21 Steps to Overcome Anxiety

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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella - År siden
I know there are lots of people struggling far worse than I have and I’d like to try to help. It’d make my day if you joined me in contributing to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (even a few dollars would help). The charity funds research, education programs & supports those at risk. You can donate here: http://bit.ly/2NM1FLA
Luis Alfredo Acosta Urgelles
Luis Alfredo Acosta Urgelles - 18 dager siden
There are a few suggestions to try Work out why you suffer from anxiety - the first step in solving an issue is to understand why you have it. Be comfortable about yourself - this makes it easier when you meet others. Challenge youself - you will become more confident by taking action - especially by doing things which push your boundaries. (I learned these and more ideas on Aghy magic method website )
Padmawati Rathore
Padmawati Rathore - 2 måneder siden
You should watch ekharte tolle
FaithFernandez Fernandez
FaithFernandez Fernandez - 2 måneder siden
Thank you for this video. Yes i have been struggling this for 18 years now
harpreet singh
harpreet singh - 9 måneder siden
@Matt D'Avella you are awesome. Thank you for making this video
Ussr name was taken
Ussr name was taken - 9 måneder siden
I fear to be rejected, i hope it can be cured.
Harshal Kardile
Harshal Kardile - 2 dager siden
Youtube knows what i need now suggested perfect video..😊
Chelsy Jain
Chelsy Jain - 2 dager siden
This is amazing🙌🏻
Roland Koller
Roland Koller - 2 dager siden
I’m surprised you didn’t mention quitting caffeine. Caffeine is responsible for putting us in a stress state. I know the ritual may be relaxing feeling, but caffeine does the opposite.
Souhardya Dutta
Souhardya Dutta - 2 dager siden
for me drinking coffee elevate my anxiety i replaced coffee with tea(green tea,black tea) now i am lot better , matt i recommend you to cut out the coffee entirely from our life , yes it will be hard to leave but you will realize how harmful coffee is when cutting it from routine is that hard,i mean you will never realize if you dont try to quit.
Zuko Sar
Zuko Sar - 3 dager siden
I simply dont care about the past and i feel lucky because alot of people live in the past and i sometimes worry about the future but then again no one knows what the future holds for any of us (its a mystery). I worry about the present, i worry about my health, its like i want to have a checkup everyday and know there is nothing wrong to calm my mind but it is not possible. Sometimes for simpler things i leave it up to god or say it is what it is and it will happen when it will happend but still there is that tiny bit of a stress in the mind... i also get the second fear which is the thought of not having a simple and happy life again... but u aint alone and be strong u got this.
BlueJacket - 7 dager siden
Giovana Melo
Giovana Melo - 7 dager siden
I discovered I have anxiety this week
I was worried about my symptoms like chest pain, heartbeat accelerating and difficulty to breath and I still feeling them after I went to the doctor. Probably I'm overthinking
Now I'm searching more about it and I'll probably read a book too
Everytime I wish I could control my mind an stop worrying too much about many things
This video helped me a lot. It made me discovery many things I can do to feel better
I wish everyone had somebody to talk with about it. It seems too hard to keep everything to yourself
Hebrews.12.4. - 12 dager siden
This one literally makes me cry.
vikasnr - 14 dager siden
How did I overcome my anxiety and manage it on day to day basis?
First, Let me introduce myself. I am Vikas Kumar, currently jobless but with aim of joining CIVIL Services. I had anxiety and Panic Attacks but now I am good to face anything.
Now I would directly jump to answer how to overcome anxiety and Panic Attacks or rather How I managed it without taking medicines anymore:
General Steps: 1. Learn to Stop Overthinking- I mean "just leave aside your problems". You need to be aware that you don't have to worry of anything. By anything I mean smallest or biggest problem of your life. Even while in panic attack remember that this is just a "bull shit" and nothing will happen to you. In few attempts you can find yourself independent of these attacks.
2. Keep SOS prescribed medicines at home- keeping emergency (SOS) medicine will help your brain not to panic. Believe me, it works.
(However, I am not the right person to recommend any medicine, consult your psychiatric)
3. Be physically strong- Exercise, Strength Training ( Lifting of heavy weights), endurance training (running at different paces etc) will help you gain confidence and flush away harmful cortisols (stress hormones) and will boost happy hormones (endorphins, etc).
4. Meditate and relax- simple meditation will boost your ability to be stable. Just watch your breath and you will feel relaxed.
5. Start taking chamomile Tea(flower) (instead of normal tea or coffee) : chamomile tea relieves stress to a great extent. Please find the link below:
(Pure chamomile Flower, do not use tea bags) https://amzn.to/32L0jqk
Preparation: heat water until it just starts to boil. Then pour the water in a glass and add a spoon of chamomile tea in it. Cover it for 5 minutes so that here's water will absorb the nutrition and then strain out in a cup to enjoy and relax. You can add a spoon of honey or sugar for taste at last.
6. Take these things for few days while exercising: vitamin- B and C tablets (cheapest one from chemist Shop (better to consult your doctor if you are sceptical). These vitamins are water soluble so no side effect, it flushes out stress hormones.
Omega3 tablets: these are good for brain and help in mental health. Don't go for expensive ones.
Please find the Link below:
Finally, just repeat and remember these things on daily basis until your subconscious mind absorbs it:
1. This problem is nothing. It cannot harm me.
2. I accept that I have this problem and I am happy with it. I will not fight this. ( If you fight back you will worsen your problem, so just accept it. Slowly, your mind will stop troubling you) -- very simple but powerful step.
For further queries you can contact me. Always happy to help.
Ashish Thomas
Ashish Thomas - 17 dager siden
Matt got some moves yo!
Be with Suraj
Be with Suraj - 20 dager siden
I am too suffering from the same nowdays amd could you help me to overcome this shit
Ooi Zhing Yao
Ooi Zhing Yao - Måned siden
2:51 the sentence 'to feel normal again' is what i have want to achieve for a long time. i was actually productive, confident, not lazy, always wanting to finish my work. One day I dont know why i all of the sudden spent more time on my phone and i eventually forgot to do my homework. The big feeling of guilt for not doing homework, spending too much time on my phone made me worried alot. I was getting the fear of not gonna be succesful soccer player, when i was feeling myself, feeling normal, i have strong belief every single day that i will make it as a soccer player, and then the world just seems like upside down for me. I started to sleep late, train less, more time on my phone and i kept feeling guilty on everytime i spent on my phone and being lazy. I hope this video will eventually help me get back on track of who i was.
Luis Espinoza
Luis Espinoza - Måned siden
Thank you soo much for this video it has been helping me overcome my anxiety
FcrazL2 - Måned siden
I’m going through severe anxiety, stress, heart palpitations, and insomnia right now :(
Kibbie Lou
Kibbie Lou - Måned siden
One thing I try to do is.. to not be afraid of when anxiety comes up. I try not to run away from it, but instead, just sit with it and feel it. I ask myself, what is this feeling that I'm so scared of feeling? What does it actually feel like? Doing this can significantly reduce anxiety because you're not being inundated with the fear of anxiety in addition to the anxiety itself. Doing this allows you to observe it moreso, objectively, rather than subjectively. And, you realize that this dreaded "feeling" is really nothing. It becomes like a phantom because as soon as you are willing and able to truly sit with it, it turns out that it isn't even there. It only exist outside of it. It only exists as a [fear] of it, but, it doesn't actually exist in of itself.
Tho, this process may take a little time. At first, you just feel the anxious fear. And, you look at it and observe [how it feels], rather than looking at it as something that you are afraid of. In doing this, you must allow this feeling without resistance, and then just objectively observe exactly what this strange feeling feels like. Ask yourself why you are so afraid of feeling this feeling. You realize that this feeling isnt anywhere near as horrendous as you have been making it out to be. And, eventually, you realize it doesn't even exist. It was all a mirage created by your mind of something that you were avoiding due to your unwillingness to face it and feel it. So, you must feel it as resistance-free as you can. When you are in an anxious situation, allow the fearful feeling, and dont try to avoid it or escape it. Dont try to rush through the moment, but rather, just allow yourself to feel whatever feeling(s) comes up and then, observe it. Ask yourself.. what is so scary about this feeling? How bad is this feeling, really?
Good Life with Jin
Good Life with Jin - Måned siden
This is amazing. Thank you so much.
y k
y k - Måned siden
Thank you for your video, you have no idea how much this video helped me today.
DruidOfParanor - Måned siden
I came across this video while searching for ways to overcome the anxiety I’ve been feeling. I’m glad I watched it. It left me feeling inspired to find my own ways to deal with anxiety.
Elijah Hartzog
Elijah Hartzog - Måned siden
I don’t call this anxiety I call this terrorizing 🤦🏾‍♂️
Me Name
Me Name - Måned siden
I HAV E SOCIAL ANXIETY AND NOW DEPRESSIon. I hate high school have no friends and can't get rid of suicidal thoughts. Trust me "it is not managavble" and taken over every aspect of my life. Thanks.
Cami Pellegrini
Cami Pellegrini - Måned siden
I will watch this video again, again & again. Thanks a lot
Nlexoify - Måned siden
Don”t you think that you tube gives you anxiety? It is kinda obvious, a lot of people watching, judging
David Konevky
David Konevky - Måned siden
Here in quarantine after having like the worst days of my life. I'm still going to keep on forward
Daniel Gomes
Daniel Gomes - Måned siden
the i went running and my heart rate went up and that gave me anxiety really rang a bell for me hahaha
Sottosopra - Sebastian Marcelli
Hi guys, i'd like to show to anyone who needs it my experience with stress and anxiety. My channel is newborn and italian but i'd like some help if you can https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDxVaoIxD7k
Lucylia - 2 måneder siden
I have anxiety and I stop living since the beginning... I can't take bus or subway anymore and my lover can't support my crisis anymore... I feel hopeless and useless...
But really thanks for your video I recognize myself in it 💜
allison - 2 måneder siden
Hi! I made a video on my channel writing a letter to my anxieties. It would mean a lot if y'all would head on over to my channel and show some love and support!
Ambrose Jeffery
Ambrose Jeffery - 2 måneder siden
His house looks like he lives in a commercial
Ambrose Jeffery
Ambrose Jeffery - 2 måneder siden
Sleep gives me anxiety
Katerina Simeonidou
Katerina Simeonidou - 2 måneder siden
So brave of you Matt!
Anne WithE
Anne WithE - 2 måneder siden
Hey, im really scared that my neurons are damaged, can anxietycause long term damaged neurons? Or they can recover?
Diogo Sousa
Diogo Sousa - 2 måneder siden
Awesome video Matt I suffer from anxiety and this video help me a lot!! Continue with the good content !
Emily Sinclair
Emily Sinclair - 2 måneder siden
Thank you for this Matt. Cried it out for the first time in a while. 'Accepting' that I am once again struggling with severe anxiety from Emetophobia.
Jakub Brzozowski
Jakub Brzozowski - 2 måneder siden
Check for Candida and imbalances of your gut. Fix your diet. Watch out for coffee. Made a huge difference for me.
Anu L
Anu L - 2 måneder siden
I got very much help from Mark Williams and Danny Penman's book called Mindfulness. I did 8 weeks program and I now understand what it feels like to have inner calm and be compassionate towards yourself.
Buchanan Games
Buchanan Games - 2 måneder siden
my friend and i have just submitted our last assignments for the year .. we're both feeling a little stressed out about it despite it's now out of our hands, there's nothing more we can do - right now is not the time to panic, we still have another year left where we can course correct any bad grades we get
Jonathan Vaudreuil
Jonathan Vaudreuil - 2 måneder siden
Thank you. A lot of people need reminders and reasons to believe things can get better. I'm in that group, for sure.
Didier valdez
Didier valdez - 2 måneder siden
I had depression and anxiety for bout 10 years the half of my life, and to me there weren’t drugs, or whatever wish i could get, it is jesus my saviour
J. Edewo
J. Edewo - 2 måneder siden
„I did exercise to get my heartrate up, then i panicked because my heartrate went up“ wow as a hypochondriac I felt this one so much
Ruta Paskeviciute
Ruta Paskeviciute - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for your amazing and simple videos!
Alan Matthew
Alan Matthew - 2 måneder siden
God bless 🙏
Alexander Herrera
Alexander Herrera - 2 måneder siden
Thanks dude!!! :)
Anoj Nair
Anoj Nair - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for making this video Matt :)
sunita pokhrel
sunita pokhrel - 2 måneder siden
For the first time I felt like my heart is pumping (literally jumping) very faster, and gradually the loud sound started to irritate me, I used to calm down myself but at the same time fear wouldn't let me to calm.....lots of shitty things are happening very unexpected. I used to be very confident lady previously but I lose it. I am really suffering from this since last year..please I wanna hear from u guys how u overcome this bloody hell. I would appreciate your support. Thanks in advance.
Great Hills
Great Hills - 3 måneder siden
Acceptness set ous free
Riddhi Tiwari
Riddhi Tiwari - 3 måneder siden
But you feel like it's on the other side of the pane of glass - this explains a lot about my anxiety
Ride Bikes Be Happy
Ride Bikes Be Happy - 3 måneder siden
Thank you.
NG - 3 måneder siden
I have 5 steps to overcome depression, that helped me a lot
Tamsin Jennings
Tamsin Jennings - 3 måneder siden
joan del villar almanzar
joan del villar almanzar - 3 måneder siden
for me the worst thing is insomnia
UrB - 3 måneder siden
I foumd the root cause of anxiety to be overthinking. I on one side am awlays fearful of things while my sister is straight up chill! She ain't afraid of little things. She went through many things I fear luke roller coster, horror movoes alone, MRI scans.
So the basic thing is If I see a little danger or anything I perceive it as danger and then my habit kicks in and I overthink. While people like my sister see it and it's just ok.
I think anxiety is too an habit. We must forst accept it and then know about our fears and step by step go towrds it. Wr must also try to stop overthinking and do the stuff we l9ve and takes us in a meditative or flow state.
TIN TRUONG - 3 måneder siden
This really helped me! Keep up pls, you will be the first content creator I will support :)
Nafis Rahman
Nafis Rahman - 3 måneder siden
Bro I cried listening to you shit
Nova - 3 måneder siden
If I worry about something, it helps me to think of some pros if the worst outcome did happen. Even if it's something ridiculous, I can always find a spark of good out of something, but I might not always feel it.
Fiona Thompson
Fiona Thompson - 3 måneder siden
Thank you for this amazing, honest commentary. I've been following you for a few months and you've brought a tonne of inspiration and motivation in my life. Hearing this made me cry as I can relate alot, especually synthetic moment, and I hope you are staying well.
Daniel Foltín
Daniel Foltín - 3 måneder siden
I believe in work therapy... Soo get to work! 😀
Mohamadreza Oyarhosein
Mohamadreza Oyarhosein - 3 måneder siden
thank youuuuu
Johnrey Bengan
Johnrey Bengan - 3 måneder siden
Honestly , I experienced anxiety before what I did is I exercise with the help of my friend, talking to the psychiatrist, discovering more my self and giving myself rest. I go to the gym. The other content and part of this video , fortunately that was I did. Thank you!
anastasia winanti
anastasia winanti - 4 måneder siden
When the "it" come, I can't barely move my body from bed. So I can't do those 21 steps 😭😢😥