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Alec Steele Blacksmith 2019
Runtime: 20:08


CleaveMountaineering - Måned siden
I was hoping for single point ACME threaded screw.
Pretty crazy project!
Fire of Jagz
Fire of Jagz - Måned siden
4:20 this is what i love about mr. Steele! He's always excited like a child but at the same time he's a master craftsman!
Gregory Lee
Gregory Lee - 2 måneder siden
You should have just printed it with the sprues in PLA.
Abraham Stagi
Abraham Stagi - 2 måneder siden
16:22-16:35 minutes in he repeated himself or the shot was overlapped... Editing issues possibly...
Mister X
Mister X - 2 måneder siden
Alec #2 looked uncomfortable the whole way through.
Peter Goodall
Peter Goodall - 2 måneder siden
Print the sprues as part of the same structure
Mike OBryan
Mike OBryan - 2 måneder siden
You've really built a nice shop. Good job guys!
alistair lewis
alistair lewis - 2 måneder siden
Hey how long did it take to for the pla to burn out of the plaster mixture?
John Anderson
John Anderson - 2 måneder siden
Where’s the pasta!!!! All this talk about meatballs but I see no spaghetti!!!
Jean's Survival
Jean's Survival - 2 måneder siden
Meh à pure sells pitch... But wait there is more!!!
Brian - 2 måneder siden
Should of at least tried to cast all the pieces......
keir farnum
keir farnum - 2 måneder siden
What?! You’re not going to hand carve the original out of wood using chisels and a carving vise so you can sand cast it?! All this new fangled technology!

Just kidding! Cool stuff.
Lewis Heard
Lewis Heard - 2 måneder siden
Firstly, those layer lines are a crime, what a cheap printer to give Alec. Secondly, you can get 3d printable wax designed for casting, never used it myself but sounds super fun
Discord 1642
Discord 1642 - 2 måneder siden
What if for future projects you could light sand the area where you want to wax to go so you have an area for the wax to bind too?
Josh Schneider
Josh Schneider - 2 måneder siden
The moai is a selective laser sintering machine. The pulse is a 3d printer.
cncgeneral - 2 måneder siden
New alec seems like a nob
Matt Rolls
Matt Rolls - 2 måneder siden
Oh my lord that Record No. 25 is beautiful.
Joel Cotton
Joel Cotton - 3 måneder siden
No casting tapers?
Satchel Sieniewicz
Satchel Sieniewicz - 3 måneder siden
wow those prints are impressively bad the 200$ ender 3 prints like 20 times better
Benoit Gantiez
Benoit Gantiez - 3 måneder siden
Hey guys, nice video, I'll try to make some aluminium casting at home, do you know which "plaster" or investment stuff is Alec pouring over the 3d print to make the mould?
Anhalonium - 3 måneder siden
Anyone know the real-world cons of using M8 for a leadscrew (over ACME/square thread forms)
Mike hoggy
Mike hoggy - 3 måneder siden
What about the finished product????
Aaron Lawyer
Aaron Lawyer - 3 måneder siden
“I didn’t know it worked for the CIA” lol
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 3 måneder siden
10:50 I'm American and I hate imperial lol the struggle
JJ Switzky
JJ Switzky - 3 måneder siden
18:22, glitchy, is that just me?
{NEM} Momotaur
{NEM} Momotaur - 3 måneder siden
You need to either get a Devil Forge, or make a forge specifically for molten metal crucibles. That was rather dangerous to cut that crucible.
{NEM} Momotaur
{NEM} Momotaur - 3 måneder siden
Will - the first little second knob I made... 🤔🤦🏼‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Devin H
Devin H - 3 måneder siden
Alec 2 has no personality for camera work. Dude is deadpan. Alec you bleed happiness, and love for what you do.
Stephani -D
Stephani -D - 3 måneder siden
"Don't you know Alec, that the punishment for being charged with bronze is a craniectomy?"
Will and Alec: crack up
Other Alec: I've been dealing with these two for days.
demonic477 - 3 måneder siden
I love how far 3D printing has come major manufacturers are even printing in aluminum and iron now. NASA started it but FORD is getting in to it and even made the intake for the hoonitruck from a 3D printer using an aluminum based material . it's coming along so fast I want to live long enough to have printable items at a word so I can say tea black and have a cup of tea pop out .I need a cup of tea now.
Darrin Gatewood
Darrin Gatewood - 3 måneder siden
I've wanted to do this for so long. I have three 3D Printers and loads of projects I wanted to do. I have no experience with casting though.
Atomicwinter 31
Atomicwinter 31 - 3 måneder siden
I now think requirements to be an apprentice to alec steele, or to even be near him, is to either have a variation of alex in your name, or have steel in your name.
Paul.w w
Paul.w w - 3 måneder siden
Using imperial doesn’t make sense..
aucourant - 3 måneder siden
A sand-casting would have been much easier and quicker.
Ending YouX
Ending YouX - 4 måneder siden
This video shows why metric is better
Liam R
Liam R - 4 måneder siden
What a weiner he is.
TheRealCornelius - 5 måneder siden
oh....3 inches.. is teeny?
Brent Urquhart
Brent Urquhart - 5 måneder siden
I might be wrong, but didn’t he say that the resin printer have a resin specifically designed for casting?
Valentin Arfire
Valentin Arfire - 6 måneder siden
stl, please:)
ALI CHIRAG - 6 måneder siden
Are the printing files available?
Hey I'm a Maker
Hey I'm a Maker - 6 måneder siden
9:06 the what?
Narvold Photography
Narvold Photography - 7 måneder siden
LOL "I didn't know it worked for the CIA"
Mrderp2301 - 8 måneder siden
that's badass, you got my sub!
Alain Boucher
Alain Boucher - 8 måneder siden
Very nice, I am just about to look at part 2. But please the music !!!
josh - 8 måneder siden
16:22 . 16:27 Déjà vu
TaranTatsuuchi - 8 måneder siden
"Why would you do this to my crucible!"

Because someone didn't build the new forge large enough!
Jäger From GSG9
Jäger From GSG9 - 8 måneder siden
“3 inches long is teeny”

I feel attacked.
Alchemical Games
Alchemical Games - 8 måneder siden
gotta say, the first printer using the fdm method is not calibrated well at all. My ender 3 makes better quality, so you may want to consider re-tuning it.
Edit: using only 10% infill on a part meant to be sturdy and strong is such a bad idea. Additionally, the quality (layer height mostly) also affects strength, and it really looks like it's going to break pretty soon
Karol Ciezkiewicz
Karol Ciezkiewicz - 9 måneder siden
How do we find out when belt grinders are ready please?
wow! - 9 måneder siden
315,000ths of an inch? Imperial units are so dumb.
Aaron Markstaller
Aaron Markstaller - 9 måneder siden
Hey Alec, Awesome video! Been doing this for a while now, quick tip 3D print the sprues on the model, then you don't have to wax them on later. I also use thicken command in Fusion 0.5mm to give some buffer for oxidation
DrCook45 - 9 måneder siden
You can use the tailstock to keep the die square to the workpiece
Jared Lumbert
Jared Lumbert - 9 måneder siden
😳😳😳 That quick release Record is absolute Vise PORN!!! 😍😍😍 how did I miss these videos??!!
Clay Webb
Clay Webb - 9 måneder siden
Hello Kitty
Shawn Hennessy
Shawn Hennessy - 9 måneder siden
These knuckleheads are making all these amateur mistakes. Who is funding this?
Daniel Kruger
Daniel Kruger - 9 måneder siden
I think that off white translucent wax was sticky wax. You use that to bond the wax to the PLA.
DesertCookie - 9 måneder siden
Little editing-hickup there :D
kapten awesome
kapten awesome - 9 måneder siden
"315.000 of one inch..." wouldn't it just be easier to use metric...?
An Anonymous Oyster
An Anonymous Oyster - 9 måneder siden
Mm I love a good phosphor bronze meatball for dinner
Sky Swendsboe
Sky Swendsboe - 9 måneder siden
I have that Knife! Its the Kershaw Knockout! Kershaw knives are awesome! Alec has good taste!
randalljames - 9 måneder siden
Felt like might you underestimate your audience on this one... betting a lot of guys are pretty versed on an additive process lol
Random Access Broccoli
Random Access Broccoli - 9 måneder siden
what exactly does flux do to heated metal?
TechTom - 10 måneder siden
Where did the plastic model go? Does it flow out of the mold while beeingnin the kilm???
Alaska Famous
Alaska Famous - 10 måneder siden
for the love of god balance that lathe
74546 - 10 måneder siden
the imperial system is garbage
selador11 - 10 måneder siden
A vice is a bad habit. A vise is what you are trying to print then cast. =0)
eri - 10 måneder siden
nice zbanding dude
Silvan Geissmann
Silvan Geissmann - 10 måneder siden
Was the investment not sucked into the print?
Alejandro Ayora
Alejandro Ayora - 10 måneder siden
Louis Victor
Louis Victor - 10 måneder siden
So.... Alec^2 ?
Mike Pettengill
Mike Pettengill - 10 måneder siden
cool technique
Auburn - 10 måneder siden
I'm curious to know why you didn't use the lathe to cut the threads into the brass? I have noticed that they end up coming out cleaner than being done with a Die.
Devon Hansen
Devon Hansen - 10 måneder siden
What kind of sprue wax is that? Trying to find a reasonably priced wax.
RockGodZeppelin - 10 måneder siden
Wow, I would be embarrassed with those prints.
Daniel Talavera
Daniel Talavera - 10 måneder siden
That Pulse 3D printer needs some calibration, lool at those overextrusion
ledgen95 - 10 måneder siden
but for real tho what was the time on that print?
hansdietrich83 - 10 måneder siden
4h i would guess
RonaldDHS - 10 måneder siden
This video was a joke right? where the final cleaned up working vice? You called this a success.
Chris Hoesel
Chris Hoesel - 10 måneder siden
Pretty wobbly threads or just camera artifacting? Also, should be ACME threads for a vise. Nonetheless turned out pretty cute.
Crusty O`lcoot
Crusty O`lcoot - 10 måneder siden
Why didn’t they print the sprues.
Crusty O`lcoot
Crusty O`lcoot - 10 måneder siden
Yes that’s correct but I was thinking printing them separately and use a soldering iron to glue them on. Slower possibly but could be printed at the same time as the vice.
hansdietrich83 - 10 måneder siden
Then they would need a lot of support structure while printing. The printw cant print in mid air
Dan Hyde
Dan Hyde - 10 måneder siden
I really wanted to see you screw cut on the lathe :(