3 Rules for Better Sleep

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Felipe Silva
Felipe Silva - 9 timer siden
Hey Matt, or anyone else reading: what kind or brand or model of smartwatch (on a budget) is best? (in order to track my sleep) Thank you!!!
Olivia J
Olivia J - 11 timer siden
anyone else mad that the first rule says #2 ???? just me ????
Jatinder Kumar
Jatinder Kumar - 14 timer siden
I am watching this video at 1 am lol
Joshua Ashton
Joshua Ashton - 22 timer siden
watching this at 3:27 am lol
Dariune - 23 timer siden
be rich and move out of bad neighborhood where somebody starts jack-hammering the pavement and mowing the grass right under your window at 7 AM every morning and then at 11 PM they start to play music, watch tv, have sex, and do renovation all behind your wall and the same street that was being jack hammered all day is now full shitty cars without mufflers, and this is not an exaggeration its true story
Gazawia - Dag siden
Is Matt low-key telling us he wakes up for FARJ when he talked about his eyemask usage ?
Ladyhawk1094 - Dag siden
Taking melatonin tablets has helped me to fall asleep much faster and stay asleep throughout the night.
Andre La Barbera
Andre La Barbera - Dag siden
is nat ever going to finish normal people?
Kevin W
Kevin W - Dag siden
watching this while alomst falling asleep on the job because i sleept average 4-5hours for 3 weeks.
Getting cup just to like, not fall asleep, and ill go to bed early, i will listen to u! :D
Siddhant Johal
Siddhant Johal - 2 dager siden
0:41 well writ Matt
7ismyusername - 2 dager siden
Rule One: Do not watch this Video before going to bed.
Ishita Shah
Ishita Shah - 2 dager siden
3 rules for better sleep :
1 don't consume coffee 10 hours before sleeping
2 get 8 hours of sleep (30 mins of time to get to sleep)
3 not having constant interactions
4 control the amount if beverages you drink before you sleep
5 don't look at screens 1 hour before sleep
Alex C
Alex C - 2 dager siden
Matt, you put Rule #2 where Rule #1 goes at 1:03!
Whitney Woodcock
Whitney Woodcock - 2 dager siden
Bach in Paradise... Matt's guilty pleasure?
S N - 3 dager siden
8 hours of sleep is the biggest bullshit. Some people even feel worse if they sleep 1 more hour than they regularly do. If you need 7 hours, don't try to sleep 8 hours.
Super Shiba
Super Shiba - 3 dager siden
I sleep very well in my crib
Petey West
Petey West - 3 dager siden
I recommend getting good black out drapes for the bedroom window, Mine work great and my room is as dark at noon with them as it is at night without. My bedroom is the only room with drapes for this reason.
Junho Son
Junho Son - 3 dager siden
Does screens like a Kindle also affect our sleep?
Amir shayan Moghtaderi
Amir shayan Moghtaderi - 3 dager siden
eat right
sleep right
do the exercises
I think this is a heath triangle...and it affects every aspect of your life
Justin Espejo
Justin Espejo - 3 dager siden
Hearing you say "Rule #1" on a slide that says "Rule #2" makes me feel a whole lot better about myself matt. Thank you. 😂
Joshua Maula
Joshua Maula - 4 dager siden
It feels wrong seeing Matt wear a different shirt. Lol.
Noob101 - 4 dager siden
Also, don't eat before bed (unless you have to). Give yourself like three hours before bed of no food consumption. The acids in your stomach will settle and your body can focus more effort on repairs and rest.
zayn attya
zayn attya - 4 dager siden
is there a differences between sleeping at night and sleeping at morning for your physical and mental health or as long as you sleep from 6 to 8 hours a day there is no harmful effects to you body
zayn attya
zayn attya - 4 dager siden
I am watching video right now at 3 am hahhahaha
John Plumley
John Plumley - 4 dager siden
SLEEP OR DIE (literally)
Salma Ahmed
Salma Ahmed - 4 dager siden
Watching this while trying to put my 7 days son to sleep. Why?!!!
Izabel Gomes
Izabel Gomes - 5 dager siden
matt know who is harry styles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
StarRuler 32
StarRuler 32 - 5 dager siden
Watching this at 1:11 AM...
Andres Morales
Andres Morales - 5 dager siden
Your channel is great!! u should do a version of it in spanish :)
Yokeshwar Iyanar
Yokeshwar Iyanar - 5 dager siden
You mean I have to sleep for 33.33% of my lifetime…..???
Kamryn Topasna
Kamryn Topasna - 5 dager siden
Very good content especially at this time! Saving has really helped me because I already know that I barely make more than I owe and Ide rather be smart so I don’t worry later on. It does give you freedom when you know you have enough for bills and play time. It just takes some time to save up.
Artem Grishkov
Artem Grishkov - 5 dager siden
Hey Matt, what about if people got confused, as you said 1 hour screen free before asleep and read book, but what if book is Kindle and it’s screen. Interesting question. P.S. Thank you a lot for your content which help to stay creative , motivated and inspired
Lost-Not-Found - 6 dager siden
Matt: Don’t look at a screen 1 hour before bed Me: *watches this video 3 hours after I should have gone to bed*
Michaela Horakova
Michaela Horakova - 2 dager siden
He didn't say anything about AFTER 😂👌
Marcus Urban-Mosenson
Marcus Urban-Mosenson - 6 dager siden
Currently watching this at 2am... oops.
Pranay Pradhan
Pranay Pradhan - 6 dager siden
"Waking up Natalie,
She's getting mad-at-me."
Matt spitting bars.
michael mclean
michael mclean - 6 dager siden
its 10:00 p.m est watching
Stephanie Hutson
Stephanie Hutson - 6 dager siden
What I got from this video: There is a raptor monopoly piece?!
Briana Cooke
Briana Cooke - 6 dager siden
These are all things I knew already, but for some reason when Matt says it it hits different. I actually want to do it now
Mohsen Ahmadi
Mohsen Ahmadi - 6 dager siden
i sleep 4-5 hours. is that bad ?
Matt Barker
Matt Barker - 6 dager siden
this is all good except that 8hrs is not whats needed. The amount you need is individual. Your health, stress etc all play a factor.
Federico Zein
Federico Zein - 6 dager siden
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Damon Dominique
Damon Dominique - 7 dager siden
I swear by the Sleep Cycle app. Not sure how it knows when to wake my body up, but that black magic works!
Prince Stephen
Prince Stephen - 7 dager siden
Almost all his videos has a shot, where he gets up from bed and picks up his phone. Good to see that you sleep away from your phone. And I feel, staying away from phone is the definition of good sleep
Dominykas Gūra
Dominykas Gūra - 7 dager siden
I use cocaine instead of caffeine. It's life changing!
Bảo Bùi
Bảo Bùi - 7 dager siden
Why am I even watching this video at midnight?
ND - 7 dager siden
6:10 but isnt that like hitting the snooze button?
Relaxing Meditation Sounds
Relaxing Meditation Sounds - 7 dager siden
When Matt start to explain why he actually doesnt want to skip coffee...:)))
xXAri6X - 7 dager siden
"..wake you up to the benefits of sleep.." I see you Matt.❤️
Qwerty Asdf
Qwerty Asdf - 7 dager siden
Watches this instead of sleeping at 1 in the morning
Pracownia Męskich Portretów
For me reading a book is the best solution ;)
Netuser1 - 7 dager siden
yep alcohol is not good before u sleep
Lucky Dube in RC
Lucky Dube in RC - 7 dager siden
only 1 rule.... do a honest day of work... not sitting behind a desk gathering fat !,, you will sleep with no problem........
Paranoid Android
Paranoid Android - 7 dager siden
Great video and excellent advice. I’d add going to sleep reasonably early too. It’s not just how long you sleep for but when you sleep. If you go to sleep at 2am every night but sleep 8 hours, that’s not the same as going to sleep earlier. I always used to sleep 8.5 hours but go to bed late and I always felt tired. I just started going earlier and I feel so much better even though I’m getting the same amount of sleep.
Yasi Mm
Yasi Mm - 7 dager siden
I seriously love this channel and this guy. He’s productive yet so real it makes me connect with him more
Morgan snyder-adams
Morgan snyder-adams - 7 dager siden
Is there anything that talks about reading on your Kindle before bed?
Lokiop - 7 dager siden
This video showed up in my feed while I was debating whether to go to sleep or watch another video...
Lokiop - 7 dager siden
Quick question, are audiobooks ok before sleep?
Navdeep Deol
Navdeep Deol - 7 dager siden
Please do google and firstly check out this child story
Aryan's fight against SMA
And if you think it is ok to donate then donate some money to save a 11 months child life.
Will - 7 dager siden
Was Matt sleep deprived when he edited the video writing Rule #2 for Rule number 1...?
Hozaif Rahman
Hozaif Rahman - 7 dager siden
0:23 'Shazam'