A Guide to Getting Unstuck // Ground Up 066

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Nate Green (nategreen.org) is a fitness expert & author that advocates a simple approach to well-being.
On this episode we cover...
1. Breakdown what it takes to make lasting changes in your life.
2. How a degree isn’t necessary if you have experience & connections.
3. Parato’s 80/20 principle & why focusing on the tiny hacks and tweaks will stop you from starting.
4. The Nuclear Mode. A very creative strategy he uses to restrict the time spent on his phone.
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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 2 år siden
Find Nate here... http://nategreen.org
Almiron Cristian
Almiron Cristian - År siden
I am from Argentina !! I've been following you for a couple of weeks. Your Channel content is really interesting and 100 % suitable for Spanish speaking countries!! have you thought about translating some of your videos into Spanish? Think about it, you could get plenty of followers there. Good luck and success!!
r - 2 år siden
Yo, where did you buy your desk from?
Slava Momotyuk
Slava Momotyuk - Måned siden
Some really deep thoughts shared on the podcast.Very useful for young people starting out their careers. Thank you Matt and Nate!
Zilhou - 3 måneder siden
There is so much bicep in this frame. Great episode.
Martin W.
Martin W. - 3 måneder siden
Hey Matt, great Video as always ;). I would have a question, what microfon and noice filter are you using to get the super clear audio? (or does anyone here know)
ashseck - 5 måneder siden
Just over 7 minutes in and I love this already!
The Lyrics Guy
The Lyrics Guy - 5 måneder siden
Why do I feel like Nate looks like young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter
Sarah S
Sarah S - 6 måneder siden
I'm your host * glances at screen* Matt D'Avella.
That One Yogi
That One Yogi - 8 måneder siden
YES!!!!! 10 years ago I did yoga once a week and got myself walking again that was my catalyst of I don't need to go all out. LOL. I started weight training once a week and lost 50lbs . I didn't even change my diet. I just looked at what needs to happen in 10 years rather than 3 months. I am still going. I just celebrated one year of owning my own yoga studio. HEART!!!
Aleksander Eide
Aleksander Eide - 9 måneder siden
before may 24 this year i had a big bottle of coca-cola every single day and never had any water so on may 23 i suddenly wanted to try for atleast one year to only drink water for a full year no matter if it is a birthday or christmas or any other special day and still today almost 7 months after i have only been drinking water since may 24 and i love it and will never again drink any soda.
Sameer Narula
Sameer Narula - 11 måneder siden
Just ordered the 7 habits for teens book for a friend’s brother
Dante Corbett
Dante Corbett - År siden
Can you talk with ProFoto to get their mobile Flash to work natively with moment app.
Sourabh - År siden
A very Good Podcast . Kinda Value Bomb.
Phurba Sherpa
Phurba Sherpa - År siden
Matt, how do I take the three-week course? Also, do you have any mentorship program (similar to Nate's) ?
Thịnh Phạm
Thịnh Phạm - År siden
Any time I try to put on some muscle, I gain fat. Harder than I thought 🙂
Meg Lijauco
Meg Lijauco - År siden
This video is incredible and so insightful, thank you!
Futures - År siden
self development books the self development movement the self self self cultures we are are part of the issues - its madness to be offering things like meditation to burned out employees or bullied, stressed and hassled children in school - the environment is toxic and unless and until we get together and demand better cultures this myopic self focus will lead nowhere
Futures - År siden
in order to people healthy people need access to resources and a culture not full of ways to harm health
Ram Mudumbi
Ram Mudumbi - År siden
Fantastic work. Useful advice for all ages. (Small point; show notes item 3 should read “Pareto” principal.) More power to you.
Daniel Najar
Daniel Najar - År siden
Great interview
Gaun Ryu
Gaun Ryu - År siden
the last statement "Remember I'm going to die.." this is so powerful
AMP Tracks
AMP Tracks - År siden
Personal experience: I'm never stuck cause I'm used to work hard constantly. After working a few month or even days on a demanding project I enjoy nothing more than my creative freedom, be it foto, video or making music. Takeaway: A little bit of creative block is laziness.
Angela Bowles
Angela Bowles - År siden
Second post...I really could listen to you both speech all day long. So Awesome..Thank you
Angela Bowles
Angela Bowles - År siden
Love this episode. You had me hooked when he said Precision Nutrition. I have been a client and also took the coaching program
Naman Bansal
Naman Bansal - År siden
this podcast is so good!
Matt you are one of the most inspiring and authentic individual I have ever found online. Thanks for being you and helping us out.
Nate's work is so awesome too.
Jesse Pena
Jesse Pena - År siden
It amazes me how few views some of these podcasts get in comparison to your other/usual videos. I love the flow of information here. As a small business owner I took fsome keys points from this and I'm looking forward to much much more.
remdreamer - År siden
From 0 to a 100, i saw the whole podcast and I’m happy that we live in the time where you can connect so much with the ideas and experiences that people share in these episodes, like this is way better than reading a self development book not only because you feel immersed into conversations yet because you feel part of it unconditionally... idk what else to write so just say thank you for posting this and sharing it with us all.
Gonçalo Ferreira
Gonçalo Ferreira - År siden
roth IRA? The way everyone talks abour that it seems so easy to be rich in the usa
Trinder3467 - År siden
But having a Roth IRA for the sake of having 100K at the end of your life is useless. That money is supposed to be for your inheritance. What will you do with hundreds of thousands when you're 65? Buy a tesla to impress chiks?
Djobi3 - År siden
Has that picture of The Rock (in his teens) always been there?!
lissa chelle
lissa chelle - År siden
How many people have told you you sound like Ira Glass? Btw, that's a high compliment. ;)
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson - År siden
Great advice but his voice is a bit annoying and he said “like” well over 100 times.
Own Your Look with Jeremy Daly
you should make a guide on how to go from 'skinny to jacked', I have no idea man and you did it, both of you guys did, would be dope to see your perspective!
Cory Norell
Cory Norell - År siden
This man needs to tell every personal trainer I've ever seen that the goal is to ask questions and lead the client to solve their own issues, not just toss out arbitrary programs with little-to-no understanding about the 'why' behind what they are preaching.

Edit: The 'one hour trial' idea is absolute gold. This is also the only podcast style talk I have ever bookmarked to watch later and take actual notes on.
Josh Chapman
Josh Chapman - År siden
This has really changed my perspective on how to tackle change, I love this part right at the start...
“How confident are you that you can go to the gym 3 times a week? If the client answers anything, 7 / 10 or less, we shrink it. How about 2 days a week; mmmmm, how about 1 day a week? Oh, I could do that, that’s easy. So that’s the habit we start with. That’s the thing we measure for a month – are you consistently going to the gym once a week?”  
Thanks :)
See more here - https://joshfrom.nz/index.php/2019/02/12/changing-habits-and-management-theory-and-beer-logs/
Michael Cooke
Michael Cooke - År siden
I don’t comment often but I love your content 👌🏻
Kamila B
Kamila B - År siden
Great great great episode, and Nate's voice...I'm almost blushing O:)
Adity Das Gupta
Adity Das Gupta - År siden
time stamps please
Mikey - År siden
Tnx Matt
RPG Legendary Soundtracks
Strange how everyone kept commenting, criticizing and even demoralizing Becca Shern because of the Fry in her voice, when she was invited to the podcast.
But when it comes to this guy, it becomesthe most beautiful thing in the world.
Meddl Loide
Meddl Loide - År siden
Thanks mate, this video really got me, kind of opened my eyes...
Deleted my social media and started to be a better human.
It's hard no joke but I'm getting there.
See ya great music btw