🎪 Monkey Fairground Update 🐒🎪 Adopt Me! on Roblox

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Everything you need to know about the new Monkey Fairground Update in Adopt Me! on Roblox 🐒🎪
The update will launch tomorrow - Thursday, May 28th, 9AM PDT / 12PM ET / 5PM BST. Search '9AM PDT local time' to find out what time the update launches in your country!! 🕘
Play now: go.playadopt.me/
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sunset_bunny ,
sunset_bunny , - 46 minutter siden
I seen a scammers in adopt me
Oppo Oppo
Oppo Oppo - 2 timer siden
Can I have 20000 bucks in adopt me please my username: ItzCookieTimezBffMarO1
Oslec Valenzuela
Oslec Valenzuela - 12 timer siden
Play adopt me play adopt me play adopt me!!!!!! I love adopt me
Los mundos de diana la divertida
Yo en adopt me tenia una placa de policía para las mascotas y después desapareció y no la tradie ni nada por favor me pueden dar una mi usuario es Diana31314
Darwish Ammar
Darwish Ammar - Dag siden
Hey can you do Godzilla pet in adopt me plz
CrafterDogeYT - 16 timer siden
Alice Coles
Alice Coles - Dag siden
it was a fun update! cant wait for the dino eggs!
melih_rblx - Dag siden
Ana abi slm
melih_rblx - Dag siden
Abi sepetle drogon trande pla
Alexia Calabrese
Alexia Calabrese - Dag siden
Maria Paz Islame
Maria Paz Islame - Dag siden
i love you
Panda Horvát
Panda Horvát - Dag siden
The best game is adott me.. Forever,🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺👉👈💚💚💚💚💚💚
Fnu Amina
Fnu Amina - 2 dager siden
Newfissy help me send me pets i git scammed 100000000000000 times!:(
Vladimir yeyeye
Vladimir yeyeye - 2 dager siden
Yo pensando que hablan español
Amy Adelsberger
Amy Adelsberger - 2 dager siden
Peter joker official
Peter joker official - 3 dager siden
Hi new fissy👋 you trade frost R F for shadow R F or batdragon R F
Animation Kid xd
Animation Kid xd - 3 dager siden
It's gone
gaming girl
gaming girl - 3 dager siden
Can we please get a free pet please and a work roleplay to earn money please please adopt me please please please please please
Diário Da Raquel
Diário Da Raquel - 3 dager siden
put the subtitles in Portuguese otherwise I can't understand the videos
Deen Sayed
Deen Sayed - 3 dager siden
Well I don’t care because the kituse pet Will come tomorrow
Extreme' CSGO & More
Extreme' CSGO & More - 3 dager siden
I want a new egg: ochean egg
SS Films
SS Films - 4 dager siden
shut up
Mary An Malabago
Mary An Malabago - 4 dager siden
I'm so excited what's next 😊
Züleyha Turan
Züleyha Turan - 4 dager siden
Whone is new update
Marnelli Culanculan
Marnelli Culanculan - 4 dager siden
Hi creator of adopt me I was wondering if I could be your assistant in adopt me pls I always want to be a assistant if you need my user here (oppo_athen) that's my user
eunique Young
eunique Young - 4 dager siden
can you please do something if people scam others cause i got scammed for my bull
Funny videos
Funny videos - 4 dager siden
When i when to adopt me for that ipdate it wasnt there anymore TwT can it return pls please pls
miriam fofinha
miriam fofinha - 4 dager siden
Pls actualization
Sarah Roberts
Sarah Roberts - 4 dager siden
Hi, new fizzy..! I gave my brother my ride neon shiba inu.. and wanted my shiba inu back.. so took my mums phone that he was playing on and gave my charcter the pet but actually I gave it to the wrong person..😫😖😣😔🥺 her user : Beatbops2019 something like that please ban her..!
Akiko Aishi
Akiko Aishi - 5 dager siden
aylinne rodriguez
aylinne rodriguez - 5 dager siden
hello hello
hello hello - 5 dager siden
Hey adopt me i have a question. When is the New update coming?
Marnelli Culanculan
Marnelli Culanculan - 5 dager siden
Hi adopt me creator I has wondering if you could be your assistant in adopt me please I always want to be an a assist
Marnelli Culanculan
Marnelli Culanculan - 5 dager siden
Hi adopt me creator I has wondering if I can be your assistant in adopt me?
vinitha johny
vinitha johny - 5 dager siden
Hello adopt me team this girl called spoketeam she scammed everything I had please ban her I have nothing left thank you
Hermanas Traviesas
Hermanas Traviesas - 5 dager siden
They scamnd me for My flyeble Bunny 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lui the Hufflepuff
Lui the Hufflepuff - 5 dager siden
I miss this update already
Kailee Robbins
Kailee Robbins - 5 dager siden
so today i got scammed i knew i was but i did it so i could get my artic reindeer back but she left and i still have her friended her username is
Rocío Mardones
Rocío Mardones - 5 dager siden
no entiendo el ingles
Sharky Jawz
Sharky Jawz - 5 dager siden
my brain what's Roblox and adopt me!?
Bunny is queen
Bunny is queen - Dag siden
Yea ikr
Bunny is queen
Bunny is queen - Dag siden
U know ur Repiling to ur own commet
Sharky Jawz
Sharky Jawz - 5 dager siden
your coll
Sharky Jawz
Sharky Jawz - 5 dager siden
he's cool
Sharky Jawz
Sharky Jawz - 5 dager siden
is it Minecraft2?
Sharky Jawz
Sharky Jawz - 5 dager siden
what's adopt me and Roblox?
Ultra Fighting Channel
Ultra Fighting Channel - 5 dager siden
I got hacked and someone stole all my pets and I’m really missing my neon dragon can I please get it back
Abby Plays
Abby Plays - 5 dager siden
Who’s here when the monkey update has gone
Daisy.asthetics2 - 5 dager siden
Hi adopt me, today I logged onto my account for my streak and when I look at my inventory my ride griffen was gone and it was my best pet... I just wanted you to know because I think somebody hacked me because I had it yesterday and I’m really sad. I just want everyone to know that there are some really horrible hackers out there and you need to stay strong when you lose a pet no madder how common or legendary it is. Keep playing adopt me!
Vasco Pyrrait
Vasco Pyrrait - 5 dager siden
I haveneon monkey lol
Manolo Munroe
Manolo Munroe - 5 dager siden
Simply use rapidviews(google it) they have lifetime guarantee for views and with high watch time. EASY!
Gabriel Medrano
Gabriel Medrano - 5 dager siden
The winner get to take care for my dragon until I return the price for taking care of my dragon is gonna be 600 bucks in adopt me
Gabriel Medrano
Gabriel Medrano - 5 dager siden
I may quit adopt me to enter my challenge friend me in Roblox user GhostToad5
Makayla Hay
Makayla Hay - 6 dager siden
Hello may I ask a question cane you bring back the jungle egg and safari egg plzzzzz
Tri Ranti
Tri Ranti - 6 dager siden
I just got scammed... I wanted to report her but she wasn't there(I couldn't choos her by the players) now im rlly sad.
Ayseceren Gonullu
Ayseceren Gonullu - 6 dager siden
When will the new update come
yanel Ortiz
yanel Ortiz - 6 dager siden
Hola si alguien habla español por favor puede Aser que buleva la caja rejitradora
Panda Sim
Panda Sim - 6 dager siden
team fortress 2
leah ashe
leah ashe - 6 dager siden
I cant stop Playing adopt me i have a legendary my first
chan ip lo
chan ip lo - 6 dager siden
My username is dark magic0521
chan ip lo
chan ip lo - 6 dager siden
Adopt me please can I have a free and good pet
Sharlene Narain
Sharlene Narain - 6 dager siden
and lost all my pets
Sharlene Narain
Sharlene Narain - 6 dager siden
i got hacked
Sharlene Narain
Sharlene Narain - 6 dager siden
Ccan i ask when is the monkey update comming out again
Ludovica Dassano
Ludovica Dassano - 7 dager siden
pls fly and ride potion my username is : RobloxBloodQueen
grace peachx
grace peachx - 7 dager siden
This was my favourite update because I love monkeys 🐵💗
Mr game and watch Bird
Mr game and watch Bird - 7 dager siden
Adopt me Roblox
Mr game and watch Bird
Mr game and watch Bird - 7 dager siden
Hey I just got ya dinner now I
Mr game and watch Bird
Mr game and watch Bird - 7 dager siden
Pet xcccccc
chavi - 7 dager siden
return the cash registerp
Kennedy V
Kennedy V - 7 dager siden
Awwww why did you cancel the ocean pets
منوري قيمر
منوري قيمر - 8 dager siden
I have a problem with the game Of Adupit Me there is a hacker ruining my house easily I want you to fix this problem please
Keba Kraba
Keba Kraba - 8 dager siden
Please pet free unicorn fly
Amanda Anguiano
Amanda Anguiano - 8 dager siden
adopt me person wach magan plays video thats called what if pets had feelings pls i think it would be a great up date and i and a og player i litterly still the masion thats was on the top of the hill thing adopt me has chaged alot but i love the game more now and love the updates
Maritza Romero
Maritza Romero - 8 dager siden
Im geting money to get the dinser
•p•ī•ñ•k•y• •ß•ł•ø•ś•š•ō•m•
Hi, im telling that someone scam a girl.. the scammer name is “beeBuzz” i dont have twitter or anything. But can u pls ban her? She break the rule, the girl got scam her turtle for trust trade! She tho she well gave her the MFR dog but she dont she left
Rafael Villanueva
Rafael Villanueva - 8 dager siden
and my username is jjthegamer8092
Rafael Villanueva
Rafael Villanueva - 8 dager siden
Umm dreamcraft i choun't find your wibset to tell you this but i got scammed for my clown car
chocho wawa
chocho wawa - 8 dager siden
Ami and David
Ami and David - 9 dager siden
Chanelle Andrea Reyes
Chanelle Andrea Reyes - 9 dager siden
Duh it's gone now
Añña_ Gï
Añña_ Gï - 9 dager siden
Ignacio Gonzalez
Ignacio Gonzalez - 9 dager siden
Can you put the frost dragon back in the game for free pls bc it’s my dream pet
merlyn espartero
merlyn espartero - 9 dager siden
Pls give me neon uni
krystle lipuma
krystle lipuma - 9 dager siden
There should be a Fourth of July update
The 2 Avocados
The 2 Avocados - 9 dager siden
I got scammed for my fly ride evil unicorn and I’ll leave my user name I’m trying to friend me fishy are use your name is bulldozerG2017