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From Dave: "Normally I wouldn't show you something so unrefined, I hope you understand."
This is not a Special but rather an impromptu purging of feelings and thoughts delivered by Dave during his show in Ohio on June 6, 2020.
Dave is not interested in monetizing any content related to George Floyd’s death. Instead, he encourages you to join him in support of the Equal Justice Initiative and the protection of human rights. For more information on the EJI or to make a donation please go to support.eji.org/chappelle
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Karl Unger
Karl Unger - Time siden
LeBron James and the NBA are massive hypocrites. While decrying the heinous human rights abuse in the US, they continue to engage with China. Reminds me of the people who used to perform in Sun City during apartheid because the money was so good. Greasing palms has always been an effective means of getting people to look the other way. Not saying shut up and dribble - exactly the opposite. Speak up and put your money where your mouth is.
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent - Time siden
But if you notice a lot of comedians they always wear black. So they say the wrong thing we still paying homage to the beast The gatekeepers. Because they still about that dollar bill that doesn't have his face on it.
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent - 2 timer siden
Looks like he's starting to lose that overweight look and getting back to look who he was that kind of day.
Beverly Matthews
Beverly Matthews - 2 timer siden
I SO understand...Don't stop Dave..
Nick Nomski
Nick Nomski - 2 timer siden
Hannah Gadsby, eat yer heart out
juniornac1 - 2 timer siden
Pissed off I missed his show in Jacksonville when he came here a couple years back. After the show he went bar hopping with fans, salute to Dave he a real one.
Jacob Allman
Jacob Allman - 3 timer siden
Chappelle for president.
name none
name none - 3 timer siden
Dave Chapelle went from a snoop dog voice to Denzel Washington
lilahdog 568
lilahdog 568 - 4 timer siden
"Do we give a fuck what Ja Rule thinks?" We haven't since the 2000s lmfao.
VOXX DJ - 4 timer siden
Goat 🐐
Anthony Chapman
Anthony Chapman - 6 timer siden
The Marker
The Marker - 6 timer siden
“We didn’t choose him. YOU DID.”
Wilson Croft-Malcolm
Wilson Croft-Malcolm - 7 timer siden
I used to like u Dave .... now can’t stand you and your poor cheap attitude against Candace - all you do is lessen the African race in quality... yo gone to me
Sparks - 8 timer siden
I love Dave but he should stick to comedy because he would get slammed in politics. He’d change his tune if it were his wife that had been assaulted by George Floyd with a gun while she was pregnant with his baby, can you imagine being that woman’s husband and seeing the mural of Floyd depicted as a literal SAINT ascending to the heavens, it’s disgusting to think that people would be so foolish and side with someone so horrible just because they have the same skin tone
JediNxf7 - 8 timer siden
It may not be funny but it's a masterclass in oratory. The way he uses pauses, dynamics, tone, changes of style, examples, personal narrative... Obama on his best day would be proud to move an audience like this. Dave Chappelle is too big now for just comedy
Dakota Geimer
Dakota Geimer - 10 timer siden
You can’t Corner the Dorner
skallklyve fafnesbane
skallklyve fafnesbane - 11 timer siden
Cicada 00
Cicada 00 - 12 timer siden
The legend is back
J B - 12 timer siden
Thank you Dave for being fearless and transparent as possible ❤️✊🏾❤️you inspire and motivate me - Joshua Blissett
fish stick
fish stick - 12 timer siden
Its pretty dang weird, tbh....
What a propaganda piece.
Ass clown
J B - 12 timer siden
Power to the people ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾power to Dave
MadDogHoek23 - 13 timer siden
Body cam transcript just made this whole video irrelevant. Smh
NOYB Maxx - 14 timer siden
It's weird Dave...Yes...they are riots Dave..looting, damage to property, assults, murders, burning of businesses...yup...those are riots. Yes..George Floyd needs justice...they underestimated his ability to endure...yes..regardless..,it was excessive force... everybody agrees that it should not have happened. BUT...George is NO HERO. He was a thief and a thug. Ask the pregnant woman that he held at gun at point....aimed the gun at her stomach and unborn baby ...pistol whipped. .. ask her whether George was a hero...I wonder how upset she was after watching what happened to Floyd. I'd like to hear her view point. One of their OWN was murdered by a criminal....a killer who killed the innocent was turned to swiss cheeze....I see no issue.... Dave is saying that it's ok to do all the shit to 1000's of innocent people that BLM and ANTIFA's people are doing....? Is that ok? No. Zimmerman. ..found not guilty. ..Latino. ..not white... tell the rest of the story Dave...yes, some cops are shit...bury them. 9 cops killed....where are to protests? 4 cops killed....where are the protests? Dave, you're NOT FUNNY.....Candace Owens does not justify what Dave is pushing here...Dave is pushing anger...almost justifying violence against the Police...if anybody is a cunt ...it's YOU Dave....you're giving the wrong message. You trust the mob mentally. ...you're an idiot. Candace Owens makes you and your big mouth look like fools. Dave. ...you're not helping....you're making things worse. You SUCK!!!!
NOYB Maxx - 53 minutter siden
@Tim Shea Oh...yes...today...I'm using a tablet, I couldn't see all of your points so I send the first part, moved the screen up so I could read the rest of your post, then edited my original. So...where are we on the debate..do we agree on any points yet?
NOYB Maxx - 57 minutter siden
@Tim Shea Possibly. ..may have started something. .depends the topic...I don't usually delete posts and not sure what you mean by ghost hidden... my battery did go dead in the middle of a post...not sure of the name or the topic though.
Tim Shea
Tim Shea - 3 timer siden
@NOYB Maxx Meant to add that I know you responded earlier to me, but it isn't in this thread. I saw it in my notifications but not here. Either you deleted it or it is ghost hidden.
NOYB Maxx - 7 timer siden
@Cap't Dilds YUP...that's typical... no content...no debate, no civil discussion. ... that's why we never get anywhere... why don't you watch and actually listen to Candace Owens...then if you still disagree...explain why. But if you don't see that what she is telling you is the truth...you belong in the projects... she's on our side. ..the Democrats are not...and after listening to Dave Chappell. ..he's not giving us the best advice either. Esecially by calling her down FFS. Anyway....I thought like you do.... I was ALWAYS the victim ...it's their fault, they arw holding me back...it's those terrible white people....nope...it was ME. And as soon as I figured that out, my whole life changed. But you don't care about that. Here is ONE thing that you should look up. Are you a boxing fan? If so...why don't you look up what the KKK Democrats did to Jack Johnston..(early 1900's first black heavy weight champion)....because he was black they railroaded him...you don't know a thing about real racism...they searched the world for the "white hope" to beat him... All Democrats. .. If you want to see a REAL HERO...that man is who you need to idolize...not George Floyd. Be well...
Cap't Dilds
Cap't Dilds - 9 timer siden
The the fuck up, bitch.
Greg3 Cavanagh
Greg3 Cavanagh - 16 timer siden
Anron Jatu
Anron Jatu - 16 timer siden
Donald Trump regularly has African Americans at the white house https://youtu.be/NMoj0r-MCLs
Mark TheRegularDude
Mark TheRegularDude - 16 timer siden
This was therapy. These arent jokes. These are feelings and commentary. This is change, much needed. A "comedian" this man has a way with words
Anron Jatu
Anron Jatu - 17 timer siden
Don Lemon took clips out of this act and made it look like Dave Chapell was taking Don Lemons divine advice...these liberals wont stop until every black man is dead or in prison.
Anron Jatu
Anron Jatu - 17 timer siden
You think being confronted by police is bad?... Try being white, we are over twice as likely to be killed by police when being confronted by police. Its not about racism at all.
Cap't Dilds
Cap't Dilds - 8 timer siden
Yeah that is objectively fucking wrong.
BaywolfX - 17 timer siden
i like dave chappelle as a comedian, but he is wrong about this
Jim Smitt
Jim Smitt - 18 timer siden
White privilege definition : a mom in a mini van gets pulled over with her 2 kids taking them to soccer practice. She is listening to country music / 90s rock . She is a nurse and a person who has worked her whole life to be respected in society . She has no felonies . And does not listen to music that glorifies killing people , popping pills , and slapping bitches . The other scenario ; you pull over a car and hear the sub woofers blasting , the guy has previous felonies . He also is calling the cop a pig among other words . Resisting every step of the way .
Jim Smitt
Jim Smitt - 18 timer siden
Another scenario of “white privilege” . There is a zoo keeper who manages the tigers . One tiger has never bit a zoo keeper or acted aggressive to the zoo keeper . So this tigers collar is a little looser . They give it a little more free space . The zoo keeper can let his guard down a little more with this tiger that has never hurt any of the workers or him . Now there’s another tiger ; this one is aggressive . This tiger has attacked multiple zoo keepers . It doesn’t follow commands . So , this tigers collar is a little tighter . The zoo keeper watches this tiger closer because he knows it is aggressive .
Matt S
Matt S - 19 timer siden
Dave Chappell is a washed up has been little bitch. I wish he’s come talkin that crap he did about Candace Owens around my place I’ll bitch slap that Boy
Cap't Dilds
Cap't Dilds - 8 timer siden
Sorry he talked shit about your conservative token.
Pat CC
Pat CC - 19 timer siden
And he told his story: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CChU1j0gOO4/?igshid=1nped2hq0x4fn
TheHumanSpirit - 20 timer siden
Lieutenant Colonel Allen West firmly opposes BLM and the Anti-West "progressives." Please, everyone, check out this man's channel below and SUBSCRIBE. He is Lionheart & Wisdom in one: https://youtu.be/RqGaTPNoKRU
Seth Nicolas Randall
Seth Nicolas Randall - 22 timer siden
F-u to any dislikes!!!! U simply don't get it!! Love ya Chapelle, Shepard status!!👑👑👑
Keith Ryder
Keith Ryder - 22 timer siden
NIKKI G #promoterlife
NIKKI G #promoterlife - Dag siden
Yes any black person that survives this nightmare is my hero 💯
-ZoNeR- - Dag siden
June 6, 2020 was the same day a cop retaliated by assaulting and arresting me for refusing to give my last name, because legally I didn’t have to.
Chase Rock
Chase Rock - Dag siden
That's it?? That was boring and disappointing as hell.
Rosario Musumeci
Rosario Musumeci - Dag siden
What a looser. What a disgusting and superficial human being. ........
Anantha News
Anantha News - Dag siden
This is art
steve2000irwin - Dag siden
Dave has always been brilliant, funny and real.
Badal Ilkacase101
Badal Ilkacase101 - Dag siden
If I Find out I will let know. Candace Owen
Brad Churchey
Brad Churchey - Dag siden
The thing with George Floyd is the BLM ruined the real fight by making it about race instead of police brutality and abuse of power
Cap't Dilds
Cap't Dilds - 8 timer siden
Police brutality has very strong correlations along racial lines.
Tim Shea
Tim Shea - Dag siden
Are you fucking serious? The point is he was killed _because_ of his race! Did you just wake up from 1968?
Matter of Fact
Matter of Fact - Dag siden
Dave Chappell may very well end up being remembered as the voice of reason and truth for this generation than for being the very best comedian of all time. He's certainly an amazing and insightful man.
KnightNight - Dag siden
Im a pale mf. But this touched me. You can hear it in mans voice.
Bobby Winston
Bobby Winston - Dag siden
Lost respect for dave on this one. I wish all my brothas would educate themselves .
Tim Shea
Tim Shea - Dag siden
On what?
Crueltea - Dag siden
Pretty soon Dave's not going to do comedy specials anymore and just be featured on TED talks
Fotosynthesis858 - Dag siden
Chappelle= GOAT. Legend.
Candace Owen= Auntie Tom sellout.
Kobe= RIP. Miss you. Love you.
Marion Lecrayon
Marion Lecrayon - Dag siden
speaking about a group of people disrespecting another group of people, should we talk about misogyny? The same way I won't be passive about any kind of racism, I won't be passive about this kind of speech. Humour needs to evolve, the jokes that were 'funny' 50 years ago are not anymore funny. Times are changing
Tim Shea
Tim Shea - Dag siden
Oh me word clutch my pearls! Dave used a naught word! I guess we can dismiss everything he said about a black man being killed in the middle of the street!
Zephyr Parker
Zephyr Parker - Dag siden
Who else thinks he has been cloned?
Tim Shea
Tim Shea - Dag siden
No rationally thinking person.
LOUDPACG - Dag siden
I'm almost in tears watching this.
Cid B.
Cid B. - Dag siden
Laura Ingraham IS a bitch, no explanation necessary.
Tim Shea
Tim Shea - Dag siden
I'd have gone further but I'm in agreement.
Wisdom Tam
Wisdom Tam - Dag siden
Alfa Uno
Alfa Uno - Dag siden
Was this supposed to be funny? Go back home Dave n smoke some weed bruh, maybe u ll get creative again.
Tim Shea
Tim Shea - 12 timer siden
@Alfa Uno Why does one need to be a "politician" to illustrate atrocities?
Alfa Uno
Alfa Uno - 13 timer siden
@Tim Shea for sure coz he's a comedian not a politician.
help I peed
help I peed - Dag siden
it wasn't supposed to be funny it was supposed to be important
Tim Shea
Tim Shea - Dag siden
Way to miss the point. Maybe next time Dave could do a tap dance routine for you.
Aaron James
Aaron James - Dag siden
Good on you Dave. This must have been extremely difficult to do but you did it anyway.
John Carry
John Carry - Dag siden
🖕🏿to all the people hu disliked this video
Disgusted Intennessee
Disgusted Intennessee - Dag siden
Verdict: IT WORKED!!
Jesse H.
Jesse H. - Dag siden
Wow Dave was on such a good run. Now he’s falling for this fucking SJW scam. Really disappointing.
Cap't Dilds
Cap't Dilds - 8 timer siden
Deal with it you reactionary nerd.
help I peed
help I peed - Dag siden
did you really think dave chapelle would be on the cops side?
DJLOUIE1000 - Dag siden
Logan Garrett
Logan Garrett - Dag siden
More powerful than any sermon I’ve ever heard.
America Now
America Now - Dag siden
Your perception creates your reality. -- Citi Zen, host of America NOW.
Luke - Dag siden
Knock it off dave. What are you doing? Since when did you buy into the democratic parties racism? Are you oppressed Millionaire ?
Tim Shea
Tim Shea - Dag siden
*democratic parties racism* There's only one party who supports leaving statues dedicated to slavery in place. Guess who it is. Hint: it's the party that receives less than 10% of the black vote.
CMG WEB - Dag siden
Uplifting Black Voices
ILuvLA99 - Dag siden
Rick James brought me here!
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic - Dag siden
Love this dude, truly!
Akakak - Dag siden
Ya this wasn’t even a comedy special, it’s more like a really dope lecture
MrPCT007 - 2 dager siden
50K thumbs dumb. This is Amerikkka
MSwimz _
MSwimz _ - 2 dager siden
Time stamps?
Auntie Donna
Auntie Donna - 2 dager siden
Please listed to Sgt. Dorsey Speaks where she share information about what was happening in the LAPD manhunt for Christopher Dorner. She is a former LAPD Retired officer........https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXx-W2gWgVM&t=47s (18.18) is where sher begins to speak about Mr. Dorner
SINGLETON222 - 2 dager siden
Light that fuckin cigarette already Dave
Juan Arreche
Juan Arreche - 2 dager siden
A voice.
SavageN7 Gamer
SavageN7 Gamer - 2 dager siden
Don lemon is a joke
Carly Coppi
Carly Coppi - 2 dager siden
He never ages either! Amazing set!
John S
John S - 2 dager siden
Just checked Rotten Tomatoes on this show: at this time, there are 11 audience ratings 73% and 10 critics ratings 90% . By comparison, his 2019 show has about 41,000 audience ratings. 11 just seems too low to have had 27 million views on YouTube. Something is wrong
marty0522 - 2 dager siden
I remember when you were funny. Stick to comedy because people don’t care what you think idiot.
Tim Shea
Tim Shea - Dag siden
Everybody hear that! The white guy wishes to be entertained! Dave, shut up and tell jokes!
Prémium Paris
Prémium Paris - 2 dager siden
This is not on Netflix ? I was looking for a it and didn’t find it
Raptur Jragon
Raptur Jragon - 2 dager siden
Shoot back. Always shoot back. Stay strapped.
Jasuke prysock
Jasuke prysock - 2 dager siden
50 thousand haters lol
Timothy Esmond
Timothy Esmond - 2 dager siden
Dang it. I thought things were getting better
Carly Coppi
Carly Coppi - 2 dager siden
He’s so genius!! Been a fan since day 1❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️