$10 VS $500 TREE HOUSE FORT! *Budget Challenge*

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We each had different budgets to build the best Tree House!
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We each dropped a ball in the plinko board to get our budget for building a home made Tree House Fort. The plinko board had budgets ranging from $10 to $500 and whatever your ball lands on, that's the budget you have to buy snacks, building supplies and anything else you might want to build the best and biggest Tree House. A $500 Tree House compared to a $10 Tree House is shocking! Which fort was your favorite?
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April Bautista
April Bautista - 9 minutter siden
When Caleb threw the chicken nuggets I was laughing for hours 🤣🤣🤣
Holly Wright
Holly Wright - 5 timer siden
Iiiiiiiiiiiiii reeeeeekid stop hitting the like button
Holly Wright
Holly Wright - 5 timer siden
Reeeeeeeekid just screamed
Mangy Mango
Mangy Mango - 7 timer siden
Do budget overnight floating fort challenge (in a pool or something)
Justin Smith
Justin Smith - 7 timer siden
For the glory of Valhalla
The heart queen Plays
The heart queen Plays - 8 timer siden
New sub (me)
Jake and mannix dhdyyfufdu
Jake and mannix dhdyyfufdu - 9 timer siden
Lilly Plays
Lilly Plays - 9 timer siden
Make a big water park 🏊🏻‍♀️
Maain Mamdhooh
Maain Mamdhooh - 19 timer siden
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson - 20 timer siden
More of these now
Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson - 20 timer siden
TWJ - 20 timer siden
You stole it from the Dangie Bros
Artimio Mendez
Artimio Mendez - 21 time siden
You should do what ever you toch you by it at Walmart at the computer secshon
alida flus
alida flus - 21 time siden
You should do a 24h challenge on your treehouse with budget
Seth Williams
Seth Williams - Dag siden
Bro we need a treehouse waterpark
TeeVeeToons - Dag siden
i died laughing while watching this vid xD
bleh - Dag siden
Build 1 dollar tree house and 100000 dollar house
j_thevader - Dag siden
This was pretty cool, you guys should do this again. Maybe like
alida flus
alida flus - 21 time siden
I don’t think that Caleb has ever got a big baller
Anime_weeb 445
Anime_weeb 445 - Dag siden
13:50 ion think that was soda
Gabcariso TV
Gabcariso TV - Dag siden
Bruh your wasting food!!Even you have money you dont need to waste food..,food is food fellas
Toxic Blocks
Toxic Blocks - Dag siden
They aren't tree houses their tree platforms
JDG Moneyyy
JDG Moneyyy - Dag siden
Bruh how come always someone get the big baller
Big Jill was here
Big Jill was here - Dag siden
Do 24h
Modzillan - Dag siden
You’re like MrBeast but worse
Modzillan - Dag siden
Ok mrbeast
TheaG Parbz
TheaG Parbz - Dag siden
I Dare U To Build A Treehouse With 0$ Spend Cuz Here In PH We Spend No Money/Pesos And We Can Build A Sturdier Treehouse Than The Guy Who Had 18$ xD (We Ask For Spare Wood In Our Neighbors/Our Uncle xD)
ivan kish
ivan kish - Dag siden
He's burp sounds like a dog bark 12:07
Samantha Reese
Samantha Reese - Dag siden
Hey do you have a sprinkle doughnut🍩
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - Dag siden
me: gets 20$ also me: spends 15 dollars of that on snacks
Scuffed Up Life that suks
My name is Justin :D
Press Start
Press Start - Dag siden
Hey everybody guess what? They're lying to you! Justin kept on re doing his try until he got it on the 500 mark just for the video! Just want you to know your being lied to. Also the magic they use is called editing.
HopingParrot265 - Dag siden
I don’t think that Caleb has ever got a big baller
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - Dag siden
trees have feelings just please don't do it love the vids though
Waelali Ali
Waelali Ali - Dag siden
I'm not going to like you I like it but there's two problems you can never buy a fridge I mean if you don't want to and also why didn't you put a wall like a house
gool kids
gool kids - Dag siden
Make User
Pheach Puong Norin
Pheach Puong Norin - Dag siden
Sorry for this but l can't stop laughing of caleb fell down
felix forsyth
felix forsyth - Dag siden
copy from dangie bros
Cooper Eidson
Cooper Eidson - Dag siden
So cool I love your YouTube channel it’s so fun
John Carlo Ezekiel Diaz
I laughed so hard kaeleb fell even if he was holding on the zipline
Nub_ Nick
Nub_ Nick - Dag siden
I bet Andrew was sooo jealous of Justin
trxshpanda - Dag siden
Look 6:50
king_sunde - Dag siden
the part when Caleb fell of the zip line I was dying That was hilarious
Gavin dominic
Gavin dominic - 2 dager siden
Do A 24 hour challenge ontheir
Tooth The NightFury
Tooth The NightFury - 2 dager siden
OMG I love your video 😇😇😇😇😇
Cody Minnich
Cody Minnich - 2 dager siden
Hey Justin and Andrew I’m one of your subscribers I like the videos keep up the good work.
OG_Spexra1 - 2 dager siden
you guys are the best you guys made me laghe so hard I could not breath LAMO
Connor Games
Connor Games - 2 dager siden
I’m still laughing at the face Andrew makesWhen he’s jealous of their treehouse
Ashley Gargiulo
Ashley Gargiulo - 2 dager siden
12:08 lol
Galx - 2 dager siden
Anytime that you make another treehouse for you or anything like that please don't nail nails or screws into the trees or even bolts it the trees really bad but I'm not saying that trees have feelings just please don't do it love the vids though
Average Guy
Average Guy - 2 dager siden
This entire channel is just stuff I wish I could do
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose - 2 dager siden
Add a roof
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose - 2 dager siden
That is cool that you do this
Oliver Cubbin
Oliver Cubbin - 2 dager siden
Love your vid’s
kristy d
kristy d - 2 dager siden
It drunk, It WORKS!!! *Titanic music* *loudnes*
Nicole Chavez
Nicole Chavez - 2 dager siden
You should do a fishing budget Challenge
crystal olsen
crystal olsen - 2 dager siden
I would be so cool if you guys combined all the tree houses with a zip line in all connect to do with wood
Della Moore
Della Moore - 2 dager siden
I do you go to your house go to the pet store and get a pet
Bob Bobby
Bob Bobby - 2 dager siden
rip #teamtrees
Caleb S
Caleb S - 2 dager siden
The_Killer - 2 dager siden
Me and my friends used 25$ to make are tree house and we got logs by are self and we are building a underground bunker quarter of the way done!
Letie Galan
Letie Galan - 2 dager siden
I literally have the same TV is he do lol and laughing so hard over the food fight
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan - 2 dager siden
What scared him to jump of his tree house was a little piece of the tree it fell on his tree house 😂 6:44