3 Rules for Better Sleep

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Kazushi LAMBERT - 17 timer siden
rule n 1 (audio) rules number 2 (screen text)
me : not sleeping enough im halucinating
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard - 4 dager siden
The shy scarf infrequently drop because feeling consistently tick under a possible dirt. jumbled, silly regret
William Clayton
William Clayton - 6 dager siden
DUDE your American and you had a British flag pillow
Lucie Eleanor Stone
Lucie Eleanor Stone - 10 dager siden
You hear so much about screens disrupting sleep but I find a real difference between interacting and not interacting with the screen, ie if I’m on my phone or computer 2 hours before sleep, I sleep badly, if I’m watching a film, I can’t stay awake through the film.
Aditi Chanda
Aditi Chanda - 10 dager siden
Getting black out curtains from Amazon has been life changing. No sunlight streaming in at all. Even if I wake up at 12 pm lol
Karmendra Shrestha
Karmendra Shrestha - 10 dager siden
I'm I the only one who noticed that Matt mistakenly wrote rule #2 in the first rule instead of 1??😂😂
guneet kaur
guneet kaur - 10 dager siden
that back music i love it
Mariliz Martin
Mariliz Martin - 12 dager siden
Hope I can get quality sleep. Where are you now Matt and Nat?
BENJAMIN ANDRES - 13 dager siden
Matt‘s sound was shocked at 0:53 about all these deep facts that he drops.
Hamza Abdulkareem Hassan
Hamza Abdulkareem Hassan - 13 dager siden
The music 👎
We love your own voice pure without music
George Sebastian
George Sebastian - 14 dager siden
Nice content
lila - 15 dager siden
me watching this at 4am 🧍‍♀️
Anannya Pandey
Anannya Pandey - 17 dager siden
So, no one will notice how you've written rule # 1 as rule # 2 in 1:04
Make Money Now
Make Money Now - 22 dager siden
Reliable and humurous, the kind of resource I'm looking for!
Tizian xx
Tizian xx - 28 dager siden
So.. I wanna turn everything off at 11PM
Can I listen to a Podcast than?
Kazi Shohanur Rashid
Kazi Shohanur Rashid - 29 dager siden
Watching this at 3 AM and thinking, I should sleep earlier.
Akokada - Måned siden
Caffeine got half life of 5 hours.
Radioactive Powaaaaaaa.
A Y A N F E - Måned siden
Who else noticed the video is 11:11
Alex Vestov
Alex Vestov - Måned siden
Thanks for video)
Ive been sleeping on the flor for some more than year and its really great thing. If u don't fear of some discomforte in the beginning then try it too.
(Im sorry for my bad english, im just learning it)
Fab - Måned siden
not me watching this at 4:10am... sad
Cédric S
Cédric S - Måned siden
Just wanted to add, Matt is such an inspiring guy. He doesn't just talk about improvement, he sets the example. Everybody needs a friend like Matt
Cédric S
Cédric S - Måned siden
One of the few channels I'm proud watching.. 👍🏻
Amandeep Show
Amandeep Show - Måned siden
thank you
Hadi Elhussaini
Hadi Elhussaini - Måned siden
No screens 1 hour before bed. Me watching it before I sleep.
Mmm ok y’a can’t do that
Monika Varro
Monika Varro - Måned siden
I got 4 hours of sleep last night. Drinking iced double espresso now. 😔☕️
Kamron Umrov
Kamron Umrov - Måned siden
me watching this at 3 am like 😳
hannah joy
hannah joy - Måned siden
Ironically I'm watching this in bed.
Anyone else?
Kubistonek - Måned siden
this advices are shit, as a person suffering from insomnia one of the best thing to do is to not take your phone to bed with you and not doing anything in bed exept sleeping. if you use your phone in bed your brain will not go into sleeping mode
Jonathan Piña Oficial
Jonathan Piña Oficial - Måned siden
Hi Matt, what camera do you use?
Martin Aarsø
Martin Aarsø - Måned siden
What soundtracks are used in this video?
HoisinsSauceIsLiTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTt • 34 years ago
Whenever i have trouble sleeping, i just imagine I’m doing what I love the most or imagine my pillow is my crush ....don’t judge me
Cris 707
Cris 707 - Måned siden
Stumbled upon this video while drinking a 250 mg rockstar hours before bed
Clash With Tim
Clash With Tim - Måned siden
I'm watching this at 3am
Hope Rosemary
Hope Rosemary - Måned siden
2 things I do for better sleep:
1. Breath work to drop my body from a sympathetic heightened state of arousal to its parasympathetic state of ease and relaxation. By gently elongating every exhale and focusing on the release of tension with exaggerated sighs and slight movements (fidgeting away any remaining blocked energy) the body will naturally settle and prepare to rest, dropping off to sleep.
2. Limit your last meal to four hours before bedtime because it helps to free up blood for brain maintenance that would otherwise be pooled in the digestive system while you sleep.
Fatima Zahra
Fatima Zahra - 2 måneder siden
I hate coffee 😐
Watch Out
Watch Out - 2 måneder siden
I have been doing this one thing to make me sleep easier at night: drum a simple pattern, the same pattern every night on you legs. Just sit on the side of your bed and do it. I know it sounds weird but I have done it for about 2 or 3 months now and it works. It works due to the brain working with pattern and rhythm. Have a good nights sleep now!
Zjips - 2 måneder siden
Thanks man this video was really helpful. Also hope everyone has a good day ❤️🤙
Logan Dietrich
Logan Dietrich - 2 måneder siden
You should get blue light blocking glasses!
TeaOBewhY - 2 måneder siden
Rule 4 - Don't play Monopoly before going to bed.
PEPITO THE FROGITO - 2 måneder siden
Me, who sleeps like a fucking rock and never wakes up in the middle of the night:
*I have no such weakness*
Evangelist Jesus
Evangelist Jesus - 2 måneder siden
I’m watching this in bed right before i go to sleep. Oops
zey _
zey _ - 2 måneder siden
rule 1 sleep
Emily Adamson
Emily Adamson - 2 måneder siden
These videos always make my insomnia worse. When I TRY to sleep better, it doesn't work. I only sleep well when I don't care, or take some sort of sleep aid. Sleep anxiety is real and one of the most helpful things I did was stop reading articles and researching how to sleep better.
Laura B
Laura B - 2 måneder siden
No TV past 8:30pm in our house, in bed by 9:30 or 9:45 at latest. I will read my kindle oasis, but avoid my phone as I reset my alarm for the next morning after it goes off for the current morning. 🙂
Kyu - 2 måneder siden
The moment he said at least 8 hours of sleep is needed to maximize the quality of it, the first thought coming up to my mind is how could i ever set aside that space of 8 hours a day for just sleep in this capitalistic world...
CARA McFarlane
CARA McFarlane - 2 måneder siden
Watching this at 5:30am ... after I climbed into bed at 4:00pm yesterday for a ‘quick nap’ and just woke up ... guess I needed more sleep than I thought!
Mentor Clips
Mentor Clips - 2 måneder siden
1. No caffeine 10 hrs before bed
2. At least 8 hours of sleep (does not mean 8 hours in bed)
3. No screens 1 hour before bed
Hashim Jadoon
Hashim Jadoon - 2 måneder siden
Does anyone have a link/know which study Matt is talking about at 7:44 ?
Zach Peifer
Zach Peifer - 2 måneder siden
What camera do you use?
Sporer - 2 måneder siden
4:44 I know you did NOT just get outta bed w/socks on
Rien Mens
Rien Mens - 2 måneder siden
No cafeïne? So no chocolate, cola and chocolate miljoen? But want you cant drink Tea eather then and he is drinking tea before bed
Shahzain Shahid
Shahzain Shahid - 2 måneder siden
Ok I am going to sleep
C B - 2 måneder siden
0.22 Should have been reading a book as well for maximim productivity.
Kevin Fernandes
Kevin Fernandes - 2 måneder siden
I have been going to Catholic Church for 40 years, and I did catholic studies at school for 5 years. I was never warned about alcohol and drunkenness. This is really worrying, as I trust in the Church and Christianity but the message of dangers in alcohol are weak or non-existent!!! There are christian Faith's that encourage people to abstain from alcohol, this is the best approach and less confusing as out in society everything around you including friends, family, movies, sports events, birthdays, weddings, Christmas, holidays, university, work etc is telling you to drink lots of alcohol!!! Alcohol is a toxic drug, poisonous to all your organs, and a type 1 carcinogen (causes cancer). The Church needs to make clear that this is a "drug" and kills more people than heroin, cocaine, cannabis etc combined!!! People should be encouraged not to drink especially if they are sick as every drop is killing them! Alcohol also prevents people living their lives well as it is a major distraction. Some Christian Faith's abstain from alcohol for these reasons and keep their followers safe, healthy &happy throughout their lives 😊
Lay Wel
Lay Wel - 2 måneder siden
I’m watching this at 2:00am
carter day
carter day - 2 måneder siden
Hearing doubling the risk of cancer hit me like an ambien.
ANM305 - 2 måneder siden
I literally watch Youtube before I go to sleep almost every night lol
Lewis Harwood
Lewis Harwood - 2 måneder siden
Popped when I saw The Institute, im currently reading that right now and I love it!
Jean-Marc Pulfer
Jean-Marc Pulfer - 2 måneder siden
I'm watching this before going to sleep lol. maybe I'll finish it tomorrow 😂
D - 2 måneder siden
every video u upload is bomb! and that's a fact :D
Tanmay Sharma
Tanmay Sharma - 2 måneder siden
Hello, I'm a budding self taught filmmaker. Can someone please tell me how to take the shot, Matt took from 2:28 to 2:34 and what's it called? Any bts? It's super cool. Also, I recently discovered Matt's channel. Superb content brother. I've been binge watching it.
A Hobbit
A Hobbit - 2 måneder siden
Lol I’m watching this at 1:30am
Mohd Qayem Hussain
Mohd Qayem Hussain - 3 måneder siden
I've just woke up to the benefits of sleep..
Ethan Bigelow
Ethan Bigelow - 3 måneder siden
I have GERD, which means acid from my stomach go into my throat and damage my vocal cords, which makes my voice deep but, it hurts my throat so much, and since the acid is in my throat, it makes me nauseas, and I only fall asleep after 3 am I hate this...
Diovane Joaquim Fiamoncini
Diovane Joaquim Fiamoncini - 3 måneder siden
Matt!! I have a boxed blind curtain that blocks practically all the sunrise light and my sleep has improved a lot, it is even deeper now. I read the book in May and put the curtain on last month, and I definitely don't drink coffee, not even in the morning, because after lunch, sometimes I take a nap too, as Matthew also indicates. A hug! I loved knowing that we share the same habits and concerns, God bless you. If you wanna know more about the blind curtain, call me, I can send you a photo for you to look in L.A.
Ujjwal Dinkar
Ujjwal Dinkar - 3 måneder siden
6:55 when you realise its 11 am at night and you gat 1 hour before bed,
Tommy - 3 måneder siden
Matt, we fucking love your videos!
Isadora Fernanda
Isadora Fernanda - 3 måneder siden
matt : 9 hours in bed...
me being a teenager : HAHAHA good joke
Letícia Monteiro
Letícia Monteiro - 3 måneder siden
I've struggled with insomnia since childhood and in my early 20s developed depression and anxiety due to sleep deprivation. It was fantastic to discover basically a new me as soon as I started to be able to sleep well, that was absolutely crucial for beating up depression. So yeah, I guess the most valuable advice I can give anyone by own experience would have to be: do prioritize your sleep. If you have the privilege to decide how many hours a day you work, for example, I guarantee you will be a lot more productive with less hours of work and more hours of sleep.
Fattima Ali
Fattima Ali - 3 måneder siden
Omg we’re reading the same boookk 😂
Mila L.
Mila L. - 3 måneder siden
Omg, it is literally 1:00am right now 😂. How ironic.
Bailey Guitar covers
Bailey Guitar covers - 3 måneder siden
Try decaf
Ítalo Hugo Jahel
Ítalo Hugo Jahel - 3 måneder siden
nice video
Rahzo TV
Rahzo TV - 3 måneder siden
this man really changed my life for the better & im 17
Afifa Iqbal
Afifa Iqbal - 3 måneder siden
You got 2 bedrooms 😊😅
Zion Edmond
Zion Edmond - 3 måneder siden
What’s the music in the background??
Sean Kim
Sean Kim - 3 måneder siden
Me watching this at 3am
Ryan Grant
Ryan Grant - 3 måneder siden
A more comprehensive list of sleep hygiene, in the order you should do them (and this is what I tell my patients):
Day time: avoid alcohol and tobacco, exercise regularly, and eat healthy meals (with dinner being not too heavy and at least 3 hours prior to bed). No caffeine after mid morning (hard to pass up that 2 pm cup I know).
Wind down time: No screen time 2 hours prior to bed. Hot shower before bed to release tension/stress/relax muscles. Meditate/Read or do whatever you need to soothe your mind. Budget time and plan ahead as Matt said.
Set the environment: Use black-out curtains if you have windows in your room. White noise machine to drown ambient noises - also whooshing white noise is what we all heard for 9 months in the womb. Cooler temperatures in the room (but not too cold) is optimal sleeping temperature. Make sure your bedding is set and sheets are taut. Some people like aromatherapy in their rooms to relax.
Be consistent: Keeping a consistent circadian rhythm will make good sleep more common = better long term health. "Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise."
erikfishy3000 - 3 måneder siden
i have so much of a sleep debt that if i stopped drinking caffeine I would probably die. im so very tired.
Sofia - 3 måneder siden
I'm the opposite 😂 I sleep too much... 10 hours. Is not that much, but 8 was okay
Vlad Dobrinov
Vlad Dobrinov - 3 måneder siden
when you`re reading everything with your Laptop, good luck buddy)
Shaquando Biggums
Shaquando Biggums - 3 måneder siden
i will never understand how some people use their phone on FULL BLAST brightness, specifically in the dark/night. it fucking burns my eyes.
Numbermind - 3 måneder siden
Matt, what fitness supplements do you take?
Kiley's Life
Kiley's Life - 4 måneder siden
Sleep is so important!!! What sucks is ppl at my school seem to act like it isn't, at all. My one friend just can't sleep and so it really isn't her fault, but at the same time she takes no actions to try to fix it. My cousin, (around my age) says he pulls all nighters all the time playing video games and at most gets 6 hrs of sleep a night. Kids literally get praised at school when they says they're sleep schedule is messed up. Sleep and I do not get along, but I'm doing my best to try to change that. I'm hopi g that eventually I won't have troubles with it. A huge help is my doctor said I have to eat every 2 hrs when I'm awake, (long story I don't feel like explaining) and so I don't pull all nighters anymore because then I'd be eating 2x than a normal day. Ik it's ok to have cheat days and all that, but 2x the amount of a normal day is a little to much for me.
phyliciajoykloes - 4 måneder siden
Good topic! The last one... yeah, I get it.
Anecdote - 4 måneder siden
what if I use a light to read? isn't it giving the same signals to my brain?
White Productions
White Productions - 4 måneder siden
U said no advertisments
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez - 4 måneder siden
Lmao I’m watching this passed my bed time
Leonor Vieira
Leonor Vieira - 4 måneder siden
trying to sleep better
*watching this at 1AM*
Maximillian 404
Maximillian 404 - 4 måneder siden
Rule number 1 is rule number 2
Mihai-Alexandru - 4 måneder siden
8:33 I tried to do this over a couple of months, I fail not to look at my phone sometimes, but it's really effective tho: I do the things I know I HAVE to do during this about one hour, like take a shower, brush my teeth, use the toilet...all that, that's stuff you'll never skip doing and it might very well replace the screen before bed habit.
Putri M. Hendradi
Putri M. Hendradi - 4 måneder siden
1:04 "rule number one" actually written "Rule #2"
Pierre Kovacik
Pierre Kovacik - 4 måneder siden
2:52 Well, the positive effect could be that you would be proud of yourself, because you stopped being a slave for the coffee. You could say to yourself that it didn't have control over you, but it still does, apparently
(Edit) Caffeine. Not coffee
Akshay Jumani
Akshay Jumani - 4 måneder siden
My night cycle: telling myself I'll sleep early. Starting a movie late at night, browsing reddit and twitter, finally forcing myself to power off my phone and cursing myself to sleep.
Александр Раевский
Thank you for these recommendations! 👍🏻
27thRenaissance - 4 måneder siden
Love your channel
Guy Mayer
Guy Mayer - 4 måneder siden
oh ok so i can't sleep because of anxiety but I have anxiety because I can't sleep
cool cool cool
no doubt
Markus - 4 måneder siden
Rule one: Get a job where you don't have 20 hour shifts. FML
Ps that coffee looked delicious
Rhea Sudesan
Rhea Sudesan - 4 måneder siden
The student support at the University of Hertfordshire has gotten away with hacking my android phone and my laptop without malware which is highly highly illegal, and leaked it out to millions of people. They have committed other crimes including breaching my right to confidentiality, by leaking out things discussed in a meeting with them. Defaming my character. They have also breached my human rights under article 1,2,3,5,7,12,and 19 of the universal declaration of human rights.
SACHIN RAJ - 4 måneder siden
If u practice celibacy for 12 years u can stay energetic after just 3-4 hrs of sleep.