6 Things I Wish I Knew at 20

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Roland Chen
Roland Chen - 11 timer siden
i will be 23 in this Sep and what you have inspired me a lot! and I will be starting by doing!, i will look back next year on my birthday!
Joseph Anglada
Joseph Anglada - 12 timer siden
I would do this but I'm too tired at 28. Sorry.
Linda Aqi
Linda Aqi - 3 dager siden
Great video Matt👍 and thank you for helping us who did not turned 20 yet
Joe Clark
Joe Clark - 3 dager siden
Hey Matt! What do you do for your skin now? How do you follow those three steps that your wife provides? I’m an aspiring public speaker and content creator and would love your input! Thanks!
Alex Chris
Alex Chris - 4 dager siden
1 : Care about your friends and your family, your relationships must bring you hapiness.
2 : Don't be overfocused on your ultimate goals, take time to be happy.
3 : Realise what really matters for yourself. What gets you happy in your life.
Francisco M I
Francisco M I - 4 dager siden
Alex Turlais
Alex Turlais - 8 dager siden
I hate Donald Trump and everything but if George Washington was resurrected he'd make Trump look progressive. All these poor people, women, and blacks allowed to vote? Hed be outraged!
casey - 8 dager siden
"Book your flight so you have no choice but to go"
Me: Does that
Covid-19: Hello there
casey - 8 dager siden
I didn't go on a date for 24 years and counting, and it's ok.
Also, in the event that I actually go on dates, I'd probably get kidnapped and murdered by some creep
Kunle - 9 dager siden
Tysm for this video
Daniel Nixon
Daniel Nixon - 9 dager siden
Razwan Ahmed
Razwan Ahmed - 10 dager siden
1. Take responsibility for yourself 0:46
2. Confidence builds by doing 2:07
3. Document more 3:35
4. Use moisturiser 6:11
5. Go on more dates 7:22
6. Travel now 9:31
Zakaria El Khardi
Zakaria El Khardi - 11 dager siden
Dont ever sign a contract which can restrict your freedom, from bank credit to work contract
Miss Relaxed
Miss Relaxed - 11 dager siden
Things I wish I knew at 20:
1) saying no is okay
2) mental health is important
3) stand up for yourself
4) going after things that makes your souls happy
5) stop thinking what others think/stop judgements scare you to do anything
6) taking care of health (my health has worsened bcoz I was not exercising, now back on track )
Sharlene Luo
Sharlene Luo - 12 dager siden
Confidence builds by doing!!! SO TRUE
psycho 1495
psycho 1495 - 15 dager siden
Thank you Matt !
Nirupam Shady
Nirupam Shady - 15 dager siden
Are you left biased?
Weng Orande
Weng Orande - 16 dager siden
just turned 20, then I encountered this video.
Adam Keresztes
Adam Keresztes - 16 dager siden
I never leave comments but I'm 20 yo and I'm so grateful for this video. Love it
Marc Valdez
Marc Valdez - 17 dager siden
As a 20 Year Old, I really appreciate this
WISDOM AS CULTURE - 19 dager siden
"Donald Trump is President" dude you are another virtue signalling sheep
Rob Briner
Rob Briner - 20 dager siden
I'm about to turn 65, so I've had almost 47 years of adult experiences. Don't do anything or buy anything to impress other people. They will mostly not notice or care, and even if they do it will only be fleeting and soon forgotten. The few times other people in this world notice you it will be because they see you do something good and productive when no one else is around. The only way to never be taken advantage of or lied to is to live in a hole in the ground, so accept the fact that you're going to be duped every once in a while. Being totally happy or unhappy about anything is childish. Don't do that as an adult. Being young -- under 30 -- is a very short period of time and when it's over everyone around you will have filled their emotional plate with family, friends, and earning a living. You are ten times more likely to make new friends from age 18-30 than after that. At the end of your life it will be about what you did, not what you wanted to do or did to impress other people or even yourself. A bucket list can be doing 1,000 small things rather than ten epic things. As the people you know are picked off by cosmic roulette you will realize how lucky you are at every age. People start dying in their 20s, 30s, and 40s and it only accelerates. Don't stay angry at others for being stupid or doing you wrong. You have a lot to be forgiven for too. Every life is its own Rubik's Cube with a unique pattern of success and failure. Figure out your own life because no one else can or will. Looking back isn't a waste of time. Be of good will, in a world that often has little. This too shall pass. Write your own paragraph about this topic NOW, not ten years from now, and update it every year or two because you will evolve. Let it happen.
Andy Ale
Andy Ale - 20 dager siden
Finally a man that talks about skin care!!!
Jone Tokaye
Jone Tokaye - 21 dag siden
I'm 17 years old and there are many things that I wish I'd learned a while ago. Here is my list:
-Your surroundings can impact your mood. I really need to clean my room.
-Daily practice is important.
-YouTube isn't the only thing to entertain myself.
-You'll find love when the time comes (I wish I could tell my 14 year old self that).
-Sleep is very important.
This list can go on. Some (most) of those things I still struggle with. When I'm older, I'll probably be upset with myself, but hopefully by then I will have fixed these problems.
Fawnn Yoon
Fawnn Yoon - 22 dager siden
Put on this video on the tv, when I’m my phone immediately after ;-; heELP
Shari Baines
Shari Baines - 22 dager siden
That Glow Up though
Stephy Mantilla
Stephy Mantilla - 23 dager siden
"travel now"
kilian lakomski
kilian lakomski - 24 dager siden
I turned 20 yesterday and I'm watching your video and I'm thinking what I'm going to screw up in the next 10 years. But when I am there I will not forget your advice. Thx
Guillermo Jimenez Varela
Guillermo Jimenez Varela - 25 dager siden
Thanks for sharing, I'm actually 20 now I am doing some of them now but others not, so I think that is a good moment to start
Antoan - 26 dager siden
20 tips I would give my 20-year-old self (I'm 25):
1. During your college years, sign up to as many electives as possible and join student clubs - this is the best time in your life to explore things unrelated to your interests, to test out your boundaries, and build relationships that last for a lifetime
2. Be comfortable to try new things and fail, even if you know that in advance
3. Your personality is the average of the personalities of your closest friends
4. Don't envy people who are more successful than you - instead, befriend them; you don't want to face them on the ring, you want to train alongside them instead
5. It's okay if you lose touch with some of your friends - it's not necessarily anyone's fault, but a natural consequence of life; make attempts to reconnect
6. It's also okay to cut friends off your life when you feel like you've grown apart or just not compatible anymore
7. Emotional intelligence is just as important as cognitive intelligence; learn to control your emotions and understand them
8. Critique on your work is not critique on you as a person
9. Be more vocal when you see something that's not right
10. If you can't do anything to fix your disadvantages, accept them; if you can - you owe it to yourself to fix them
11. Exercise
12. If it doesn't make you happy, don't do it; if you lose a friend because of that, they weren't your friend to begin with
13. The majority of people in your surroundings have good intentions
14. Don't try to be someone you're not
15. Don't overwork yourself unless there's a good reason to
16. Number of likes your posts/pictures/comments get is irrelevant in the long term
17. The most effective way to open your mind is to travel abroad and immerse yourself in different cultures
18. Calibrate your ambitions with this reality; contrary to popular belief, not everything is possible
19. Girls like you, you're just too stupid to notice, and/or are distracted by the wrong ones
20. Most important of all, remember to have fun with whatever it is you're doing
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee - 27 dager siden
I learnt that it is okay to be an introvert with an opinion.
Vignesh - 28 dager siden
9:28 🔥
Zero - 28 dager siden
What amazes me more with the Trump presidency. Is that, you really had no one better?? Voters have to pick between republican shit that knows how make a billion dollars and Democrat shit that doesn’t know how to do anything but is a woman.
Now in 2020: Between a republican shit that kept the country alive for 4 years already and Democrat shit that doesn’t have a spine. And another shit that is a singer and not a politician.
Like bruh. Thinking about his stuff I’m thankful my country has Putin.
JetGames Minecraft Videos
JetGames Minecraft Videos - 29 dager siden
Watching this at 20 like: 👁👄👁
Rian Searcy
Rian Searcy - Måned siden
When this Pandemic is over (hopefully soon) I’m definitely gonna travel more! And I definitely can’t wait to do so because I’ll have my daughter to travel with now 🥰
Samiur Rahman
Samiur Rahman - Måned siden
Gonna turn 20 after 6 months.
martell presco
martell presco - Måned siden
how much traveling would you say you would want at your 20s
YAthish Winner
YAthish Winner - Måned siden
Róisín Grant
Róisín Grant - Måned siden
4:53 _Tell me_ that lady in the foreground is not Eva Green from a past life. I _dare_ you.
Double Dee
Double Dee - Måned siden
heal yo gut, heal yo life
Fiona YL. Lai
Fiona YL. Lai - Måned siden
I didn't realise guys struggle dating. Is it really still even a thing?🙃 probably not with Covid-19 now🤪
Right now, mid 20s, I've realised home is where the heart is, family is more important than ever. If you don't get attached to anything, life would be easier?🙃🤷🏻‍♀️
Jamie N.
Jamie N. - Måned siden
Thank you :) I always come back to this video
Adecade Pongsananta
Adecade Pongsananta - Måned siden
Great Washington joke haha
nord kristal
nord kristal - Måned siden
Amazing styl like
Kari Olson
Kari Olson - Måned siden
I wish I knew instead of looking and checking up what other people do, what you do and what you think is what important. I spent years ignoring what my heart told me and following what other people thought was important. Eventually I find it really hard to find my own voice. I wish I were brave and independent back in those days. So that I don't have to be this struggling and confused now.
Gabriel Figueiredo
Gabriel Figueiredo - Måned siden
6 Things I Wish I Knew at 16
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez - Måned siden
Ask her what exfoliator she uses?
Stephanie Salinas
Stephanie Salinas - Måned siden
I wish I knew that public college related degree is not necessary to get a job. Your work speaks for itself. Most things learned in college are learned from books. Just go to the college website, figure out what courses are required and look at the bookstore’s textbook listing. It helps if you can access the syllabi for other recommended reads.
Anushka Bhave
Anushka Bhave - Måned siden
I turned 19 today yay
Gunnar Sammons
Gunnar Sammons - Måned siden
Matt: I didn't take *weight lifting* and basic algebra.
Me: *looks at biceps*
Also me: Are you sure about that?
BTW that intro had me dying! 😂
Juan Sebastian Garces Restrepo
Things i wish i had started doing earlier (i'm 25)
1. Reading at least 10 pages x day of a great book. (May not sound like alot but just do the math and see how many books you could be reading in a year).
2. Exercise at least 5 - 10 minutes every day (Same principle. Several ppl tries to do huge exercise routines that they can't keep up with. Keep it simple and easy but steady)
3. Meditate (I used to laugh of ppl doing meditation until i really tried it and found my inner self. This is hard to explain so just give it a try and you'll experience what i mean)
4. Cut distractions (NetFlix, Excessive amount of hours playing online games, Phone and social media)
5. Devote at least 90 minutes of conscious hard work x day to my craft (profession)
6. Be a student at least for 60 minutes a day. (it can be anything... a book, a podcast, a youtube video from one of your mentors)
7. Be grateful for the things that i already have and those that i'm in the process of manifesting. Gratefulness is very powerfull!
8. Waking up early at least from Monday to Friday (5 am) --> There's magic and alot of room for self development in the early hours of the day (while everyone else is sleeping)
9. Understanding that will power is a muscle. So you need to exercise every single day by taking action .
10. When you feel like you don't really want to do something that you should do (wathever it is) is definitely the best time to do it (builds will power)
Tyler - Måned siden
I laughed way too hard at that opening joke. Well done
Diana Kadyr
Diana Kadyr - Måned siden
It’s such a hard time for me now and you’re like a fresh breath for me. I really appreciate it, thank you!
Léo - Måned siden
8 months into being 20 here's what I've learned:
- No one gives a fuck about you. Ofc friends and family do, but no one cares whether or not that sweater fits them shoes. They will look at you for five seconds and forget about you straight after so go ahead put that glitter top on.
- Know when to talk and when to stay silent.
- Communicate! Open up about your feelings, bottling emotions up will eat you up, hardcore.
- Find a routine that fits YOU, and incorporate art and literature in it.
- Don't underestimate the power of art and knowledge
- Go out and meet people, they are as afraid to speak to you as you are.
- The universe gives and takes; give it positivity and it'll give you positivity back. Working on finding your own happiness is the work of a lifetime but the search's results are close to immediate and worth it.
Life is hard, and if you are struggling right now, please know that it is going to be okay. You are learning and growing, it's a process and you are doing a great job, be kind and gentle to yourself
Shenae Telini
Shenae Telini - Måned siden
I wish I could like this video 100x, I think I found my new favourite YouTube for growth and development
Khoula Hasan
Khoula Hasan - Måned siden
Rafita - Måned siden
Oh, I would gladly tell you what I wish I knew by 20... but what if I'm 17?? :[]
Jatin Mirania
Jatin Mirania - Måned siden
Now this is what I call encouragement. Thank you Matt. In this lockdown, I tried editing photos and videos from trip last year, do take some time to check it out. No pressure. It would mean a lot to me.
Shehryar - Måned siden
The fourth point is practically impossible for me.
Йухан Вошіп М. С.
Is it normal that I'm 17 and I haven't had a real date?