12 Habits That Changed My Life

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Modern Adulting
Modern Adulting - 2 timer siden
Breakthroughs don't change your life. Micro habits do.
Daily Upgrade
Daily Upgrade - 2 timer siden
andrea inzaghi
andrea inzaghi - 6 timer siden
if you welcome some feedback. Why stacking toghether 12 elements? maybe dividing them would make them more recollectible
Garret - 7 timer siden
I've reached a point where I really feel like garbage. I've been realizing for the past few months that I used to say « I didn't have time », but when quarantine arrive, I did NOTHING, because of procrastination. It was hard to admit, because I was wasting my time on internet, and I love internet. Internet is my second home, but in this home some room are time wasted or toxic. So break relations with this place is hard, but required. I want to make new habits, habits that will change my life for good. I don’t want anymore to waste my time on social media when I could be doing much more interesting things like continuing to learn foreign languages, doing even more sports, or just getting out of my house, talking to people, but this time for real.
In a month I’ll start university, in a few years I will definitely be an adult, and I want to be a responsible adult, I want to take advantage of this age to do a maximum of things. I just don't want to regret this when I’ll be old, I'm doing it for my future self.
Elijah Mathew
Elijah Mathew - 11 timer siden
Capptttaaaaiiin siiinnnnbaaadddd🤩🤩🤩🤩
Emma J
Emma J - 11 timer siden
good thing u didn't try this in 2020
We Are Creators [Law of Attraction]
You're just such a genuine and awesome person. Thanks for sharing your journey!
ThaiTopFitness - 20 timer siden
Waking up at 5 is so over rated. I did it for a year. I ended up with two VERY unproductive hours in the morning which I could have made use of at the end of the day. Our bodies and schedules are different. Waking up at 5 and going to bed at 9 isn't any better than waking up at 7 and going to bed at 11 (for someone who sleeps 8 hours). Working out in the morning at that time does have one benefit and that's the fact that no one called or interrupted me during that time, so I really had no excuse not to do it.
Rosária - Dag siden
i dont know you and dont if you are rwligious. that works for me: i make a list everyday with things that i should do, including does not enter on a social media, or spent many of my time there and for me, when gets hard, i just pray. so start your day praying, it gonna work.
Daniel Jund
Daniel Jund - Dag siden
My 30 day challenges this year:
Cold Showers
No Sugar
Social Detox
Scheduling my day
Waking up at 6 am
I’ve never found a benefit from caffeine tbh
Love you,
Arthur Balioli
Arthur Balioli - Dag siden
man, you help a lot of people
SimonJPA Baillargeon
SimonJPA Baillargeon - Dag siden
I love your videos. Here are some ideas. No sex for 30 days. 😂🤣😇😅No job for 30 days. No talking for 30 days. Be a statue for 30 days. 🗽No bread for 30 days. No scratching for 30 days. No porn for 30 days. 😁 No car for 30 days. No fighting with your wife for 30 days. It that possible? 😂 No meat for 30 days. Good luck!
Michael Rapoport
Michael Rapoport - Dag siden
Humans are amazing for their quality of self-improving. The fact that we can adopt new characteristics is remarkable, but...
I think that everyone is different in their own way and thus each person may require to develop their own, custom approach. I tried waking up at 5:30AM for a few months and that has changed me for better. This habit made me a lot more productive and normalized my routine that before was really messed up. But that also had side effects, like fatigue and loss of focus, until I adjusted this habit to my preference by not waking up at 5:30, but instead at 6:30... That was my ideal mid-ground. I got the same, positive results in other habits that I tried or did develop, such as working out, learning a new language, reading, etc. So what I learned, is that sometimes, you don't need to exhaust yourself and jeopardize your mental or physical health over commitment for your goals. Listen to your body and soul. That definitely doesn't mean you need to be within your comfort zone, but the complete opposite. After succeeding and failing at making myself a better person, I realized that by far, the most important tool for self-progress is to simply try and adjust... Pick a habit, commit, adjust, and grow.
Just don't forget that our body and mind are tools that will work best if its specifications are taken into account.
jingga color
jingga color - Dag siden
4:15 any one know the BGM music this part
Estude Comigo para Concursos
You remind me of Jake Gyllenhaal a bit.
yashaswi shrestha
yashaswi shrestha - 2 dager siden
I quit instagram a week ago. And all social media .
Im feeling pretty normal actually.
Theodora Mladenova
Theodora Mladenova - 2 dager siden
"I came up with this brilliant idea..." okay, nuff heard.
Witzomania - 3 dager siden
I started by taking a good look in the mirror https://youtu.be/mbAryNA-_ks
academic fisherman
academic fisherman - 4 dager siden
did anybody get really bad headaches after initially stopping caffeine?
Harshavardhan Ramamurthy
Harshavardhan Ramamurthy - 4 dager siden
What's the pen you used for journaling ?
Nick S
Nick S - 4 dager siden
Thank you Matt
Gaia Cultiva
Gaia Cultiva - 5 dager siden
I quitted smoking 🤗
Dan GM
Dan GM - 5 dager siden
Hello Matt! I decides to build habits starting today, for example working out, reading and do some business that i've had in mind a couple weeks. I'll edit my progress every 3 weeks.
Roshan Mahajan
Roshan Mahajan - 5 dager siden
Captain Sinbad brought me here
Sasha Eshchenko
Sasha Eshchenko - 5 dager siden
Am i not alone, who went to the shower when he said about it? 9:53 😹
Glen Jauod
Glen Jauod - 5 dager siden
I'm cutting my social media addiction. Wish me luck
Wayne Wang
Wayne Wang - 6 dager siden
Give up anything instant for 30 days?
Cute Dog Lover
Cute Dog Lover - 6 dager siden
all of these people just writing down their goals and plans in the comments makes me unbelievably happy and motivated to go do something
Xx xX
Xx xX - 6 dager siden
Putting crazy pressure on yourself to be perfect is actually far more detrimental to your progress than just forgiving yourself and keep going on imperfectly.
Xx xX
Xx xX - 6 dager siden
The 5am thing is stupid. Wake up naturally and get out of bed 5 minutes after you wake up. Sleep is important.
M Basit Bilal
M Basit Bilal - 6 dager siden
Try Religion For 30 Days.
Marcelina Rybarz
Marcelina Rybarz - 7 dager siden
How about quitting a car? That would be a challenge.
I try to do that - I ride a bike everywhere or walk. I even take my kids to kindergarden by bike (6km, mostly uphill). And I love it! But I guess this will last only till the first frost bites.
Ana Gr.
Ana Gr. - 7 dager siden
a really good habit is to recall what good had happened during the day, before going to sleep. Either writing it down in your journal ( ;)) ) or just replay it in your head when you are in bed already. The key is to have positive emotional feedback, not only logical thoughts, like 'i've done this right' - something that you would feel that it was good.
Sine & Didi Yoga Pilates Fitter n Stronger Forever
Hi matt, i liked your videos. I am on instagram . I will follow you please follow me. We can help each other. namaste
Grim Reputation
Grim Reputation - 8 dager siden
I've created a schedule for myself that I am so far keeping up with. Go to sleep at 10:00 P.M. and wake up at 6:00 A.M. I then stay still for a few minutes to try to recall dreams I had, I then record them in a journal or voice recorder. I get dressed, then brush my teeth, then mouthwash after. On weekends, I don't eat anything (Unless if there is a special breakfast that I make or my dad makes) until dinner, and workout while on an empty stomach. On weekdays, I go to school, or to my grandparents, and have breakfast. I then exercise with a lot of Boxvr. At the end of my day, I take a shower, brush my teeth, then meditate for 30 minutes, and finally go to sleep.
Nev in SF
Nev in SF - 8 dager siden
Thanks for this! Definitely inspired to plan more, meditate more, and set realistic goals to change habit.
Oscar Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez - 8 dager siden
I quit porn..... Weed....alcohol...and social media....and it's barely the third day...it's awkwardly hard but I replaced those things with books...journal...exercise...family time and umm...I'm struggling to know what else to do with my day.
MikeSpectrum - 9 dager siden
Is that a younger Martin Scorsese talking?
Vinayak Kulkarni
Vinayak Kulkarni - 9 dager siden
Wow! He is 1/10000 persons who actually completed his year resolutions
Dean Dsouza
Dean Dsouza - 9 dager siden
The thing about waking up at 5 am , is that you also need to sleep early enough to counter the exhaustion. A lot of people are under the misconception that waking up early will solve your problems, but you also need to sleep early for it to work. I used to hate waking up at 5 am, but then I started focusing on sleeping between 9:30-10 pm every night, and then it started working for me.
It took a lot of effort to force my body to sleep at that time (cause prior to that, I would sleep by like 12 - 1 am ), but after 30 days of practise, it started to show results. And now, I just wake up at 5:30, energized and ready to go.
Mahith Panagoda
Mahith Panagoda - 9 dager siden
Great work Matt ur work really helps me be productive and educates and inspires me to create habits and to be the best version of myself and when I share these ideas with my friends it changes their lives too and it keeps spreading
So keep up the great work and good luck💪🏽♥️🤟🏼💯
Smol_ Fairy
Smol_ Fairy - 9 dager siden
As someone who usually takes cold showers... i didn't know it was so bad to other people XD
Kevin - 10 dager siden
My 30 day challenge :
Wake up at 6 everyday
Jogging and working out for an hour
Reading for an hour
Kevin - 10 dager siden
I’ve been want to do stuff like this and establish good habits before seen this video . But this video just give me more confidence and inspiration knowing someone is already doing this .thanks a lot!!😁
Greysun Morales
Greysun Morales - 10 dager siden
Not sure if you’ll see this Matt, but can you please tell me where you buy your tshirts from? Specifically that green one? They look super comfy and good quality! Thanks!
JDP - 10 dager siden
I bit the bullet and literally deleted about 4 years of emails. I said to myself that hey, Im not refereeing these things really at all. Social media cleansing :)
Irene S
Irene S - 10 dager siden
Addison Cross
Addison Cross - 10 dager siden
Well now you've got me taking a cold shower at 12:30 in the morning because that's when im watching the video and my parents if they hear will probably think I'm a weirdo lol
Edit: Shower done wow that was bad but at least I feel warm at room temperature now lol
Grace Godinez
Grace Godinez - 11 dager siden
I can't stop staring directly into his eyes...like. the format of him talking straight to my face is just soooo mesmerizing. also he has really nice eyes.
judy issa
judy issa - 11 dager siden
I think you are the very first YouTuber I really respect. You are a 100% if this makes any thanks. Good luck for you. ❤️
All day Hustle
All day Hustle - 11 dager siden
I’m 23 lost af hungover and broke with a fkd up alcohol addiction i has enough time for a change
Troll - 11 dager siden
METH jokes..reveal your white privilege..that drug is MONUMENTALLY dangerous and there is NOTHING flippant or funny...with your large view reach it is triggering and irresponsible...do better
Neetu Yadav
Neetu Yadav - 11 dager siden
I quit social media and that helped me hell lot.
I lessened my screen time.
Started reading more.
Now I'm trying to workout daily
Focus on my studies more.
That's all.
Movement Church
Movement Church - 11 dager siden
Dude! Try reading scripture every morning for 30 days! Start in the book of John! God is in the pages man!
ghadeer k
ghadeer k - 12 dager siden
nothing against being productive but some of these things are unnecessary we don’t need to be robotic
Tomáš Lipták
Tomáš Lipták - 12 dager siden
Sleeping for 8 in certain period of time (21 - 05 ) sounds like interesting challenge
Kmhfk - 12 dager siden
Waking up 5am is not an option for Muslims. And I'm glad.
Witzomania - 13 dager siden
New Indie music. A song about a life changing moment, https://youtu.be/mbAryNA-_ks
Michael Ramirez
Michael Ramirez - 13 dager siden
I did one better in did a daily journal for 1 year and man it was a grind you realize how boring your day to day life is
Luisa Pina
Luisa Pina - 13 dager siden
I love your channel so much! I always watch your videos for inspiration.