2000 SF custom modern designer Airbnb homes in remote areas. They are what you would see in West Hollywood but surrounded in nature. The materials, the way he used concrete with glass, the placement of windows to showcase a tree outside... the pocket doors to optimize space.. the no lip straight tiled floor into the shower with a flip out door for outdoor shower straight from the bathroom...it was all so thought out. Any angle you take a photo it would look straight out of a mid century style magazine. I asked him how he does it.. he said I have 4 people on my team that’s it. I go at my own pace and I do one house at a time. I asked why doesn’t he expand ...you could do 10 houses at a time and he said you know those houses in Morena Valley? I hung 10,000 doors there...I’ve been there as a big corporation. I’m not interested in that anymore. That’s not me...right now I feed 4 families, we have a wait list...my guys are like my family. A few more and I’ll probably retire. But it just seemed he loved what he was doing and there’s no way he’s retiring anytime soon. I was so inspired by him that I will never forget that experience.
Vernon Harmse
Vernon Harmse - År siden
Refreshingly brilliant.
Alex Wilson-Razzell
Alex Wilson-Razzell - År siden
Did you use boom mics for this one Matt?

I can't see lapel mics and of course you don't have your condensers!
LaurenDayMakeup - År siden
3:02 As little responsibility as possible with profit
This sums up exactly how I feel about being a minimalist in business. Excellent video!
Sara Cruz
Sara Cruz - År siden
This is great. I didn't know until today...but it looks like I own a Minimalist Company 😍 we're 3 people right now, and my own goal is really to provide great traveling experiences to my clients and an honorable working experience for myself and my colleagues, that can allow us to live happily and well (no employees, they're colleagues!). Cheers!
Reiki Centrum Haarlem
Reiki Centrum Haarlem - År siden
Small is beautiful
CarpeDiem - År siden
how ironic if his mailing list grew exponentially after this video
Giovanni Bottan
Giovanni Bottan - År siden
Amazing interview, and amazing point of view.
eshe이시 - År siden
i learned so much for this and i'm still 16, i feel so lucky to have these amazing people give advices and lectures *thank you*
Bean Counting
Bean Counting - År siden
Where are the microphones?
Ted Parker
Ted Parker - År siden
You are going to have a few customers who spend money with you for their whole lives ? What are you selling ? Pizza ? Do you want to own a supermarket ? I don’t spend money with the same businesses over and over again. Unless I’m buying a Coca Cola. I want to have enough money that I can be my families Go To person when someone needs help. The best things in life are free but, the other stuff that I want to have or experience before I leave Earth are not free. I Need Money always. Barely affording anything is depressing.
Daniela Domínguez
Daniela Domínguez - År siden
Matt...I just need you to know: you changed my life forever with your videos, and this particular one gave me such a gigantic amount of peace that I have to tell you how grateful I am to you.
April B
April B - År siden
Wonderful message, Paul! This is exactly how I run my business, and I didn't even realize it until I heard you put it into words.
Isabella Bazzara
Isabella Bazzara - År siden
Beautiful. And much needed for these days and 'ideals'!
Grand Mestre des Poulpes
What Paul says is true minimalist or not : an entrepreneur doesn't become an entrepreneur just to say "Hey ! I own a company !" or he will marvellously fail. It's too hard.
An entrepreneur is like a gardener : a company is like a seed that you work on to get a tree, the biggest why not but the healthiest is mandatory to get the best fruits. :)
Grand Mestre des Poulpes
And a good way of being healthy is to have severals trees with different fruits, and vegetables. :P
Cholly Sa
Cholly Sa - År siden
This video didn't appear in my sub feed or on the homepage, I'm watching this 2 weeks after it was released.
Declutter your life
Declutter your life - År siden
This is one of the reasons why I shifted my focus in my business last year.
I felt so much pressure focusing on more while my goal was to be there for people so that more people get the help they deserve ❤️ ( I help therapist to sell out their programs 🔥)
I love PAM and KYO
I love PAM and KYO - År siden
video that hits home
I love PAM and KYO
I love PAM and KYO - År siden
this defines life
GordWayne - År siden
Too much emphasis on what the status quo is, especially every time Mike talks, he's saying the same thing and it's better for him to be silent and let the guest talk about his actual techniques
Владислав Шинкин
I am working with my wife together. I am doing design, and she is doing business things like agreements, accounting and so on. Sometimes i thing that is unable to be better live/work style like that.
The Dudelino
The Dudelino - År siden
I honestly never know if people tell you the truth. Literally every American I've met in any entrepreneur group - they are all pulling 6 figures.
They are all like - 10K a month is pocket change, you need to thing bigger and that's inspiring on one end, frustrating
on the other when you want to celebrate a 7K month because that's actually a good one for where you are at :O)
Split Film Productions
As a videographer and small business owner I have been trying to find what works for me and this video has been very valuable to me in the way I want to operate. I will save this to view later. Thanks for all that you do :)
VR with Andrew
VR with Andrew - År siden
I for one have been struggling with the concept of "enough" recently. Enough work, projects, following, when was it enough? What was the line for being a "real" business? Watching this has made me feel a lot better about the whole thing. I'll for sure be giving Paul's newsletter/book a read.
Mohammad Abdur Rahim
Mohammad Abdur Rahim - År siden
I didn't turn on the notification for Matt. Cause Youtube knows how much I like Matt's video. They will suggest me anyway. I don't think I ever missed any video of Matt.
Lock Loki
Lock Loki - År siden
Like his voice, hope Matt make a podcast on spotify or souncloud, and we can hear he talk about more minimalism
Lock Loki
Lock Loki - År siden
@Julius Tyson thank you
Julius Tyson
Julius Tyson - År siden
Lock Loki check out “ground up show” in your podcast app
Matt Mattos
Matt Mattos - År siden
You made a huge contribution to the world with this interview. Thanks Matt
Faris Annas
Faris Annas - År siden
when two of my minimalism models meet
Zuntík - År siden
I bumbed into this very book you are talking about a few days ago and now you get me an interview with the author, Matt? Comme on, get out of my head, you freak! :D No, seriously, thank you, just yesterday I had a conversation with one of my best friend who offered me to go into a small business with him, because he wants someone who he would enjoy working with. I am so excited to learning new stuff and building my work life around my life, not the way around.
Abdullahi Muhammed
Abdullahi Muhammed - År siden
This state of mind is meant for people who have achieved contentment. I cant see someone whose goal of business is to make money. Not doing what they love, gaining anything from this video. Minimalism should be addressed when contentment has been addressed in business. Contentment cant be addressed in business until it is addressed in other aspects of one's life.
Sayyed Hasan
Sayyed Hasan - År siden
Anyone who wants to achieve goals or start a business should work on this approach because it usually happens at some point of life, people leave them self and start living on the standards of others and they suffer because of that.
Malcolm Rainers
Malcolm Rainers - År siden
Thanks for the video Matt. Interesting perspectives and ideas. I also think there's an enormous (potential) societal benefit to having a mega company with lots of responsibility as it can be a vehicle for job creation. It's not for everyone to take on a goal/dream like this, but the reward can be monumental and can build a worthwhile legacy (if you're into legacies).
Tung - År siden
What is enough? How will I know when I get there? What will change when I do?
If you don’t know the answer to the third question, then what is the point? - Now that's some really powerful questions. Great interview Matt.
Laura van Alphen
Laura van Alphen - År siden
Great video!
Foreseeing Salisa
Foreseeing Salisa - År siden
Check out why I CAN'T be a minimalist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Pbh_Phlnzk&t=24s
matty k
matty k - År siden
I fuckin love you
The Feel Button
The Feel Button - År siden
It's strange to me that a minimalist wouldn't automatically apply minimalist principles to business.
Liz Saldaña
Liz Saldaña - År siden
Great interview!!
I share the same ideas guest speaker! Paul
rodanthi priniotaki
rodanthi priniotaki - År siden
i recently re-read a Yalom book i have and it said infinite progress is a myth, because everything is destined to die someday. it's not to be pensive, but to be realistic, and this video reminded me of that. thank you.
Mr. Ziaul
Mr. Ziaul - År siden
Hello Matt,,
I'm your Subscriber from Indonesia,, Nice to watching your conten,, i'ts bring me a new perpsfektiv about live,, you opinion is very interesting,, keep make a good content,,, Salam dari Indonesia
📊GreenTrade - År siden
Good thing I trade stocks for Living 📈
Dirigo Dave
Dirigo Dave - År siden
I own a small power washing and property service company. It’s just me, my truck and equipment. I spend money on supplies and advertising. That’s it. I maximize my profit keeping it a one man job. I choose the jobs I want and I set the price knowing I only have to pay myself.
Ram Ship
Ram Ship - År siden
Hi Matt,
This is one of your best interviews!!
roumiii - År siden
This is so precious!! Love this interview!
mother abigail
mother abigail - År siden
This was really helpful !thank you
Gamer Reality
Gamer Reality - År siden
Wow, as an aspiring indie game developer and already content creator on YouTube this is all good to hear and also gives me a lot of ideas of how it may work out. Thank you for making this video, I love the channel!!
Derek Sutton
Derek Sutton - År siden
I love your content, I really do. I'll be honest though, I miss the podcast being something I didn't have to pay for. I know Patreon is something that a lot of content creators use to pay their bills, but eventually, every podcast is going to be doing this and then it'll be a bill to pay for the podcasts I listen to. I understand you want to make revenue, I'm just a little sad that I won't be able to hear episodes like this anymore.