4 Rules for Digital Minimalism

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - 10 måneder siden
Here are the four rules we followed (or tried to follow):
1. No screens in bed.
2. Schedule all email once daily.
3. Limit social media to 30 min daily.
4. Limit all streaming to one day.

And yes, Natalie and I are technically married. But we're having a wedding next year with family and friends so we pretend like that whole Vegas thing never happened ;)
GMG - 2 måneder siden
One of time management class dude so far😎
dangermuseum - 2 måneder siden
E ewe eeeeqq4
Javed Minhaz Sebastian
Javed Minhaz Sebastian - 3 måneder siden
Natalie got back at u at the end for saying she jobless! 🔥🔥🤯🤯🤯
test1 test2
test1 test2 - 3 måneder siden
you are the man matt 👐♥
Arup Deb
Arup Deb - 4 måneder siden
See currently no one could follow these rules right now 😟
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar - 5 dager siden
Watching during lockdown!
Love from India, Matt!
katrina Avino Barracato
katrina Avino Barracato - 7 dager siden
I love the mustache
Srinivas Nahak
Srinivas Nahak - 11 dager siden
Apart from minimalism you taught me how to have more *acceptance* . Means a lot of times we can't accept if our partner doesn't accept what we believe is a great thing
Elmustafa Eldaw
Elmustafa Eldaw - 13 dager siden
I have just decided to follow your rules for one month
Ill comment again when i'm done to share my experience
Zerotic - 21 dag siden
Your partner has pathetic discipline loool don't sugar coat it as 'not a rule follower'
Jason Williams
Jason Williams - 23 dager siden
You got me with that joke at the end
patrick jackson
patrick jackson - 26 dager siden
If she was busier through her day and had a job I think she’d benefit from it.
Duplicate It
Duplicate It - 28 dager siden
Outro Burn Revenge
Guadalupe Vlček
Guadalupe Vlček - 29 dager siden
I love how Natalie doesn't do the challenges, has not rules and she is happy anyway. Can she make the blog?
Syed Basim
Syed Basim - Måned siden
Did you shave your beards for minimalism hahahah. Just kidding. Like your vidoes
Marko Vujanic
Marko Vujanic - Måned siden
Seems like you are too good for your gf my man
Emma H
Emma H - Måned siden
Am I the only one who just realised, Nat and Matt
Aroma - Måned siden
Luke Bob Robinson
Luke Bob Robinson - Måned siden
Anyone else notice at 4:21 the B-roll is a direct pull from the Minimalism doc he did?
Emma Stud
Emma Stud - Måned siden
Where did you get these rules?
Maniae Official
Maniae Official - Måned siden
Holy fuck the production value of these.
Ryo Yoruichi
Ryo Yoruichi - Måned siden
my phone has this app called digital wellbeing, I set up timer on apps that I mindlessly and compulsively checking suchlike ig, fb, messenger, and twitter. So, if the timer is up, then the app will stop functioning for the whole day. I have this reminder which is to create more, consume less. Sorry for the wrong grammar
Meghana Kankara
Meghana Kankara - Måned siden
@ 3:01 get someone who looks at you the way matt looks at nat
Amon Moore
Amon Moore - Måned siden
Yall cute
Brian Hallmond
Brian Hallmond - Måned siden
"I'm so sorry."
"That was your phone."
Epsilon N
Epsilon N - 2 måneder siden
well, I fucking hate your wife now
Björn - 2 måneder siden
I thought you were Freddie Mercury when I saw that small thumbnail and your moustache xD
Martin Pendry
Martin Pendry - 2 måneder siden
So agree with Natalie - you are so much sexier without the facial hair !
Brenda Deatherage
Brenda Deatherage - 2 måneder siden
Glad to see this was Sept '19, the mustache is not a good look. Stick with what works.
Spyro - 2 måneder siden
U look like Mario Bross with this mustache!! 😂😂
Caden Chavez
Caden Chavez - 2 måneder siden
This video make me

Read more
Santosh Ojha
Santosh Ojha - 2 måneder siden
Quit Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but please don’t quit YouTube. You’re an inspiration, Matt.
Francis Biel
Francis Biel - 2 måneder siden
Opposite do really attract
Karan Gill
Karan Gill - 2 måneder siden
Meaning of minimalism - One t-shirt in every video
The Notorious E
The Notorious E - 2 måneder siden
Please monetise your videos, you deserve it
Dr. Basti
Dr. Basti - 2 måneder siden
No, I didn't learn anything from this. *Grabs phone😂
Alfonso Simonpietri
Alfonso Simonpietri - 2 måneder siden
Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb combined with a Timer are (pretty much) magic.
JG - 2 måneder siden
“ I don’t mean to sound obnoxious” whilst sounding obnoxious.
Clarice Quinn Taylor
Clarice Quinn Taylor - 2 måneder siden
whoops, I am about to travel the country full time in a week or two here, lol (Just became homeless and just gotta travel full time)
Andrea Green
Andrea Green - 2 måneder siden
you wife wanted you to shave your mustache lol i subbed for Natalie
Kevin Files
Kevin Files - 2 måneder siden
the reason she isnt getting the benefits is because she doesn't have to worry about being efficient and not wasting time. she is taken care of and her time is more lesuirly
Wellbeing Tranquility
Wellbeing Tranquility - 2 måneder siden
Y do you always have to mention Natalie when u are specifically talking about a topic is it about her or about digital detox? It’s friggin annoying
Owen - 2 måneder siden
That was quick! a big bushy mustache at the start of the video and near the end shaved it off! must have been irritating him
Widcree Main
Widcree Main - 2 måneder siden
that finale 9:50
The Little BuJo Steps
The Little BuJo Steps - 2 måneder siden
I think you two are very compatible is because you try things together while keeping things real, and both of you value that strongly. And the fact that she still follows your lead despite knowing that it wouldn't work for her, makes the relationship all the more sweeter.
Trish - 3 måneder siden
Have to say it, you are so sexy Matt.
Peter Gattuso
Peter Gattuso - 3 måneder siden
Checking email once a day is not practical for people who have a job outside recording themselves on a daily basis.
Amogh Nene
Amogh Nene - 3 måneder siden
You look like Freddie Mercury
Nikola Pantelic
Nikola Pantelic - 3 måneder siden
I quit social media forever in January. I miss absolutely nothing about it. I support EVERYONE to stop that madness. It's truly a waste of time
Alejandro Schobert
Alejandro Schobert - 3 måneder siden
8:08 now we can't do that :(
Bakhrul Ulum
Bakhrul Ulum - 3 måneder siden
am I the only one who thought He's Joaquin Phoenix in HER?
With this haircut + mustache.
Kali Yuga
Kali Yuga - 3 måneder siden
I feel like they don’t have a good relationship, she doesn’t fully respect him and he wishes that she would work or was more minimalistic.
Myth Buster
Myth Buster - 3 måneder siden
I thought you had a underwear model girlfriend😬
mlski - 3 måneder siden
1,5 year ago I was delete my facebook and instagram acount. It was so release for me. I spent too much time on this two social media. Unfortunately after brake up with fb and insta I started watching more youtube videos. When I waiting for boiling water, when I eat breakfast, even in my pomodoro break. Do you have some advice for that?
Allison Shepard
Allison Shepard - 3 måneder siden
me: number 3 won't really apply to me because I don't have social media besides youtube
Javed Minhaz Sebastian
Javed Minhaz Sebastian - 3 måneder siden
Natalie got back at Matt at the end of the video on his Mustaches joke... For saying she has no job
Javed Minhaz Sebastian
Javed Minhaz Sebastian - 3 måneder siden
I don't understand rule no. 4
Susan - 3 måneder siden
It’s great. I am not the only one,then. All my friends and some family members think I am becoming an antisocial person. I am not. I just want to be free and not chained up to social media.
Parastoo Diba
Parastoo Diba - 3 måneder siden
I was inspired by you and made this digital detox experience video
Luis Moreno
Luis Moreno - 3 måneder siden
I love how Nat is in sync with you and always sharing her true self. I always enjoy your videos, and when she comes in, they're always waay better.
Marc Ferrer
Marc Ferrer - 3 måneder siden
She from Australia.............
Carlemagne Soda
Carlemagne Soda - 3 måneder siden
The rules are a good challenge. But I think you’re a bit of a dick to your fiancé. I hope she takes it all in good fun, but damn that jab at her for not having a job made me cringe hard.
Jed Raynor Ang
Jed Raynor Ang - 3 måneder siden
Shaving is also a minimalist activity 😂
tuan side
tuan side - 3 måneder siden
I tot minimalist using nokia 3310 and stay under bridge not using any fancy n expensive items..😆😂
B.F O'Kenze
B.F O'Kenze - 3 måneder siden
Yeah.. this is going to be hard to do, being on lockdown and all lol...