12 Habits That Changed My Life

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Se’Quoia Wilson
Se’Quoia Wilson - 15 timer siden
Jack Canfield recommended to develop four new habits a year
Faytal Clan
Faytal Clan - Dag siden
I'm quitting my drug addiction as I'm smoking my last joint, wish me luck guys.
Geliya Migulina
Geliya Migulina - 2 dager siden
try veganism for 30 days!)))
spectre trash
spectre trash - 2 dager siden
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Amal ALABARAT - 4 dager siden
You make awsome videos
Benjamin Gallivants
Benjamin Gallivants - 5 dager siden
It’s summer here in Australia so taking a cold shower is not an option, the water is warm when it comes out the shower head.
jean distefano
jean distefano - 5 dager siden
Try being a vegan for 30 days! Gina in lights
Seetal M.D.
Seetal M.D. - 5 dager siden
im so glad I stumbled upon your channel. you're so inspiring. I love your energy.
you share awesome content. Im a sucker for self help or motivational books. haha. its the one corner you will find me lurking at. and sometimes the business section too. have you read Ken Honda Happy Money? sooo good.
Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh - 5 dager siden
your eyes. so freaking beautiful.
Hagi Hayu Siwi
Hagi Hayu Siwi - 5 dager siden
try not make "to do list" for 30day 😎
Fishy Glue
Fishy Glue - 6 dager siden
I take warm - ish showers cuz warm water simply works better with shampoo and soaps. And when i'm done cleaning myself i spray myself with cold water.
Lee Young Hee
Lee Young Hee - 6 dager siden
Ok then let's do it
For 30 days, (January 15th to February 15th)
I will wake up at 4 a.m
I will study for 10 hours
I will stop drinking caffeine
I will eat healthy
I will work out
I hope we can all achieve what we want to achieve..
Kevin - 6 dager siden
Just do it! Just get started with something hard that's gonna improve your life effectively. That's for myselft mainly...let's get started! Imma finish important schoolshit that I should've done a long time ago now and then hit my legs with a killer workout.
Neketa Sikder
Neketa Sikder - 6 dager siden
Thanks ❤️
7184610369a - 7 dager siden
Skip meth. How about trying coke every day for 30 days?
Pulkit Malhotra
Pulkit Malhotra - 8 dager siden
Try 30 days noFap challenge
Sarah Cardozo
Sarah Cardozo - 8 dager siden
I just cry-laughed post 2:41
D.A. Flint
D.A. Flint - 9 dager siden
my habit for every day is to water my garden and jump rope for exercise
El Mavinio
El Mavinio - 10 dager siden
try math for 30 days
Darin Kidd
Darin Kidd - 10 dager siden
Awesome! This is a nice content. I feel motivated right now. Thanks for sharing!
Leona Mck
Leona Mck - 10 dager siden
I’ve been working out everyday after school, meditating everyday, stretching , doing my hair everyday, doing positive affirmations and reading everyday for our to 20 mins
skelly787 - 10 dager siden
I love cold showers but the key is to have it warm while you actually clean yourself and then go full cold for the last minute or two and like try meditate through the cold
Sam - 10 dager siden
me watching the waking up at 5am video: Nice! I guess I can try this. I can do it!! Yes!
me seeing this in the recommended section and watching it: :( guess not
Jaco Oosthuizen
Jaco Oosthuizen - 10 dager siden
This really video really helped me, thank you very much. I've tried cold showers for a month in the winter, and I would say sometimes it helped me to be more awake in the mornings, but I still love my warm showers and won't give it up easily. When it is summer, well that is a different story, because it is so warm here that you have to take cold showers to cool of.
Aidan Gittings
Aidan Gittings - 10 dager siden
I’m gonna start working abs, waking up earlier, and improving mental health. Wish me luck boys
Jolo Villanueva
Jolo Villanueva - 10 dager siden
Read the Bible for 30 days. You'll love it. 💖
Paulina Wojciechowska
Paulina Wojciechowska - 10 dager siden
i haven't known how much i adore ya until this vid came up :D
Ps. Captain Sindbad is ma twin
Brent Taylor
Brent Taylor - 11 dager siden
This video was somewhat useless. I feel like the video is more about camera time for him and a lot less about the challenge....not even a before/after. This challenge is also lost on a person who stands to gain little from a no-sugar challenge.
Dave Bonham
Dave Bonham - 11 dager siden
“I can quit smoking any time I want; I’ve done it a thousand times.” —paraphrasing Mark Twain
ayanna _mx
ayanna _mx - 9 dager siden
Good luck and stop it cause your health is worth it 😭❤
Yethreb BEN MESSAOUD - 11 dager siden
I started intermittent fasting some days ago. I want to loose some weight. I lost more than 10 kgs since April 2020 (my weight is 61 kg now for 162 cm). I'm taking things slowly. I drink coffee very occasionally. I don't eat sugar. I try to eat healthy. I try to schedule everything I do daily. I rarely watch TV. I don't have Facebook, Twitter and Instgram, just Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest (very little use) and Quora (very little use). I started to focus on my mental health, live freely and let go all bad things. I have so many courses to learn linked with my job ; I'd like to read more often ; I'd like to exercise ; I'd like to quit cow milk and I'd like to eat only organic food (some of my food is already organic), I'd like to reach less for my phone when working and I'd like to go 0 waste. I'd like to move to another appartment and furnish it. I'd like to strengthen my relationship with God too. I'd like to never let toxic and negative people into my life, just people who're worthy. Things have been a little bit hard with Covid19 to make some changes especially exercising but I try to make a better version of myself everyday. Very inspiring video btw.
Turorudi95 - 11 dager siden
I would watch a video titled "I did drugs for 30 days" :D it is a super good clickbait title
Gladness Sebastian
Gladness Sebastian - 11 dager siden
I'm cutting my sugar addiction
I really would appreciate some motivation right now🙈
Margaret Aprison
Margaret Aprison - 12 dager siden
This is so beautifully shot.
Georgia Wilksch
Georgia Wilksch - 12 dager siden
I decided to swim 30km in 30 days. I couldn’t swim on weekends because of work- so 1.5km a day to make up for it. But it was more about building a habit of going to the gym, making it less of a big deal and second nature to keep my bag ready to go. From swimming I would naturally just go up to the gym since I was there, and I saw one of the coaches for a chat about my fitness goals and they gave me direction on nutrition. From there I’ve lost 30kg in the last year and still going.
Rafael david ortega
Rafael david ortega - 12 dager siden
Intermittent fasting, I tried for 1 year and works great in my overall health, I lost 10 pounds, now I reducing the sugar and carbs intake a little bit.
Frieda Beverly
Frieda Beverly - 13 dager siden
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Nethmini Francis
Nethmini Francis - 13 dager siden
Im going to cut out sugar and implement more excersing!
A Paul
A Paul - 13 dager siden
I also want to wake up at 6:30 am everyday. I don't have much will power, I do something one day and stop trying the next.
Clara Sarrià
Clara Sarrià - 15 dager siden
Do a video on 30 days with Zero waste!
Just Sol
Just Sol - 15 dager siden
For a long time, I thought he said "I didn't do math" xD
William Alves
William Alves - 16 dager siden
You are amazing.. what a great video... happy to subscribe
Aishwarya Ajaykumar
Aishwarya Ajaykumar - 16 dager siden
Start at 3mins
Alicia Spinnet
Alicia Spinnet - 16 dager siden
You are such a Slytherin
And that’s not as bad as some ppl might think
Isha Sharma
Isha Sharma - 16 dager siden
Such an inspiration
Story Cox
Story Cox - 16 dager siden
Omg, I had this exact same idea for 2021 before I watched this video!! Now I'm excited to see how it went for him!
chelsea chapa
chelsea chapa - 16 dager siden
I think he’s done meth
lingling kong
lingling kong - 16 dager siden
appreciate your honesty which I have never seen on the self-development topic in yt
Silverly Sage
Silverly Sage - 16 dager siden
Nat's face here is gold: https://youtu.be/kRr9LQ7mZ_A?t=255
Noelani Halia
Noelani Halia - 17 dager siden
Aight I’m bouts go take a cold shower cause he said so. I’ll update you when I get out if the shower.
Update: at first it was the worst thing I’d ever done because our water comes from outside, I live in Colorado, and it’s currently below freezing. I was definitely thinking “don’t trust guys off of YouTube just because he looks nice and your fascinated by the way his arm hair just disappears from his biceps. Cold showers hurt.” And then I cheated just a little. I put the water at just below lukewarm which is a tolerable temperature for me and then let my body get adjusted and continued to turn the temperature down. Honestly one of the most refreshing things I’ve ever done. Anyways, now ima take a bath warm milk bath
JazzKatat - 17 dager siden
Habits are everything!
Angel Kim
Angel Kim - 17 dager siden
So ... I am one of the 1 percent that only showers with cold water? Also cold water is good for the skin and that is actually true for SOME people i say try it and see if it helps
Angel Kim
Angel Kim - 16 dager siden
@Noelani Halia you don’t need to shower with cold water! Just turn it on for 30 seconds after you finish. It’s okay you don’t need to do it in the winter
Noelani Halia
Noelani Halia - 17 dager siden
I try and do that but only in the summer months because I live in a place that gets 15 below freezing during the night in winter and my house gets really cold
Лейла Ибраева
Лейла Ибраева - 17 dager siden
У него очень четкая дикция
Akshat Chaturvedi
Akshat Chaturvedi - 17 dager siden
8:54 those assets are something...
N K - 18 dager siden
My 2021 resolution is all about quitting Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
Wick - 19 dager siden
Bro I just watched like 10 of these vids and cleaned my dirty ass room. Thank you Matt
Sherzad Aritri Zaman
Sherzad Aritri Zaman - 19 dager siden
This is the second video... I watched from ur channel...thanx a ton...ur views about failing ,strength were very inspiring...now I got the solution how to keep myself always mentally awake and having least boredom as possible
Hande Ersoy
Hande Ersoy - 19 dager siden
flexibility is key
Alexander Joseph De Leon
Alexander Joseph De Leon - 19 dager siden
Not gonna lie. I take notes of all of yours comment of your habits because I already tried most of these ones(12 Matt Habits).☺️
Yazan - 19 dager siden
that's an awfully hot coffee pot
Verónica Álvarez
Verónica Álvarez - 19 dager siden
I wanna quit internet (youtube, instagram), wish me luck.
JennyLS - 20 dager siden
I gave up coffee and soda over a year ago. And I drank a LOT of both. I drank four cups of coffee day and at least two big glasses of diet coke a day. AND zero water. Now I drink coconut water as my splurge drink and mint tea and reg water otherwise. I would have never thought I could do it. But there you go. And although I miss coffee, it's gone from my life. I'm proud of myself.
Eoghan Ryder
Eoghan Ryder - 20 dager siden
Natalie is an icon, legend and star. 💖
Jeffrey Havens
Jeffrey Havens - 20 dager siden
If anyone wanted to watch my singular video and leave some feedback for me in the comments I would really appreciate it!
COM DRIVE - 21 dag siden
I'm cutting my strength out of my life to be weak to be more strong, again, wish me luck guys
Eric Felder
Eric Felder - 21 dag siden
Can anyone tell me what he is wearing on his wrist? The specific brand and item?
Alex Vestov
Alex Vestov - 21 dag siden
Thank u man, i'll try to acquire some new good habits in 2021)
Happy New Year)
Sanchit Tanwar
Sanchit Tanwar - 21 dag siden
I woke up early for almost 6 months in 2020 and my productivity kind of decrease, if I exercise early in the morning I feel a little bit out of energy, complete day, and working early in the morning was also hard. What works for me is working late in the night, waking up like 7 in the morning which is not too late, and having nap in the afternoon. Nap helps in improving productivity in the second half of the day.
Jessica Burgess
Jessica Burgess - 22 dager siden
Meth for 30 days 🤣
Kristina Bunterkunt
Kristina Bunterkunt - 22 dager siden
I just discovered your channel and I'm addicted to these videos. They are so motivational and make me kind of looking forward to get my life together, build new habits and try new things. Because of the Lockdown in Germany I have so much time and now there are so many ideas I want to give a try. Thanks so much :))
Alisha Suzanne
Alisha Suzanne - 22 dager siden
Just found your channel! I love it! You're very intelligent, relatable, and make awesome videos!
Manuelito Fernando
Manuelito Fernando - 23 dager siden
lol im taking cold showers right now pausing the video :D
Hend In The Wild
Hend In The Wild - 23 dager siden
Don't think I can do 30 days straight but hey, gonna try. 💜✨😭
Mar - 23 dager siden
Going on my weight loss journey wish me luck
Bunnylove314 - 24 dager siden
Oh no :( you have to share a room with someone who has a slightly different schedule than you. You poor baby! Do you need a tissue? I know I am being a brat, but you insinuated anyone who has a different schedule than their spouse is being rude in just doing what they are supposed to do.
Carolina - 23 dager siden
she was joking......
Andre Knapp
Andre Knapp - 24 dager siden
Ok so all these habits were really just building other, far more important habits. Like taking action and having more gratitude.
Gladys Lim
Gladys Lim - 24 dager siden
I started these goals a month ago, things are going well. Slowly I cultivated a habit to track these goals by end of the day. I become more conscious in time spending on snacking, screen time and so on.
- Fasting 16 to 18 hours 2 - 3days a week
- Expenses tracking everyday
- HIIT / Strength training, 2hours a week
- Book reading 2hrs a week (current reading Principle from Ray Dalio) so to meet the goal of book journal every month
- Japanese learning 2hrs a week
- Powerpoint presentation self learning 2 hrs a week
نَقاء - 24 dager siden
I want to cut social media addiction in 2021 inshaallah
Juju Garcia
Juju Garcia - 25 dager siden
8:52 I didn't even have to pay for the OnlyFans 😳😍
s m
s m - 25 dager siden
im cutting off my tiktok addiction lol. wish me luck ig
•Itz Tess•
•Itz Tess• - 25 dager siden
You where just planning for 2020
Aleksandra Petrovic
Aleksandra Petrovic - 25 dager siden
Hello guys, l came back here after almost 1 year... Here is my story (short version of it :DDD)
On 30th December 2019, l was in my bed and l played this video... When the video ended, l told myself: "THAT'S IT, do something really good for yourself!".
I made a decision to quit smoking after 12 years. On 30th December 2020 it's going to be ONE year since the day l quit smoking. Trust me guys... IT IS POSSIBLE! Stay strong and l wish you all the best! :)
Aleksandra Petrovic
Aleksandra Petrovic - 3 dager siden
@R F Thank you! :)
R F - 9 dager siden
That's great!! Good for you!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💯💯💯
Aleksandra Petrovic
Aleksandra Petrovic - 10 dager siden
@S.F Thank you so much! 😊❤️
S.F - 12 dager siden
Congratulations mate, you did an amazing job ♥︎
Aleksandra Petrovic
Aleksandra Petrovic - 14 dager siden
@Yaitova Spiegel Thank you soooo much! 😊
Julie Fitzgerald
Julie Fitzgerald - 25 dager siden
So which of these habits did you keep?
markorop - 26 dager siden
really great video.
Emci Turla
Emci Turla - 26 dager siden
I will take the action now, see you guys around.
Krutarth Pujara
Krutarth Pujara - 27 dager siden
Make a video on all the tools you use to eithwr scheduling, getting into a new habbit, staying motivated for thw same and all those things you use to get things done, it would be a nice video.
I have tried 4am mornings, cold shower at 4am and then going under sky on terrace and meditating in that cold winters as well.. its furious but it takes our conscious levels to the sky, i am still doing it , miss sometimes but its all about to keep up with Right things that one must do
You must be proud that you tried all those things, maybe unfortunate to not being able to continue it for long as you feel like no one around is doing it and that makes your will power low to keep up with it.
But, Its written by Sages to Wakeup at 4
Take cold showers meditate
Follow some devotional services
Eat right and raw
Yoga(Indian Workout)
Drink water while sitting sip by sip
Interdependency on nature
Walking barefoot on grass
Staying strong with right mindset
Not eating anything after sunset
Not eating 3 white : RefinedWheatFlour, white salt and white sugar
By not eating anything made up with RWF means nothing made up with bread not even bread itself
Thats tough for americans but i am doing it since years.
Taking lukewarm showers just little warmer than normal temperature
And getting the room completely dark, no night lamps, just an oil lamp with whatever oil you want
And then sleep as soon as possible 10-10:30 pm
There are sleep cycles and you will find all motivational speakers and productivity speakers coming up with things written in ancient indian scriptures written since the origin of the universe.
I would just say that keep up the challenge and try to get all those habbits at same time , your life will be transformed , it already has impacted you life alot, keep that going on, dont get disheartened by missing some days.. keep moving.. you are Matt D'Avella.. Mind It..!!!
Aditya Bandyopadhyay
Aditya Bandyopadhyay - 27 dager siden
0:02 Exactly 2years ago:)
Oigetit Fake News Filter - Español
Fun fact: habits are LEGIT different connections going-on on your brain.. that's why you feel good when building new habits, but a week later you leave it... your brain isn't used to this connection. :) SO KEEP UP
pc _cb
pc _cb - 28 dager siden
I am in the next 30 days : not buying anything , painting my abstracts and getting more professional, getting rid of anxiety, Wim Hof breathing and cold showers, yoga .
Ashwin Shashidharan
Ashwin Shashidharan - 28 dager siden
YouTube! Thank you for recommending me this on the final days of 2020. This year has been a roller-coaster. Lets meet in 2021, the year of experiments!
Paresh Vora
Paresh Vora - 27 dager siden
ANTOANETA KOLEVA - 28 dager siden
I was feeling numb at some piont of my life due to depression. My therapist suggested that I do the following: every night in a notebook write the date ant the hour on top of the page, and then write 'I'm gratefull for ..." and wriet what you're grateful for. Not 1, 2 or 3 things. I'm now getting between 20 to 50 (20 on a bad day). This makes you see the positive and better, it makes you very present and reverse the day to find positive things to write. It makes me happier and i suggest you trying it.
Niranjana Iyer
Niranjana Iyer - 29 dager siden
Thank you Matt for this amazing video! Really pulled me up. The source of unhappiness is pressure that is self inflicted. Thank you so much!
Naol Dadi
Naol Dadi - Måned siden
It’s probably too late after 8months but I’d like you to try Brazilian Jujitsu
Naol Dadi
Naol Dadi - Måned siden
I find that it really helps in staying disciplined
diphylleia grayi
diphylleia grayi - Måned siden
Chasing Hunny
Chasing Hunny - Måned siden
Me watching your waking up at 5am video first and feeling motivated and then watch you tell me it didn't work
Orginal Chimp
Orginal Chimp - Måned siden
I’m cutting mow coke addiction, wish me luck
Daphne Valencia
Daphne Valencia - Måned siden
Natalie is great XD
damini wagadre
damini wagadre - Måned siden
Matt you always inspire to do things better, better than before.
charutha - Måned siden
yaaa it did wrk for me , i wnt wrk fr me waking up at 5
Cătălina Rus
Cătălina Rus - Måned siden
how to not give a fuck xd
Ashley heather
Ashley heather - Måned siden
going vegan.