200 Watt car mounted laser!

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I have been wanting to make this laser FOREVER and i could have made a hour long video on it. But dont worry, I have much more planned for this laser!

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There were never any planes in danger and I can prove it with science. First of all, we never turned the beam on more than 4 amps (50 watts)because we were having cooling issues and couldn't really monitor it up on the car.. (we tried 6 amps once but it was too bright.)

So assuming the beam stayed perfectly collimated, the beam would have an area of 430 square centimeters. If the laser was running at 25% power (4 amps/50 watts) that would be about 110mw/cm2 from the telescope. However, your pupil is only half this size fully open, so a pilot could theoretically receive a 50mw/cm2 exposure. A decent amount, but you have to remember even the smallest plane is traveling 150 miles per hour which would limit total exposure time to only 3ms( time it takes to cross a 9 inch beam). That puts it at the cusp of the maximum exposure limit, which is defined as "about 10% of the dose that has a 50% chance of creating damage under worst-case conditions." Here is the chart im referencing en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_safety#/media/File:IEC60825_MPE_W_s.png
So even under perfect conditions, this would still be 10x less than the exposure that carries a risk of damage. That's assuming perfect conditions, but in reality it was a hazy night, the laser would not be perfectly collimated, the atmosphere would distort the beam, the windows in the airplane would deflect some of the beam, unless the pilot was staring directly at the beam they would receive a smaller dose, I tried to keep the beam moving when up in the sky, and most planes are moving faster. all of this meaning the pilot would be exposed to a much lower amount of laser energy in the real world than under perfect conditions. even at full power this laser is still within the safety factor of the maximum exposure limit. Plus do you know the odds of hitting a plane with a laser when your trying not to? just pick a random star in the sky and wait for a plane to fly over it.
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Cody Piscitelli
Cody Piscitelli - 11 dager siden
“The bread is holding out wel... oh no wait the bread is on fire”
2020 in a nutshell
Dapperstreams 22
Dapperstreams 22 - 2 dager siden
@Moe666DK how much?
Dapperstreams 22
Dapperstreams 22 - 2 dager siden
The breads on fiyah, how bout’ yours?
MutantDinoGamer - 5 dager siden
Hi cow
roughtoast - 5 dager siden
Can his lazer burn through starlight? History of a Lost Supermaterial & How To Make It (Starlite) noburn.info/id/video/ln3FiMWeoJl9mn4.html
UnboxingTV - 5 dager siden
@David Parks i'm not sure but i guess he got it from there www.boxoptronics.com/
Official Clix
Official Clix - 3 minutter siden
Hes prob on the FBI watch list now
Paul Bouchard
Paul Bouchard - 9 minutter siden
The two are great. Smart.Funny. And doing stuff every boy, man, and a few special girls apparently.
issac denner
issac denner - 10 minutter siden
Give that sucker 9000 more watts
Jaylin6u - 34 minutter siden
The military wants to know your location
Daniel Miskin
Daniel Miskin - 39 minutter siden
“Hello do you have one of those lasers that can shoot down plains”. FBI: interesting
Dankey 05
Dankey 05 - Time siden
Next gta 5 vehicle
EternityForest - Time siden
Zinc is really not something you want to vape unless you're a fan of flu-like symptoms
Mason Little
Mason Little - 2 timer siden
did anybody else see that light move in the sky at 13:21 ??
Neal Foster
Neal Foster - 4 timer siden
Spends loads of money building giant laser. Didn't think to buy some kind of thick steel plate for protection.
Chuks Alika
Chuks Alika - 4 timer siden
What did u study at college or uni
scot shabalam
scot shabalam - 4 timer siden
UFO! 13:22
Sammert Koeli
Sammert Koeli - 4 timer siden
"freedom of speech" we are losing it all man with this plandemic..also.u are going lose it man! protest! if u want kids in freedom? fight for it
Chamberlain Chief
Chamberlain Chief - 5 timer siden
Uhhhhh is this ummm... how you say... Legal?
YungCaliStoner - 5 timer siden
13:20 -13:24 anybody see that little light zoom by when he pointed the beam up?
Dafydd R
Dafydd R - 6 timer siden
Fancy zappng our queen.. funny though !
Bilim Dünyası
Bilim Dünyası - 7 timer siden
1,5 k dislikes are us army and British ppl
Dawson _K710
Dawson _K710 - 7 timer siden
Did you know the odd1sout is subbed to u
SARBOJIT MUKHERJEE - 7 timer siden
diy laser power meter
ZORZ! - 8 timer siden
Styro Pyro and this dude always seemed like they could be distant cousins but now I'm sure of it
velazquez armouries
velazquez armouries - 8 timer siden
I think that now you would be seen as a criminal in England for defacing an image of the queen
Ian Hall
Ian Hall - 8 timer siden
You have just stepped way, way beyond Princess Diana. You are now being watched by so many agents. Do not go through any tunnels.
Mike Sike
Mike Sike - 8 timer siden
7:29 wow that could’ve been the end lol 😂.
HoZakari - 8 timer siden
did u know that a 2 petawatt laser exists
david whitehouse
david whitehouse - 8 timer siden
Way to get on a watch list call and try and buy a laser candle of shooting missiles and planes out the sky
Ole Reinke
Ole Reinke - 8 timer siden
Anyone here enough crackhead to rebuild this just from the video footage?
Shuto Walsojad
Shuto Walsojad - 8 timer siden
Would be pretty much illegal in germany mostly because of all these edges and sharp angles xD
Shuto Walsojad
Shuto Walsojad - 8 timer siden
Yummy zinc fumes 🤮
Ryan Belknap
Ryan Belknap - 9 timer siden
U subbed
Dojeez - 9 timer siden
I won’t be surprised if the fbi arrests him
Dave George
Dave George - 10 timer siden
I'm I alone, what's the wavelength?????? Does the fiber amplify pumped by diodes, CW?
Hrach - 10 timer siden
Video is cool but you got a dislike from me for the queen
Jayden Sandoval
Jayden Sandoval - 10 timer siden
This is why we have a national coin shortage
ROTTENHORIZEN - 10 timer siden
The military is typing....
Prakhar Mishra
Prakhar Mishra - 11 timer siden
Now styro will make this into a laser pointer.
Irish Mick
Irish Mick - 11 timer siden
Looks like it makes a great bug zapper as well!
Tommy Northwood
Tommy Northwood - 12 timer siden
I would not super heat coins. The inner alloy can liquify and expand inside the outer metal then pop like a molten metal grape..
Кот БФГ - 12 timer siden
I`m just wonder, how much holes in the car behind the board was after laser testings?
slepy - 13 timer siden
bluecrownvic - 14 timer siden
Why is it that in the Beirut explosion every camera can hear and feel the explosion long before the shock wave hits? What is traveling faster than sound through the air and ground?
McLaren 255
McLaren 255 - 14 timer siden
13:53 lol
Prism Com
Prism Com - 15 timer siden
I'm not sure it's very smart to show this now, unless you want it to be used against the police ...
Crimson Halo
Crimson Halo - 15 timer siden
9:20 Oh noes, the camera caught a case of Corona ...
Pulusi .T
Pulusi .T - 17 timer siden
I have never been so excited to hear the words _"Are ya ready? This is a rock ... 3, 2, 1 ..."_
J B - 17 timer siden
less of you and more of her please...
Ed Smith
Ed Smith - 18 timer siden
Not a wheat penny!
Ed Smith
Ed Smith - 18 timer siden
Why don't they aim these at car chase drivers in Los Angeles?
the hotshot
the hotshot - 18 timer siden
Imagine what the us government has.
_cheezestake_ - 19 timer siden
Isn’t this illegal?
TIK TOK MEMES - 19 timer siden
The next starkiller base
Prod. SlapHappy
Prod. SlapHappy - 19 timer siden
God save the queen
UwULuvMeWaifu00 - 20 timer siden
I really like gtaV newest vehicle
Ethan stadel
Ethan stadel - 20 timer siden
Pointed toward houses
Billy Richerd
Billy Richerd - 21 time siden
He made the first lightsaber
Year 2020
Year 2020 - 21 time siden
Dude my farts are deadlier than that.
Billy Richerd
Billy Richerd - 21 time siden
I love that watermelon shirt
PhantomPhoton - 22 timer siden
Firing a high-powered laser in a residential neighborhood may be the most stupidly irresponsible thing I've ever seen. You guys are playing way too fast and loose with your safety protocols, including bystander safety, and you own safety.
Eric VandenAvond
Eric VandenAvond - 23 timer siden
They really just melted a wheat penny.
Ryan Gribble
Ryan Gribble - 23 timer siden
How l long before you get a knock at the door from DHS?